35 thoughts on ““Old Grey Whistle Theft” | Father Ted | Series 2 Episode 4 | Dead Parrot

  1. <clink>
    'No, Father Jack, it's just some fizzy water – '
    'My god, how? … '

  2. "Next I suppose he'll be giving you crack cocaine or something."
    "Crack cocaine? Now, come on Ted." looks around the room guiltily

  3. The acting is so good I genuinely feel sorry for Ted when anything bad happens, especially when he had a disappointing and insulting experience at the picnic. That part made me feel really sad. The fact that he tries so hard to make things work and stays hopeful, is what makes him a v sympathetic character.

  4. Father Damien should have had a bigger role in the series, and be on exorcisms…I wonder what a conversation between him, father Dougal and bishop Brennan would be like…

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