– Hi Everyone, so today I thought I’d give
you a full nursery tour, of Jackson’s room and also
show you the storage solutions, that we have done for his bedroom. I’m just going to walk you through like, you around my house that
I’m showing you around. Hope you like this video, if you haven’t subscribed, please do because I have lots of other, brand new room tours coming, ’cause we have just
done up our whole house. Thanks so much for watching
and I’ll see you soon. So if we just come in like this, this is kind of the
first area that you see. This is his changing area, the lighting that we have in his room, we have two different light settings, and they both are dimmable, so you can have it quite low, when you’re trying to get them to relax. But there’s two spots and then
there is a big cloud light, that we can also dim and that’s from IKEA. This changing table is just an IKEA unit, that used to be white
we’ve painted it gray, and then we took the handles off, and we got these Zara home handles. So simple, we’ve got a changing mat here, which is here from Amazon, it’s quite old, it’s been
through all the boys, it say’s Keep Calm and Change My Bum. On the top here we have a wipe warmer, now this is the biggest waste of money, that I’ve ever spent on a baby product. It looks quite nice, so I
still put the wipes inside it, (lid pops up) and then they stay like really wet, so I just use it like that. Next to it I’ve got like
a little basket of things, just keep all kinds of
things that I would need. We’ve got his barrier
creams here, cotton buds, hand sanitizer, calpol,
thermometer, tissues and cotton wool, saline drops, because he’s had lots of
colds since he was born, ’cause he’s the third. If it’s the middle of the night, and I’ve got an un-well or teething baby, I don’t want to have to run downstairs, and look for anything I just
want to have it accessible. So I keep it all in this little basket, that I got from Dunelm’s. Above the changing table we’ve
got these two framed J’s, this crayon framed one
which my friend Kerrie made, we actually did a DIY video on it, so I’ll link that down below. This my friend Lucy got us, which is really cute with
that vintage print on it. And we got this little sign that says, Dream Big Little One. This was from a shop on Instagram called, The Dandy Lion Den sometimes
we hang it over here, and he’ll look at it
while I’m changing him. Now we got this shelf from, The Great Little Trading
Company I believe, I’ve just used it for decor at the moment. I’ll just show you inside
his chest of drawers as well, ’cause I wanted to show you, how I’ve done all of his storage. As you may know I’m obsessed
with the Mary Condo way, of storing things so
everything is folded upwards, so you can see everything. So these are all of his Baby
Grows, got all of his vests lined up in here. I got both of these baskets
from the Pound shop, and I also got this basket
from the Pound shop, these are all of his little joggers, then these over here are all of his socks, and I’ve got his nappies here, and some extra wipes. In the next drawer down we have, Muslin’s again in a Pound shop basket, then this baskets from Denelm’s
and these are all of his, tops and then I’ve got
three little pairs of shoes, I’ve got two towels here
this is where I keep all of his little hooded towels for the bath. And in the final drawer, I have some bedding and
extra blankets for his bed. This bin is clothes for our
holiday which is coming up, so they’re all like Summer clothes, look little denim shorts. And then here we’ve got
all of his bibs and hats. Then next to the changing
table I have his, Angelcare Nappy Bin which is
great for keeping smells away. And then just a little bin
here for like cotton wool, or anything else. I’ve got a really special
print over here which is, a quote from the I’ll
love you forever book, by Robert Munsch it’s my
favorite child’s book, it’s this one, you may have
read it, it’s quite popular. And the words in it are
really, really sweet, and they make me think of my boys anyway. But when I found out I was
pregnant with my eldest, my Grandmother in Canada
sent me this book, and she wrote this inside it. To my darling great-grandson, I’ll love you forever, Grandma Dean, September, 2010. So we bought this frame on Amazon, and we just painted it to
make it go with the decor. All of the paint in
this room and the decor, we have done like two tone effect. This is the Laura Ashley Dove Gray paint, this chair I am aware that it is gigantic. It’s from IKEA and it’s
my breastfeeding chair, I’ve had it for Caleb and Jackson. It’s really probably
too big for this room, I have no idea where to put it, so I’ve just kind of plonked it there. I should probably get a
new breastfeeding chair, that fits this room better
’cause this room is quite tiny, but it’s so comfortable. And I got this little cushion
for my back that says, Love you to the moon and back. So that is there. And of course a Muslin
ready to catch sick. Right then this is his built in storage, all of his bits here. And I have done them in age order. I got these really cool dividers
that I wanted to show you, they look like this, I got
them from a place called, Belo And Me they had loads
of different designs, I went for the woodland design, ’cause I thought that was quite cute. I just put them on like that, so then any Newborn bits, that still fit him are hanging here. And then the next section we
have zero-three months stuff, and then the next section we
have three-six months clothes, next section we have the
six-nine months clothes, even some nine-twelve month
things that I’ve just kept down, ’cause I think they look a
bit small like Ralph Lauren always comes up small on boys. Then I’ve got all of
his sleeping bags here, and at the bottom of the
closet we just have an extra changing mat, some baby
bags that presents came in, that I would like to re-use. Lots of baby books that he
already is interested in. And then I’ve got two
Newspapers a Daily Mail, and The Sun from the day that he was born. We’ve done that for all of the boys, and I think it’ll be really
cool when they’re older, to go ahead and read through them. And I’ve got more inserts
for the Angelcare nappy bin, loads of wipes from Costco, some Pampers, boxes and like two keepsake boxes, which I will start to
put like anything in, like hospital bands are in there. Over on this side of the room is his cot. And we have a big mirror up there, which is from IKEA and we painted
it so that it would match. The cot is from IKEA and all
of the boys have used it. Inside we have the Sleepy Head Grand now, because he’s so big, he’s
grown out of his little, Sleepy Head Deluxe mostly
because he sleeps on his front. And then we have a Mumma’s and
Pappa’s Mobile which I love. A pom-pom J that I made
while I was pregnant, so I bought this J on Amazon, it’s just like a cardboard J, and then I painted it and I
stuck loads of pom-pom’s on it, ’cause I thought it would
kind of match up with this. But I kind of feel like it
looks like a five-year old, has done it so I might just
start telling everyone, that Fraser did it, but I like it anyway, so I have it on the wind-sill, and then I have this sign that says, Thank heaven for little
boys and I love that sign. I bought it at a Summer Fair. So I love having this huge mirror, because when I’m rocking him to sleep, I like to be able to see if
he is actually asleep or not. For the blinds we got the
same blinds as what we have, in the rest of the house. I really wanted cordless blinds, but we forked out and
we got electric blinds, so it comes with a remote
and you just press it down. (instrumental music) I don’t know if you can see that, so we have that main black
outlined at the back, and then we also have these, day to night blinds which
have like these slates on it, so you can have it like that
with some light coming in, or you can pull it down, and it makes it like a little bit darker. I don’t know if you can see that. Floor of his nursery is this really soft, squishy gray carpet
that we have throughout, the top of the house. And then we got this little
toy bin from My First Years, it’s so sweet because
it’s personalized it says, I don’t know if you can it it says, Jackson’s Toys and I got it
in a nice chevron pattern, because I thought it matched
the chevron on the Sleepy Head, but you can also reverse it, and have polka dots if you want too, and then inside there’s just
loads of like soft toys, but overall we’re really pleased, with how the nursery’s turned out, this is the smallest room in our house, because it’s a four-bedroom
house and he is our third boy, so it’s the smallest one, so I’m really hoping he
likes it when he’s older, you could easily have
a single bed in here, so I’m hoping that it will last him. Thank you so much for watching
and I’ll see you soon.


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