Odisha Tourism | Explore rural life of kalahandi | Unknown Place Bhalubutura |

Odisha Tourism | Explore rural life of kalahandi | Unknown Place Bhalubutura |

It’s a saying, “Unless the beauty is seen, it can’t be expressed” and my village BHALUBUTURA expresses it all Amidst the chaos, beauty resembles like a fairy tale. A small Village, where peace from the running rivers and mountains, is the only thing it have. Let’s travel for the soothing experience. Dream was to fly, or, maybe touch the dreamy cloud I never knew that, the birds will make me fly in this busy and dreamy world. Now, local recipe(PITHA) is being cooked at my home. quite famous, in Western Odisha. It is usually made during the time of NUAKHAI – Harvest Festival of Western Odisha Now, I am going to show you it’s recipe. Foodie? checkout. It’s so yummy! Do you like the B-roll? Comment below. Let me feed myself and then, will talk with you. This is called as, “LADDO” and it’s too tasty. I just picked one, as i liked it much. It’s so yummy! Will provide the recipe of this sweet, in my description. Even you can tell, how yummy it tastes. It has nuts, which makes it more tasty. This is the Temple of my village. Which Deity? MAA MAULI(local boy speaks) This Temple consists of MAA MAULI DEVI. Now, we will be exploring the Temple and you can see the view from here itself. This is the Temple of our local deity, MAA MAULI DEVI, where we used to perform sacred rituals, every Tuesday. Every year, we used to perform rituals by serving the plants and forest. And this is how we used to pray and offer sentiments to our local deity. I can feel the peace. I agree that Village life is far better than city life. City life always consists of noise and all… This is where you can feel the green woods. Let’s step to a world from nowhere. which will lead to somewhere. From green and young grasslands to old but bold people. From those free and joyful childhood memories to the bound and tired routine life. Those days. Are they gone forever? It was messy but never dejected. Let’s open the door to heaven; where none will be asked for Trials, but will serve for purpose. Yes, Temples are the symbol of peace and divine. This Architecture is truly a work of peace and divine. Look, it’s boulders and work speaks about it. Hey guys, now I am into the Banana Garden. Ya, even you can see the plants. Let’s see some of the Banana trees. This is the LAST DAY of my trip and I will be leaving my Hometown. This is the only source of study in my village. So, it’s to join with these kids. BYE!

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  1. Local delicacies and unsullied culture awakens the dormant memory of our childhood.. you guys bridged the chasm between present and past … ?

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