Oia Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Oia Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Situated at the northern tip of Santorini
Island in the middle of the Agean is the improbable and beautiful town of Oia. The quintessentially Greek architecture of
Oia is at the heart of its popularity. High on its cliff overlooking the deep lagoon of
Santorini, Oia’s historic buildings are a mix of large, medieval Venetian houses and
small village homes, many dug into the porous volcanic hillside. Sunset at Oia is exceptionally beautiful and
most almost every available viewing space is occupied nightly by the many tourists who
come to experience what is quite rightly regarded as a true jewel of the Aegean.

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  1. Fantastic job…i have actually been there & your profile captures the magic of the place quite well…makes me want to go back …

  2. best place on earth. l love Greece and its sun, beaches,western history,food,people,islands and its beauty of Santorini

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