Now Indians do Not Need a Visa For Brazil

Now Indians do Not Need a Visa For Brazil

Earlier Indians had to go through rigorous visa process to enter Brazil. Now Indians won’t require a visa to travel to Brazil. The visa process has been made very easy. Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsanaro said that Chinese and Indian tourists won’t need a visa to come to Brazil. Indian tourists and business personnel will now be given Brazilian visa on arrival. Bolsanaro has said that process has been made very easy. Bolsanaro has made a point to lessen visa requirements for developed countries. Brazil had already dropped visa requirements for the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia. Now China and India have been included as well. This is very good timing, as people in India & China keep travelling all over the world. Now that Brazil has made visa process easy. It is good timing because Vacationers, businessmen and honeymooners can all visit Brazil Bolsanaro said that, Due to being far away from Asia, flight tickets to Brazil & South American countries has always been expensive. He said that if other countries in South America make their visa process easy like Brazil, then many tourists will visit. This may reduce the air fare as well. Now that the visa process has been made easy, people will visit Brazil and complete their bucket list.

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