This is the view from the Juliet balcony
of penthouse 1 at Walker Tower. Widely considered to be the most exclusive
penthouse downtown in all of Manhattan my name is Erik Conover and I’m going
to take you on a tour of this one-of-a-kind luxury apartment in New
York City welcome to penthouse one at the iconic
Walker tower the apartment is 5,000 at 955 square feet of pristine interiors
with five bedrooms five and a half bathrooms listed exclusively by core
real estate asking a thirty-five million dollars now if you’re already subscribed
to my channel you know that in this series we tour the most incredible
luxury apartments in New York City and we have some pretty ridiculous
apartments coming up in future episodes so make sure to click that subscribe
button today I’m doing a walkthrough with one
of the top real estate brokers in the city hi I’m Shawn Asher I’m the CEO of
core the number one boutique residential real estate company in New York City
I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years I’ve sold close to ten billion dollars
worth of real estate in my career and today I have the privilege of touring
Eric through the penthouse at Walker tower now this is not your typical
luxury apartment building Walker tower has a deep rich history you know the
building was built in 1929 designed by Ralph Walker who is one of the greatest
architects in history the New York Times called him the architect of the century
Frank Lloyd Wright called him the only other architect and they couldn’t make
the building like this again if they’re tried Walker tower was originally built
to house Bell telephones in 2007 the building was purchased by JD s
development and has since been transformed into 47 luxury residences
the entire inside of the building is new even though the shell of this building
is from the 20s this what we’re standing on was air this was not existing the
developer actually filled any part of this building and what we’re standing on
now is new construction above the existing original Walker tower building
this is truly a masterpiece and a piece of Arts of architecture that you really
couldn’t replicate welcome to the penthouse at Walker tower have a
beautiful foyer kind of like an elegant formal entrance
let’s save the best for last and I’m going to show you the back of house
which is not too shabby either right so off the foyer you have this
beautiful kitchen this is no ordinary kitchen this is a small bone custom
kitchen small bone is probably pre-eminent kitchen cabinet manufacturer
in the world this kitchen really has everything that you would need for a
caterer to come in and host a party if you’re a chef it has an induction
cooktop which is apparently incredible separately vented hood pot filler two
ovens a warming drawer cappuccino maker two sinks one for food preparation
beautiful central island with marble sub-zero refrigerator and I mean awesome
views as well the cost of this kitchen is probably more than most homes cost in
the United States this is a formal dining room you could easily fit a
dining room table here for 30 people as you know most of the tours on this
channel feature what are called staged apartments which is where interior
designers are hired to make empty space feel like a home with beds couches
tables accent pieces and more however this apartment is not staged for very
good reason very often when you have a staged apartment you kind of are looking
at someone else’s vision in the space I think what’s really great about this
space right now show emt is that you can almost imagine anything here and you
know the sky’s the limit is this a balcony right here yeah this is not for
the faint of heart but it’s pretty spectacular it’s hard to give
perspective to how small this Juliet balcony is but when you walk out here
you feel like the king of Manhattan looking over the kingdom you have
perfect views of Chelsea Flatiron and Midtown neighborhoods the Empire State
Building all the developments uptown of course the brand new Hudson Yards and at
night some would say the views are even more spectacular so one of the great
features of this apartment is that it separates public space from private
space there’s a whole separate wing of three bedrooms all on sweets separate
from the master suite so you’ve got a bedroom here large bedroom with its own
bathroom and closet space and this is a very large bedroom number three you know
by normal standards is bigger than most master suites which is on a corner I
mean these views are spectacular all of these buildings in Chelsea
or low-rise buildings this building was built before those laws came into effect
nothing around here could be built this tall within the recent you know in close
proximity which means that every view from every window in this apartment is
protected forever so that was the guests or children’s
wing off the foyer we come into the master suite which has got one of the
most incredible bathrooms I’ve ever seen it was beautiful tub and doors to the
terrace facing south steam shower the details of all of this marble these are
all the same model with different cuts and different designs so you literally
have floor-to-ceiling marble throughout the different shapes I couldn’t come in
here at night get in this tub to feel this is the deepest soaking tub I’ve
ever sat in just know there’s actually water coming out of this all our rights
through yes so from the master bathroom leads you beautifully into the bedroom
yeah that’s a wood-burning fireplace we’ll Financial Center Brooklyn
Williamsburg Bridge get your own butler’s pantry just in case you’re
gonna walk too far to the kitchen in the middle of the night and the views at
night all of these views to the south are protected forever and that’s
something you just can’t replace you come off the master suite and really
this is the piece de resistance you know this is like where guests come and their
jaws just hit the floor I mean this is the most spectacular living room
wood-burning fireplace there were three in the home I said this is a piece de
resistance I live inside you’ve got almost 5,000
square feet but some of the best square footage really is this Terrace which
faces South unobstructed views did you bring your sunglasses I always bring my
sunglasses when I show this place most buildings you need a parapet and they’re
mostly made out of brick but the developer did here which was so smart is
because the view inside is so important and it’s such a big part of this
apartment he spent the extra cost and made all of
this glass so that when you’re in the apartments you can see straight through
and appreciate all of these views this facade here is magnificent you can see
it from almost anywhere in New York City and like I told you earlier this is all
new but it really fits the context of the Art Deco era
I think they did a beautiful job I had no words for this place this is
hands-down my favorite apartment that we’ve toured on this channel so far on
the complete other side of the apartment there’s this really awesome study you
know this could be the man cave the woman cave the study a gift from
it’s actually my favorite room in the entire apartment because of the scale of
the room it’s got a wood-burning fireplace and it’s got two walls of
floor-to-ceiling glass with the most incredible views I mean I don’t know of
another unit in New York City where you can actually look one way and you see
the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor and then you turn around you see
the Empire State Building it’s pretty special as always comment down below
more apartment tours to see more crazy one-of-a-kind places and if you’re
interested in buying this apartment make sure to check out the link below in the
description and with that I will see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “NYC Apartment Tour: $35 MILLION LUXURY PENTHOUSE APARTMENT

  1. Walker Tower is hands down one of the most iconic buildings in all of New York City! Comment below your FAVORITE part of this one of a kind mansion in the sky!

  2. This I will include in my select list.👏👏👏 From the Secretariat of His Excellency Gideon Windsor Bush.

  3. I’d like to buy this penthouse or one like this. The one I have in L.A isn’t up to my satisfaction anymore.

    I want to go back to my hometown. I miss N.Y.C so much ! Especially Manhattan !

    I mean L.A is fine but, New-York will forever be home, no other city beats New-York.

    Wakes up from dream…looks in bank account and sees only $4.00…goes back to sleep crying in my Canada appartement

  4. It’s obviously beautiful but I’m not a fan of some of the design. The bathroom being completely draped in the same marble, no matter how perfect the veining is, still screams tacky to me. The kitchen cabinets were also god awful IMO.

    I love the windows though.

  5. I’ll rather have a apartment on the 1st or second floor. Cuz if you dating a crazy person they can easy throw your ass off the balcony. A lot of people have had that done to them.

  6. The addition to the building blends perfectly with the original design. In fact, it's more beautiful. That doesn't usually happen. But I don't know too many chefs who want to cook with anything other than gas. The kitchen is minute. Seems like lots of wasted space with those hall ways. Could have carved out more area for the kitchen.

  7. Es bueno el lugar, pero el diseño está pobre, considerando la localización, el interior carece de personalidad, NYC tiene tanta historia que podría inspirar a un diseñador para que pueda darle a ese Penthouse el espíritu y la esencia de la mencionada ciudad.

  8. 35 million dollars

    I can get a 3 million dollars house a Toyota Land Cruiser and complete my pilot training and get a job at Air Canada and have a shit load of money to live like a king

  9. If I have an extra 100 billion $, then I probably might buy this one.
    For now, I have a split-type aircon in my apartment and a fridge, that's enough luxury for me.
    Realistically, 35 million for something that small is a bit of a stretch (well apartments and condos are way pricier than an actual mansion/house).
    Also, If you have that much money, just buy a mansion half of that and 3 times bigger with way better amenities, but if you like city living then this one probably would be for you.
    The way they endorse it seemed like it's really worth it, but it feels like if you lived in it for a month or so, you'd probably blame yourself unless you have enough money to cover everything up 😂

  10. Average 6,000 sqft appartment downtown is around $4,000/sqft or 24 million.

    Since this is a penthouse in an exclusive building I'd give it a 50% premium so 36 million.

    Some might see the building height limits that guarantees the view worth another premium on top.
    So price makes sense.

  11. I would be angry to live there… It's so tall and what happened when the building is burning… and my anonymity?…

  12. Gerrit Cole lands a record $324 Million dollar deal from the Yankees no lie Erik Conover was the first guy I thought of. I was like he can DEFINTELY afford one of those penthouse Conover tours lol

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    The views alone are priceless, exterior and Interior spaces.. Great scale but still livable, This is going on my Vision Board… Just breathtaking 💕

  15. Why are all the windows Doors, that open one big 40 something story fall? That's extremely dangerous and I cannot believe that is to code. That is a death waiting to happen.

  16. Good news. Nevertheless, so to speak, you need to shape it to my taste and trousers pocket size. Hey world, this American lives here

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