OFF THE GRID IN CANADA | Manitoba Travel Vlog

OFF THE GRID IN CANADA | Manitoba Travel Vlog

What’s up guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers. Right now we are off the grid in the Canadian wilderness hundreds of miles from the nearest town. Travel Manitoba has invited us to Lake Aikens Wildernest Lodge to go on a fishing adventure and experience the best of Manitoba’s nature. But getting here was an adventure in itself. Excited, Brother? I’m excited. I am not the biggest fisherman. My brother is quite enthusiastic, but I’m quite the amateur. I’m pretty excited to go up there and just be in the wilderness. Aikens Lake is a wilderness lodge. It’s going to be pretty cool. We’ll be there for the next three days. What about you, Alex? A bunch of big fish in these lakes and not a lot of people to fish them. So we should have pretty good luck. Ready, Bro? Let’s do it. Let’s go. Hello. Thanks. Oh, hello. That already was an awesome experience. This is some Indiana Jones stuff. Pretty awesome arrival. How often do you get to fly in a float plane, Bro? Not often. But you know what, dude? I’m always just humbled by the vastness of Canada’s nature.. We’re going to get settled into our cabin and then see what the day has to offer. We should still start with coffee, though because it’s early. Oh….nice. Hi. My name is Pit and we’re at Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge in Manitoba, Canada. This lodge started after the Second World War. It was a war veteran coming back from Europe that built the lodge. Our family is fifth generation owners now. We’re right in the middle of the boreal forest We’re a proposed UNESCO World Heritage site. There’s no road access. A lot of people who come up here are hardcore fishermen or fisherwomen. They’re just looking for a good time being able to unwind for three days and unplug from the world. Well. We have landed, we’ve checked in, and now we are getting ready to head out onto the lake. We are prepping the boat. They’ve got all the fishing stuff for us. It’s going to be fun. I think we’re going to get into it. Our guides Justin and Derrick have shown us a cool spot. Derrick, have you done this before? Yeah, I’ve done it a few times. Pretty high. He’s a badass. Didn’t know that came with a free colonic. [Laughs] Oh, that was so fun. Way bigger than it looks. My feet sting a little bit. My arm kind of stings….but I’m a happy camper. All right, guys. Right now we’re pulling up to these pictographs. Native American pictographs that are drawn right here at the water’s edge. I was told the other day by a guy that studied that there’s only one member of the tribe that could do them. And it was the medicine man or the medicine woman. And basically, these were her visions for the area. Right here you can see that there’s a canoe. Over there you can see the outline of a wolf. Two ears. What I find the craziest about these is that you can still almost feel the energy. It’s definitely cool. There have been people living here for over 10,000 years and even though today is a nice sunny day, you can imagine living on this lake in the middle of winter would be a different experience entirely. No way. Guys, well as you may or may not know, depending on how long you’ve been a Vagabuddy, I am a bird nerd. Huge bird nerd. And the king of all birds… the king and queen, if you will are the bald eagles, especially here in North America, and we have just had the most amazing up close and personal encounter with this pair of bald eagles. Incredible. Bald eagle…symbol of the United States very present here in Canada. All right guys. Well it’s about 5:30 and 5:30 around these parts means cocktail time. Can I have a gin and tonic? Sure. That was easy. We’re going to grab a couple cocktails, get some dinner, and then we’re going to head back out onto the lake and try to catch some fish. Cheers. Cheers. Let’s do it. Back on the lake. Sunset. It’s the perfect time to catch a big one. We shall see. We’ve just nibbled a little dinner, and now the fish are nibbling. So… We’re going to go let the fish nibble on our baits Take that how you will. What are we fishing for today? We’re going to be fishing for walleye What makes it so good to fish here? Just so much structure in this lake that it holds an amazing amount of bait fish and then that turns into holding a lot of game fish, as well. You want to know why I like fishing so much, Mark? Let me guess…. because you can just sit on your butt and drink beer all day. And be outside. I know you too well. That’s why we have Derrick here catching all the nasty stuff for us. See, I told you Alex. Caught you again talking about your accent. We get outside of California and you start talking like Matthew McConaughey wherever we go. Hey, Brother Why don’t you just pipe down there? I’m snagged again. I got something, and it is not a rock. I might have to get out of my chair for this one. Beautiful. I should probably mention right now that I really don’t like touching fish. It’s kind of a phobia of mine. Time to touch it. Yeah, I’m going to do it. Hey, Bro. Can you snap a Tinder photo for me? I need a new profile pic. Badass fish. Boom. Marko: 1 Alex: 0 Oh….Got one. This is another really nice walleye It’s about 24 inches. Can you just tell me and clarify real quick. What is bigger? 24 or 25 inches? I believe 25 is slightly bigger. This fish is a little fatter. Sounds about right. Sounds like a pretty accurate statement. Wasn’t that smooth That’s one way to do it. See you tomorrow. We’re getting an early start tomorrow. 6:30 coffee comes to the door. 7:00 breakfast; 8:00 on the water Hopefully catch some lake trout tomorrow Well the hard work paid off. [Laughs] Derrick totally caught this one. I’m just trying to steal the glory. Whoooo A monster. This thing weighs a ton Now we’re going to go for just a couple choice fish that we can land, catch, fillet, and cook tonight. This is where lunch is. Four fish. We’re going to cook it two ways. Nice little fire here, looking over the lake. This is called a shore lunch. Derrick is a Michelin starred backwoods chef. This smells amazing Enjoy, Bro. Cheers. Bon appetite! So good. Well guys. It’s been a fun couple of days, but unfortunately our time here at Aikens is coming to an end. We’ve had so much fun. It’s been beyond relaxing. Honestly, to be at a nice little set up cabins in the middle of nowhere with pretty much your own private lake Doesn’t get much better than that. Plus the fishing was incredible. The scenery is amazing. The food was on point. And just generally good vibes all around. This has been my first official fishing trip of my life. I am definitely pretty much a city slicker. To be this far out in the wilderness has been a new experience for me. I think the highlight for me was simply arriving on a float plane and just seeing the float planes come in and out of this lodge in the last couple days has been really cool. Cliff jump was fun. Seeing the pictographs was awesome. And finishing the trip with the shore lunch. It doesn’t get better than that. I want to thank Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge and Travel Manitoba for bringing us out here. We’re about to hop on a plane and fly back down to Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba to do some more exploration. So stay tuned to see what we get up to there. In the meantime, remember, stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see all of you Vagabuddies on the road. Peace.

53 thoughts on “OFF THE GRID IN CANADA | Manitoba Travel Vlog

  1. Keep up the great work guys! Loved all of it! especially tht night timelapse, it was so beautiful! <3 #vagabuddies

  2. Amazing video!! It's beautiful, keep up the good work 🙂

    Ps: please don't touch pictographs because the oils from your hands can make it disappear,just heads up for next time 🙂

  3. My day gets so much better when I come home and see you put up a new video! Also really cool to see another region of my country.

  4. An excellent adventure. I've done similar in Ontario but we drove in. The Otter aircraft you flew in is one of the real work horses of the north. Recently, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the kids were visiting Canada and flew in an Otter float a couple of times so you are in excellent company. Hey, nothing quite as good as fresh water fish eh? Anyway, your adventure looked grand and I'm glad you had a great time! Colin

  5. Cliffdiving colonoscopy…HA!
    Nibble on your bait? I'd bet there's more than enough to dangle in the water.
    I'm in for a Top Shelf Long Island Ice Tea, any takers?
    HA! Love that sibling rivalry.
    Fucking excellent star time lapse!!
    Nice lake side meal!! Jealous

  6. So happy you are travelling more in Canada! I think I suggested it months ago when you asked where We would like to see you next 🙂

  7. woowwww, es asombroso, la naturaleza y el cielo estrellado es maravilloso, me encanto el cielo nocturno y que el Águila americana se posara casi justo enfrente de ustedes, fue asombroso ????

  8. That must have been an incredible experience, putting this on my bucket list for sure! Great work, great video, happy me! 😀

  9. Awesome experience hosting you guys! Alex and Marko – you guys put together some pretty amazing videos! I've lived there since I was 10, and there are a few scenes that I have never envisioned or seen before. Crazy. Very nicely done – thank you!

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