NYC Stealth Camping near Times Square – 4×4 Commercial Truck Camper Build

NYC Stealth Camping near Times Square – 4×4 Commercial Truck Camper Build

Good evening guys! We are like two blocks away from Times Square in New York City, with our 4×4 expedition truck and we
found some free boondocking! Oh it’s not your normal boondocking
but we found a little loophole. So it’s Sunday night and here’s the kicker… The
signs can be a little bit intimidating, if you try reading too much into them.
But since its a Sunday night we essentially have until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning to
park here! Uhhhm… Obviously our steps, we don’t have like power retractable steps on
this camper. So I rigged up…. This neat, little thing with some paracord. So that steps can be lifted up and retracted in for the night. Because I just don’t think
it’s a good idea to leave the steps out! And ahhh since we are boondocking here in New York City… Let’s take in some of the sights and
we’ll see how the rest of the night goes! Okay! We’re leaving the camper parked on
the street and heading into Times Square. Literally two blocks away! We’re bringing
Shelby along with us and just like in Salem we have that little backpack for
her! Okay! We’re ready! This little bag works
great. I love this bag! I’m so happy that we brought it with us….. Okay, this is block
Number 1 and that’s 46th and little Brazil Street…. Now this is the first time
Beck and I have done anything remotely close to urban parking in a city like…
You know, we’re out in the wild, we’ll do Walmart, we’ll do casinos, we’ll do random
little pull outs on the side of the highway but never a big city! It’s gonna
be kind of a new exp….Heck! It already is a great experience but this is….I don’t know, just
stepping outside your comfort zone and everybody needs to do that a little more
often!…. I feel like an ant don’t you?… It is like so massive here!!
Yeah, we are at intersection number 2… Which is pretty much… Times Square!…. What a shitty location for a campsite!… Oh it’s terrible! Free campsite… Yeah, it’s
so crazy! We’re camped and parked whatever! Two blocks from this. Okay, play along with me for this shot
but I gotta give you a full pan-oh Alright here it goes! The lighting here is amazing!! Like there
are no shadows.NONE!… There’s the full 360 guys! And…. There’s
where the ball drops at the turn of the year every year… You know what honey, this is the place we grabbed a slice last time we were here!…Is it really?… Yeah, I’m dead serious.
Hey could I get one of those ones with the spinach?… This one…Yes.
Yeah, thank you! That’s a seriously awesome, make your own salad bar there but… I didn’t come to New York City to have salad! The sounds of a city!….. So instead of a
slice of pizza, we opted for just get one of these ahhh…Stromboli things and maybe
we’ll accept it else up along the street! Worth it?…Mhhhh….. She’s seriously like a dog
going for a ride and hanging her head out the window here! And our next stop is Roxy’s for a slice of
New York cheesecake… And… We’ve circled back around Times Square! I’m still totally in awe that we are
pulling this off! Like so many levels of pulling this off!
You know, we drove the truck here, we found a parking spot here, we’re able to
just go cruise around as we wish and now all we need to do is have an
uneventful night and an uneventful departure out of New York. We did it!…We are half way there….Yeah! Well so far so good! Huh! We left the bathroom light on. Everything seems to be intact here! It’s ahhh… trash day!
So the trash and recycling trucks are making their rounds….. Alright guys!
That’s a wrap for the night but the video is still going because this is
about boondocking for the night in New York City. But….. We’ll see in the morning
and hopefully it’s not eventful. Well good morning guys! We made it
through the night. No mysterious knocks on the door. Things are really starting
to come to life outside! Alright! So here’s our stairs. We were
able to get them in last night nice and easy! Now… Getting them out. Let’s see how
that goes! So paracord worked really well! Now the task of getting everything out
to the truck for the day! How many boondocking spots have you found with coffee and pastries like ten feet from your front door? This worked out really well for keeping our stuff inside the camper! Well there was a little reminder from
NYPD ahhh… It’s, we’re running a little behind schedule because we’re trying to film
but it’s 7:27. But here is what’s cool… It’s like time to move along…. So Sunday night,
New York City, if you want to like sleep on the streets, I know that tell me come
out wrong….. That’s the night to do it! Monday morning hits and we’re here! Our
day is going to continue but it’s going to continue in another video as we try
to escape from New York! Thanks for watching, hit that SUBSCRIBE button and
we’ll see you on the road!

61 thoughts on “NYC Stealth Camping near Times Square – 4×4 Commercial Truck Camper Build

  1. Sorry guys, I'm completely against this. It may have worked for you, but it encourages others to do it, and undoubtedly some will abuse it, making it more difficult for RVers in general. I've already seen it in the form of parking bans in and around neighborhood's especially for oversize vehicles, Wal-Mart's no longer allowing overnight parking, etc… This whole nomad thing reflects poorly on us fulltime RV'ers who actually use campgrounds or stay in areas that allow RVs.

  2. you have to wash your dog's feet. All dogs feet is really toxic in NYC and make them sick of you don't wash their feet.

  3. I bet it was fun and expensive getting out of that hell hole. I know. Maybe not a hell hole, but purgatory. I literally saw someone throw a crow bar through the back window of a car going out of that city. You see shit with 1.5 million miles under your belt.

  4. You were most likely on one of the side streets near 6th Avenue/Avenue of The Americas. The side streets headed east are usually quiet and uneventful.

  5. That was pretty cool! Encouragement for us all that we can stretch beyond our comfort level and pull something like that off! Thanks, Guys!

  6. Well you sold me liked subscribed with the bell. The calzone alone tickled my wander bone. Looked like a must try at least once kinda deal. Kudo’s to you two.👍

  7. The ticket is like $150 and if they tow you it's $250, and if you run out and try and stop them from towing you the cops come and they still tow you. So you risk $400. Better to park on the upper west side with the residential vehicles and train it down for $2.50 each way subway. You can stay overnight two blocks from there for $270.

  8. I’m so proud of you guys. The streets sign are difficult to understand but very brilliant. NYC alternative side of the street rules are amazingly thoughtful.

    I glad you took advantage of FREE parking. I refuse to ever pay for parking. You just need to be smart about where to park.

    Times Sq is one crazy place. Lots of Tourists. Not many NYers go there.

    You can find plenty of parking each and every day for FREE but you need to be patient.

  9. "urban parking in a city"
    you mean, parking?
    sir there is definitely a distinction.

    whomst fucking mans is this?

  10. I noticed that the guy picking up your food didn't bother to use a glove! So much for sanitation in New York. Anyway I like your videos. Thanks!

  11. This " boondock camping " is really going to get very popular if the Democrats win in 2020.
    It might even get competitive like it is in San Francisco and L.A.
    Good idea using a utility truck as a camper.
    You are actually teaching great survival skills.
    I'm an instant subscriber.
    And for that, we thank you.

  12. I wonder how many people sleep or stealth campout in Central Park nightly (both homeless and non-homeless people). I bet it's several dozen if not more. I'd do it as long as I was sure Paul Kersey was in the vicinity. (Let's see who gets the allusion.)

  13. shelby didnt look to thrilled to get out. lol. No need to pay for camping I agree. There are just to many good places to Stealth camp. I enjoyed your video. Looking forward to more. Check out mine 10 best places to sleep on the road.

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