Number of S. Korean tourists to Japan falls by 58% y/y in September

Number of S. Korean tourists to Japan falls by 58% y/y in September

the number of South Korean visitors to
Japan plunged nearly 60 percent on-year in September amid the continuing no
Japan movement in the country our Connie who has more it all began in July when
Japan imposed export curves on three high-tech materials to South Korea the
materials are crucial for the production of semiconductors in this place two of
South Korea’s biggest acts were items Tokyo’s measures triggered a huge
voluntary boycott movement called no no Japan among South Korean citizens those
taking part stopped buying Japanese products and refrained from taking trips
to Japan the latest data released by the Japan national tourism organization on
Wednesday shows the tourism boycott movement has only become more pronounced
the number of South Korean visitors to Japan plunged 58 percent on-year in
September an estimated 200,000 South Koreans traveled to Japan last month a
sharp tumble compared to some 470 thousand visitors a year ago it’s also
the third biggest drop since Japanese tourism authorities began releasing
related data in 2003 the decline in September follows a 7% decrease in July
and 48 percent drop in August due to the rapid downward trend in recent months
the number of South Korean visitors to Japan during the first nine months of
the year recorded some 4.8 million 13 percent less than the same period last
year Japanese regions and travel agencies
relying on South Korean tourism are especially feeling the heat
Fuko gas beetle ferry service sailing the daily route to Korea’s southeastern
port city of Busan saw a 70 percent drop in South Korean passengers last month
Japan’s biggest travel agency JTB said it had 80% fewer South Korean customers
in the same month the travel agency added reservations for October and
November are down by similar percentages cáñamo arirang news

5 thoughts on “Number of S. Korean tourists to Japan falls by 58% y/y in September

  1. Another misleading by not reporting the whole picture. With only Korean visits down, the entire number of foreign visitors as well as sales in Japan increased. Japan tourism now knows how to survive and prosper without Koreans.

  2. Tokyo's export curbs have taken advantage of trade in retaliation against political issues. Japan should take lessons from Germany that earned the trust of the international community through its acceptance and sorrow for its past.

  3. But the amount of visitors in Japan increased in September. Do you know what it meant? The absence of Korean tourists is the bless for the other countrymen. It's bloody sad, isn't it?

  4. Sad, Korean outbaound tour business owners are completely ignored. Is Korea in democracy? Do they have freedom of excpression there?

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