What’s up guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers Right now we’re about to kick off our week long adventure through Quebec, and we’re starting in Montreal. So before we get into the action, we’re going to get orientated into the culture of French North America. So we’re going to meet up with Martin who is a local tour guide here, and he’s going to show us around the historic old quarter of Montreal. But first, coffee. This is the first 15 minutes in the city, and I’m already falling in love with Montreal. It is so chill; super European vibe; cool architecture. Like it. I think I’m going to love this city. Bonjour. First stop of the day. We’re at Le Cartet It’s a cute cafe here. We’re going to have a petit dejeuner. Scrabbled eggs with goat cheese and a cafe. How about you, Bro? Que-ce que vous avez? [What are you having?] Je vais prende le brunch des cantons [I’ll have the Township Brunch] Oui It looks like I ordered the right thing for breakfast. I’m diving into Quebec culture with a meal designed to fortify me against the cold winters here. It’s got ham, bacon, sausage, beans cooked in maple syrup, some potatoes, eggs. I’m ready to do this. Ready to explore. What is the plan? The plan is to venture through these narrow streets of old Montreal. Allons-y All right, guys. A little bit of backround on Montreal. It’s an island on the Saint Lawrence River. It was originally inhabited by Iroquois and it gets its name from Jacques Cartier, a French explorer who came through here in the mid 1500s searching for a westward passage to Asia. He claimed all of Canada for France, and named this place Mount Royal after the mountain in the center of the island. Over the next few centuries the Saint Lawrence River became a massive artery in this huge trading network that stretched all the way to the Great Lakes based on fur trading with the local tribes. French merchants were selling beaver pellets back in Europe for fortunes, and cities like Montreal and Quebec were inhabited by these fur trappers or “coureur de bois” that were basically like Leo from the Reverand. A long story short France and the U.K were battling for power all around the world. That culminated in the Seven Years War. France lost and with that lost all of their possessions in Canada. Quebec became part of the United Kingdom. Today Montreal is the biggest city in Quebec. It’s the second biggest French speaking city in all the world. It’s bilingual; It’s multicultural. So before we dive into all those different aspects of Quebecois culture, Martin is going to show us some of the oldest parts of the city. This looks like a pretty old building. Where are we standing? We are in the former walled city in what we call today Old Montreal. Montreal was walled for about 100 years through out the 17th century. What was it like back in the early days? Only 10,000 people crossed the ocean during the French regime. And we are all descendants of only 10,000 people that crossed between the early days and 1763, the beginning of the English regime. So I’m 11 generations, for example. Interesting thing right here. The flag of Montreal actually has four symbols on it. You’ve got the Fleur de Lis for the French You’ve got the thistle for the Scots; the shamrock for the Irish and the rose for the English. What’s the motto for the city? “Concordia Salus” It’s Latin “Living together in harmony.” That’s what it means. How many different nationalities live in Montreal? It’s super diverse, right? Between 80 and 90. Very diverse. All right, Bro. Thoughts so far on Montreal? I’ve wanted to go to Quebec for so long, and I’ve never been. So to be in a French speaking part of North America is very cool. It definitely feels European, much more so than any other city I’ve been to in North America. It’s gorgeous. Love the architecture. Looking forward to what else Montreal has in store for us. And the rest of Quebec. It’s only day one! Yes So we’re going to make our way over toward Chez Jerry which is a restaurant by Jerome Ferrer who is a renowned chef and it’s like his canteen where he does a modern interpretation of traditional Quebecois food Let’s hit it! Kind of a cool, quirky little detail that you might not catch unless you’re looking for it. We’re right here in one of the main squares of Montreal and on one side of the street, you have Queen Victoria, the British influence, and on the other behind me, you have a Parisian metro stop. Super cool and a very visual representation of the dual heritage of French Canada and of Montreal. I hope you’re ready for a treat. We’ve just got to Chez Jerry and we’ve ordered a couple little plates. We’re having the “poutine”, which is the classic Quebecois dish, and then we’re going to be having a lobster roll and a foot-long hot dog because that’s a thing. That’s a thing, and we’re going to do it. Oh my goodness This is long, but it’s girthy Vagabrothers’ sexual innuendos aside, the meal looks spectacular. That is a damn big hot dog! So for the uninitiated, poutine is Canada’s signature comfort food: French fries with this beautiful sauce, curds, and this just looks delicious. Wow Oh my god. Well that was good. Poutine at lunch is like Christmas in July. Onwards. We’re going to go do a craft beer pub crawl through the Latin Quarter because that’s the thing. Yeah! And we love craft beer. All right guys. So now we’re in the Latin Quarter, and we’re exploring another one of Montreal’s traditions which is beer making. Montreal is actually home to the oldest brewery in North America, which is Molson founded in 1786 here in Montreal. Interesting. But today we’re going to be exploring Montreal’s craft brew scene. So we’re meeting up with Jerome He’s going to take us on a craft brew tour, and we’re starting here at Le Saint Bock. Ready to brew? I’m always ready. Let’s do it. We’re not going to have any Budweiser today or Molson or any of that. You can forget it. We’re going to go inside the world of craft beer. So this brewery actually has more than 850 beers available for purchase, and the most expensive one is 3000 dollars. OK. Well first brewery down. How did you like that? I’m feeling jolly. It’s cold weather with beer and poutine, It’s a great combination. It just started snowing, which is nice. The Latin Quarter is called this because it’s where all the students and universities are. They’re 35,000 students here, which means this intersection here is where the most beer is served in Quebec. My name is Jeremy, and today we’re going to do a brew pub tour. How come the beers started to be quite very popular in Montreal is because it was far from France. You didn’t have access to wine. So it’s one of the reasons why they are starting to brew beer, to at least have a type of alcohol. Our first beer in Quebec was a pine beer. We like to try lot of different funky stuff, like bacon jalepeño beer, for example or a lot of fruit beers, as well. Well guys. Day has turned into night. It’s a beautiful evening here in Montreal, and we’re going to do something a little out of the ordinary. We’re going to try to do something really Canadian. We’re going to learn how to play ice hockey. I’m just joking. But we are going to try to ice skate. That’s the first step, and that should be interesting because I haven’t done it since the Mighty Ducks movie came out back in the day. We do live in California in the desert, so it’s not our most natural environment, but we’re going to see what happens. Hopefully, we don’t break anything. Knock on wood. Let’s go. My god. This is so gnarly. Definitely don’t feel I should be vlogging this. I’m going to fall on my ass. What just happened? I was trying to dance to this music. It’s like a disco on the ice, and I just went right past Alex, slipped and fell. This is so dangerous, but it’s so fun. Addicting. I can’t stop. The DJ ” sur la glace” the DJ on the ice was amazing. You also broke your butt, man. You ate it hard! Not that hard. Only once. And I realize the key is turning your falls into new dance moves. We’re going to go get some dinner at a nice little restaurant called Mimi La Nuit. Super fun. it’s right here in the Old Quarter. Let’s go! Ladies and Gentlemen to bed! Pretty much,. Today has been so awesome Wow. First day in Montreal. Really, really dig the vibe in this city Today we did the historical and traditional. Tomorrow we are doing the hip and the trendy Hipster stuff. We’re going to the Mile End so tune in for that. If you guys like the video, give it a thumbs-up, share it with your travel buddies, of course, and subscribe to Vagabrothers for videos from all around the world every week. That button is right down there. In the meantime, remember to stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you guys on the road. Peace. How do you say this in French? à la prochaine! Qui.


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    After wearing Turben you will be a Sardaar ji

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  4. Beautiful video of my city, It fun to see video like this unstead of this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lD-NV7TytY, A English Québécois who never learn French, and blame the gouverment for is lacking of French knowledge.

    It very cool to see guys who don't just go to visite Québec, but make a story of the Province or the Country they visiting and exploring…

    Do You not that in England is "Dieu est mon droit"? Like in USA is "In God we trust"!

    Nice, intimist and professional video… 😉 😉 🙂

  5. j’espere de demenager a montreal une journee apres que je finis mon bac ! je veux aussi ameliorer mon francais. j’habite a ottawa et c’est vraiment ennuyant ici pour les jeunes comme moi

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    I saw a lot of videos from tourists but none talk about the history of Montréal
    I give you 10/10 for this history lesson and you are so funny 🙂

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  13. If Quebec wasn't so damn cold I may live there. I mean seriously Its probably the coldest city on earth with such a large population.

  14. Beautiful vlog of Montreal. I live here. Magnifique. J'espère que vous reviendrai un jour dans ma belle ville. 😉

    (Sorry for my bad English, I don't pretend to be an English specualist, and is a long text.)

    I add for you some fun fact on my town.

    First of all, La Pointe à Callière it's the first place where French settlers. The Settlement name was Ville-Marie, found for two reasons: religious, but more important of all fur trades with the First Nations (Canadian Natives). Ville-Marie was finance by the Congrégation de Notre Dame de Montréal, at Montréal, France.

    The Soeurs grises are one who have found the First hospital of Montreal. The word grise can be read as "grey" on his French female form. But "Grise" in this context mean "drunk or alcoolic". It's was rumor and calomny on those "Soeurs Grises", however they use this calomny as a mockery of their opponent.

    When British army "conquer" Montreal, the City surrender without fight because their walls were not adapted to siege but to cut wind.

    British give the cute nickname of the Silver City. Not because Montreal have silver mine. When British come it's was a beautiful sunny day without cloud. The roft (Sorry I will write in French for this part) : les toitures des maisons à l'époque sont faites en tolle de fer brillant sous le soleil d'été.

    Montreal was the Capital of Upper and Lower Canada (1775-1840). Montreal lose definately is Capital of Canada when some drunk and furious Anglophones mobs burn the Parlement. Because a law that protect the vast majority of people in Montréal (French Canadian (70%) and Gaelics (10-20%).

    (By the way I don't hate Anglophones at all)

    The first movie project with the Cinématographique of the Brother Lumière was in Montréal. However this place don't exist any more. A criminal fire burn it in 2017.

    The "First Commercial Cinemas theater" was in Montreal. The name was the Ouimetoscope (The owner is Monsieur Ouimet). Also destroy by fire. Cinemas first golden age in Montreal was 1900 to 1927.

    1927, 250 kids died in a cinema theater, in the Laurier-Palace. Catholics Church jump on this even to Shut down all cinemas theater in Montreal.

    I don't remember when. But Montreal become a Venice of beer because four of the six Molson beer tank explode deversing Tones and Tones of beers.

    The First NHL Goalie Mask was invent by a French Canadian name Jacques Plante (#1 in Montreal Canadian). His Mask was so horyfiying that inspire Jason Mask.

    The First NHL Player who score at fifty goals in fifty match was Maurice "The Rocket" Richard (The legendary #9 of Montreal Canadian). The Slap Shot is also the " invention" from a French Canadian : Bernard "Boom-Boom" Geoffrion.

    I hope I don't have make to many errors.

  15. It's funny too hear him say "We're pretty much all descendants of the 10,000," which is true on my mom's side, but why Québécois men and women really shouldn't produce offspring together.

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    Also…for smoked meat, try a little place on St. Laurent called "Le Main". People rant and rave about Shwartz (Even though it is really good!)–I personally find, as a local…that "Le Main" is just so much better. Also, fun fact–Leonard Cohen use to eat at this particular smoked meat deli <3

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