North Korea’s New Tourism Plans: Sunscreen, Not Sanctions | NYT News

North Korea’s New Tourism Plans: Sunscreen, Not Sanctions | NYT News

This massive show of
North Korean force is meant to inspire
postcards, not paranoia. Troops and construction
workers gathered in June to celebrate a new, sprawling
tourist destination on the coast of Wonsan, about two and a half
hours from Pyongyang. But Wonsan is known for
more than sand beaches and sunshine. The North Korean regime
runs an air base in Wonsan and it’s from here
that it planned to launch missiles capable of
striking U.S. military targets in Japan and Guam. Live fire drills were conducted
here as recently as 2017. That didn’t stop President Trump, a former real estate
developer, from spotting the potential. “Whenever they’re exploding
their cannons into the ocean, right — I said, ‘Boy, look at that view,
wouldn’t that make a great condo?’ And I explained, I said,
‘You know, instead of doing that, you could have the best hotels
in the world right there.’” Kim Jong-un was
already on the case. In his 2018 New Year’s address, he made those beach
condos a priority. Satellite images
and other photos reveal that the coastline has
been under heavy construction since January, even at night. We see how these
two missile launchpads have given way to rows upon rows
of beachfront buildings. Here on the left, we see the beach
lined with artillery for military drill in 2017. And on the right, is the
same strip of land in 2018. Construction of a tourism
destination is in full swing. The project has at least
150 buildings, some as high as 12 stories. Pyongyang said
that the tourist zone should attract at least one
million visitors per year. But in a country
synonymous with prison camps, purges, and
extreme poverty, it is unclear where these
tourists will come from. Yet the hope seems to be
that condos and cabanas will get the cash flowing. During a visit
to North Korea in May, Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo said Americans could help with that. “Here is what this
will look like: This will be Americans
coming in — private sector Americans,
not the U.S. taxpayer — coming in to help build out
the energy grid, to work with them
to develop infrastructure.” And that same week photos of
Kim visiting the construction site
were published. The North Korea of flashy
skyscrapers and shiny holiday resorts that Trump showed
Kim in this inspirational video at the
Singapore summit might still be a way off. “A new world can begin today, where the doors of opportunity
are ready to be opened.” But if Kim gives up
bombs for beaches, it might be time to
reach for sunblock instead of sanctions.

100 thoughts on “North Korea’s New Tourism Plans: Sunscreen, Not Sanctions | NYT News

  1. Instead of building resorts why don't you feed your own people first! Many are starving. Oh and also shut down those Gulag camps that you seem to be so fond of!

  2. It takes N. Korea a year to build a whole seaside resort city and it takes my city a year to repave a large piece of the interstate

  3. It’s amazing how quick they can get buildings built! If that was in the UK it would take years to build all those hotels yet they’ve built loads in just 1 year. Reminds me of the Chinese workers.

  4. If North Korea is trying to do good so be it it's about time the people of that country enjoy life stop the hate….

  5. Unfortunately who wants to visit country where the people are constantly told what say and think. Also, there will be numerous spy securities everywhere and one little mistake can land you in prison camp for 10 years or in Otto Warmbier's case torture and death. This plan doesnt appeal to me unless more of these issues are completely resolved.

  6. They need to relax, id go there for a holiday, but if I litter or J walk I dont want to end up in a labour camp for 30 years.

  7. Don’t give in to the Zionist Promises North Korea ?? would still attract many visitor from around the world


  9. Disgusting New York Times now licking after Trump's successes? Go back to your corner slamming the president, you're good for nothing else. Scum.

  10. I don't think the North Koreans think things through.. It will end up just as their Hotel which they've built as a tourist attraction, because they wanted to have the tallest building. Now they have the tallest ghost building. This time they will invest so much into this tourist resort that no one will visit.

  11. If that's the same place, as it been seen in that video, than is this a great leap forward in a year time! It's flabbergasting!

  12. Remember Japan, Japan hated the US for a long time, but we opened up to them in the right way and boom now we are friends, I honestly think NK will like the US more then China, I see we becoming allies sooner then later

  13. If trump actually managed to convinced NK, Trump might go down as one of the best presidents in history. And this is coming from someone who despises Trump.

  14. Anything is possible with the yellow race. There must be some special element in their DNA. They are hard working, team oriented and in general a very disciplined race. See how Japan, South Korea and now China emerged from the rubble. Now it is North Korea's turn. Who knows North Korea may turn out to be the ultimate hard core capitalist nation the world has ever seen. Coming from extreme left to extreme right.

  15. Well lets hope kim makes the right decisions also if he would lower the laws that make no sense more amercans would visit

  16. I have a feeling Kim executed all his top generals, because he's SLOWLY trying to turn the country around….he's still a young guy, so he's not brainwashed into the occult like the "elders" of NK……remember Kim was FORCED into leading an impoverished country, who literally dumps ALL it's money into the military…..things still operate by military protocol, so it won't change overnight….he can't just open the doors and go "ahhh freedom for all!!!"…….doesn't work that way…….but I think he's Really trying to change things and "testing" the waters…..because remember, it's a "rat-eat-rat" country…….Kim could be assassinated at Any moment, if other people feel he's being "weak" by typical NK standards…..So he's trying to balance being Strong, yet showing people what could happen if they let him turn the country around on a normal path.

  17. One can only hope. If Kim was really smart he would let the private sector do this. So at the very least he should feed his people

  18. Walking around the city is one thing but when you go on vacation to a beach resort you wanna relax and unwind and not have north korean minders watching over your shoulders all day. Unless they change that and make the beach a special zone where tourists can operate as they please, nobody is going to be interested in visiting other than the rare person showing up for a few days just for crossing north Korea off their bucket list of places to visit

  19. Havent seen Trump since the inauguration and he looks so unhealthy now, just like any other politician its not fun been president at all.

  20. That’s awesome and would be cool to go there and vacation!!!!!! I bet people from all over will go there to vacation and some to live!!

  21. I think it would be amazing if i can fly out and vacation in N. Korea! These first few steps are the beginning of many i hope so they can have great peace for the country and prosperity for their people

  22. North Korea is far more more developed than East Germany. East Germany didn't have Russia and China as neighbors for support. So I think reunification maybe not be dark fetched. Korea Unification will be quicker if the Western influenced kids in the south can embrace national values instead of plastic surgeries and arogance. South Korea embraced capitalism more than inventors themselves.

  23. There is one thing that us can do: Giving up threatning NK. Giving up the sinario to attack Korean peninsula.
    Then every thing will be ok.
    NK has been developing nuclear weapons only to survive upon the US' threat under sanctions.
    It is US' s turnn to respond accordingly to NK's committment.
    USA: Declare stopping war!

  24. I still would never go unless they change their crazy laws. No thanks. They hate Americans but love American dollars. Remember that

  25. And people claimed Trump would get us all nuked…seems he will get tourists skin cancer instead…at least North Korea is peaceful for a time…this will be the high water mark of his presidency…and he was the only one to actually make a peace deal to end a war…seems to be working…lets hope democracy wins out and Kim Jong Un embraces a new North Korea

  26. So, if the next US president is hostile with Kim, what he would do? He will demolish the hotels etc that he made and make the beaches a practice target?

  27. It would be a great time to help the North Koreans get their economy off and running so they can experience the blessings of God ! Instead of them struggling with their economy. The money then can be used to help him and his people ! I am confident he would also like to see some great sport games like basketball being played there with other professional teams from around the world !

  28. Since 1970's USA tried to implant part of their Federal bank to function as North Korea's central bank. But North Korea had been rejecting it because they didn't want to accept capitalism. This is why USA still has sanctions against North Korea in world free trade. They want North Korea to borrow money from USA not from South Korea. USA is evil. USA is crook

  29. The military practice from 2018 was practice of invasion of North Korea. South Korean president told Trump, No war without consent of Korean people and stopped military exercise with USA. If USA ever gets involved in war with North Korea, North Korea will have to pay for US military after losing war. Only way for North Korea to pay USA for military usage will be let them implant their bank to function as North Koreans bank. This is why North Korea had been holding on to Nuclear weapon. They wanted to open domestic trade with South Korea but USA had put sanction against North Korea even for that. USA is most evil government in the world. They are telling telling us they are doing everything they are doing all for benefit for people of US. But does people of US want to put sanction against South Korea so they can't trade with North Korans? This is part of reason why North Koreans are starving.

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