Oahu Hawaii Travel Guide- WOW! Things to do in Vacation Vlog Trip. What Places to Tour, Visit, See.

Oahu Hawaii Travel Guide- WOW! Things to do in Vacation Vlog Trip. What Places to Tour, Visit, See.

Welcome to Paradise otherwise known as Hawaii. This hawaii travel guide is the first of three
parts and explores all the best things to do in Hawaii so stay tuned. We start our trip on the North Shore of Oahu
with the Shark Encounter Cage Dive. It was enthralling to get up close the biggest
predators of the sea. Completely safe in the cage you are surrounded
by a creature that most of us get chills to even think about. However if my wife can handle this anybody
can! In fact she had so much fun and this was one
of her favorite parts of our vacation and it is just the beginning. It is awesome to get up close to a shark and
feel its intimidating presense. And, When will you ever get a chance to do
this again. These are all gallapagos male sharks because
they like to travel in groups of their own gender. So these sharks are just a bunch of Bro’s
hanging out. I will link this shark tour and to everything
we did in Oahu the description below this video. Close by is Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice and this
is a staple of the north shore. The shaved ice has a fluffy texture and they
really are more tasty than your average shaved ice. Stop by, relax and get an authentic Hawaiian
shaved Ice. If you are daring try getting some beans in
your shaved ice…. seriously I don’t know why that was a thing. (but i guess I had to try) On the north shore my technique for choosing
a beach is I drive along the Kamehameha Highway and find beaches I like. First we stopped by the Laniakea Beach to
see the turtles, but we will be seeing a lot more turtles later on in our trip so we took
some pictures and then we made our way to Laie Beach Park because it is a relatively
secluded beach with normally a few surfers to watch too. I love this beach first because of how chill
it is and second there is the beautiful rock ledge where you can watch waves crash in the
background. So you can just chill, surf, play in the water,
tan. You can even do the 5 minute hike to the edge
of the cliff and feel the wind and the waves crash all around you it’s such a cool little
area. One thing everybody notes about the North
Shore is how destressed life feels here. You don’t have to seek out the feeling either
because you can just feel it in the air and it seduces you to think this is how life should
be. The Hukilau Cafe in Laie is a very small diner
that all the famous locals like to eat at. You may have heard of it from the movie 50
First Dates. While the movie uses a different location
it uses the popular name of this Hukilau Cafe. Also in Laie on the North Shore is the Polynesian
Cultural Center. This is Oahu’s top attraction. You get to explore different pacific island
cultures all in one place. The Park is divided into villages that represent
some of the pacific islands like Somoa, Tonga, Hawaii and Fiji. Here you can enjoy Shows, Hands on Activities,
and Luaus which are fun for anyone including families. Their performers are amazing, informative,
and entertaining. You learn about their old way of life including
how they eat, dance, and make music amongst other things. My favorite show was in the Samoan Village
where they teach basically how the coconut was prepared and used for water, food, fire
and just about how intregal it was into their society. The whole park is put together and kept very
well. It makes for a chill day and you can top it
off with their luau at night. Everything I do in this video is linked below
and some of my links below will help you save money on the attractions so check there first. The next morning we got on a Dolphin Excursion
Boat with Rob who was the Runner up on a Season of the Bachelorette and Shina from the show
Vanderpump Rules. That Rob is perfection I tell you. We started this excursion doing some snorkeling
while they scoped out the Dolphin Situation. Soon we found the Dolphins and one of the
coolest moments in my life was when I looked down and found myself swimming in pod of Dolphins
and before you knew it there were like 30 that were swimming all around me… seriously
this was one of the coolest moments of my life. I am surprised I even got to capture it on
film because it happened in a flash but it was so worth it. We did keep watching the dolphins after our
swim from our boat. And here is Rob being perfect again. You can add him on Insta later. For the final part of this excursion we ended
up going to swim with the some fishes and turtles as well. Turtles are so fun to watch. And I love it when they poke their heads up
to breath out of the water. Also in my travel guides people always ask
me what I use to film with. At the end of this video I will post a video
that explains what I use to film and make travel videos. Okay the next morning we hiked my favorite
hike that I have ever done. This is the Ka’au Crater Hike. In hawaii there are tons of places to hike
but this one has it all. You start by hiking along a stream through
hawaiian Jungle Vines in some of the most lush green settings. Your first destination is one of three waterfalls. The first waterfall is the one people like
to take a dip in. It is refreshing and peaceful. After you are done at that waterfall you hike
up alongside it making your way to the top. The good thing about this hike about being
slightly difficult is that not that many people end up doing it. Continuing on you find yourself at a second
extremely picturesque waterfall. You can walk right up to this waterfall and
feel its gentle power. After a few pictures once again you hike up
right alongside the waterfall as well. For most of you on this hike your last destination
will be a third waterfall. Now the best part about this waterfall is
you hike right up the waterfall. At points you are literally hiking on or across
the waterfall. After this waterfall you make your way to
the Crater. Just as a warning this part is not for the
faint of heart or anybody out of shape. So just turn around if the next part isn’t
for you and you will have already experienced such a great hike. Once you are at the top you have made it to
the this Crater. You then hike straight up a moderately narrow
ridge to the Summit where you have a beautiful panoramic view of Oahu. Then if you dare you hike all the way around
the crater’s ridge and on both sides of you at some points is nothing but a straight drop
off. BUT the view is gorgeous up there! Now this is a 5 to 7 hour hike so bring LOTS
of water if you decide to do it. If you just hike the three waterfall it will
be more like a three and a half hour hike. From there it was time to go back to our hotel
which in my opinion is the best hotel in all of Oahu. This is the Royal Hawaiian on Waikiki. The whole hotel has a pink theme to it: I
mean the halls, the floor, the ceiling, everything pink. And it has a great view of Waikiki and Diamond
Head especially if you get a room that faces the ocean. Now Waikiki is a pretty packed beach. But it does have a few perks. If you have never Surfed before Waikiki is
the best place to learn to surf. The reason is that waves are small, rolling
and consistent. Seriously, anybody can surf especially here! I saw an uncoordinated girl next to me getting
up with a little help from her instructor. I will link to the best surf instructor and
lessons below, I can almost guarantee if you get a lesson with them in Waikiki you will
get up on that surf board. I have surfed before but I am definitely still
a novice. Though I don’t look like Kelly Slater you
feel like them when you are on a wave, it doesn’t matter how big. So do me and yourself a favor and don’t die
without getting up on a surf board and if it is your first time get a lesson here in
Waikiki. Right next to the Royal Hawaiian is an alley
of surf boards that leads to this delicious and healthy dessert stand. Banan uses fresh produce straight from local
island farmers to make acai bowls, smoothies, and drinks. Just look at these. They even taste better than they look. Now a lot of the food in Hawaii actually isn’t
that healthy but it is pretty tasty. Later we ate at the Rainbow Cafe which basically
just adds declicious gravy all over whatever it is that you order. I love me some gravy fries. And my wife mmmm not so much. But she couldn’t help herself just to have
fun anyways. Now have you really visited hawaii if you
don’t go to a luau? The best Luau in all of Hawaii is the Chiefs
Luau. Here you enjoy a traditional luau feast with
a blend of Hawaiian cuisine. Next you enjoy a Polynesian show with Talent
that is through the roof. Here is just a preview. The Musicians, the Hula Dancers, the Singers
and the fire dancers are all extremely entertaining. Chief Sielu is the host and he is hilarious
and captivating. The Hula dancers flow to the music in a way
that will blow your mind. The male dancers are instense and represent
the fighting spirit of the islands. The fire spinners are world champions and
create a spectacle that is fascintating and visually pleasing. So sit back and relax as this show takes you
through a tour of the dance of all the different polynesian islands. At times it can be intense but it will have
you on the edge of your seat. Now there are plenty of Luaus to go to but
not all are created equal I would make sure you see this one and I will link to them in
the description below this video. The fire show at the end of this luau is not
to be missed. I mean just look at these guys and how fast
they can spin their fire swords and who isn’t entertained by fire. The dole plantation is a great place to visit
if you love Pineapple, because well, they have everything pineapple. Pineapple soap, lotion, chocolates, salad
dressing, candles, anything, and even pineapple itself. But everyones favorite is pineapple ice cream! What is awesome about the dole plantation
are its demonstrations like how to choose and how to cut a pineapple. There is also a train tour that takes you
through pinapple fields and there is a pineapple labrinth. But, let me be honest, the maze looks cooler
than it actually is. Now make sure you continue and watch my Maui
and Big Island travel videos and also my video going over how I make travel videos and my
filming equipment. Any personal questions you have about my trip
ask in the comments below and I will answer them. Subscribe to my channel or my wife’s hair
and makeup channel. If this Oahu Travel Guide helped you out give
it a like and share it with your friends. See you guys later.

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