Omnom Chocolate: My favorite place to visit in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Omnom Chocolate: My favorite place to visit in Reykjavik, Iceland.

(crashing) (ringing) (thunder rumbling) (ice cracking) – [Serrini] Despite the
world’s northernmost capital being frozen most of the
year, Reykjavik is a city that is constantly blooming. One area that is in full
bloom is the reclaimed docks just north of the Old West Side. Old rusted warehouses
are now giant canvases, housing pop up bespoke shops,
and savory nibble spots that definitely emit Brooklyn vibes. – Hello! – [Serrini] While you
can still walk the docks and find the absolute, oh
my God, who would eat that? What is that? – What is this?
– God, does it bite? – [Serrini] Okay, well, not
even fresh caught nightmares can keep the cavalcade of cool kids from descending on this
fringe neighborhood. This area is just lousy
with Pinterest perfect shops selling couture cod liver
oil, bespoke boutiques with enough black to
satisfy an Upper East Sider, quiet coffee clutches where
you can finally find an outlet, sick street art that will
challenge your perspective, and a bunch of bad-ass breweries where bros get their barley on. Not to mention some of
the best food in the city, including the world’s
northern most shawarma shop with the only robot shawarma
slicer I’ve ever seen. Who knew shawarma technology
was so advanced here. Here’s looking at you Iceland. While this treasure
trove of hipster delights will surely intoxicate you, there is one place that will have you absolutely black out drunk. May I introduce you to Omnom, Iceland’s only chocolate factory. I distinctly remember buying an Omnom bar at a local coffee shop
and after my first bite I was immediately sending
out an email to see if I could get a more
intimate understanding of how they put heaven in a foil wrapper. Omnom graciously obliged
and I was soon having a conclave of cocoa with
Project Manager Michael Ryan, who was going to school me
on all things chocolate. Now for the record you don’t
have to be a pushy New Yorker to get an inside look of
how happiness is made. They offer tours every day but Sunday, and yes, you get to sample the goods. So, Omnom was founded
by childhood friends, oh man, off, that is a tough one. Okay, let’s hop over to the internets. Maybe this will help a bit. – [Computerized Voice] Kjartan Gislason. – [Serrini] Okay, good enough. Okay, where was I? Oh, right, Omnom was founded
by childhood friends– – [Computerized Voice] Kjartan Gislason– – And–
– Oskar Poroarson. – [Serrini] In 2013. – Kjartan Gislason.
– Was a chef, familiar with single origin dark chocolate and began experimenting with small batches with his friend–
– Oskar Poroarson. – [Serrini] Who I assume
was his willing guinea pig, like true childhood friends are. The duo was on to something special so they made Omnom legit
and set up shop in, wait for it, an old gas station. – [Michael] So, this was the gas station. – [Serrini] Wow, I cant
make this stuff up. These are literally the
things hipster dreams are made out of. Alright, so, before
long the word had spread about their chocolate gold, so they moved into this sprawling factory on the wharf in Reykjavik, which is about as far away as possible from where their bars begin. Omnom sources their beans
from just three farms straddling the Equator, chosen not only for the unique quality of their fruit, but also for being all
fair trade, organic, and independently owned. And when you consider
that two million children are used as labor to supply
the worlds chocolate demand, finding ethically sourced cocoa beans is a really, really big deal. So once they’re harvested, they are naturally fermented
in their sweet pulp for a week, then sun dried for another week, before the beans are shipped to Iceland, which is probably the last place on Earth they thought they’d end up. They are then carefully toasted with a modified coffee
roaster they invented with a local coffee shop, then cracked into cocoa nibs that are
ground in-house to create the rich, delicious cocoa that Omnom uses. And let me tell you, they
make a lot of it, like– – [Michael] 440ish pounds
of melted chocolate. – That’s cool.
– Ready to go. – [Serrini] Can a man fit in there? – Um–
– Let’s say I wanted to go in this. – [Woman] I’m pretty sure you could. – [Michael] Not with the safety elements, but we could shut those off. – [Serrini] Okay, great. – So, each one of these is
solid blocks of chocolate. Basically, once it comes out
of those grinding machines we’ll just stock it up until we have about a metric ton of one flavor. – That’s amazing.
– This is just about six metric tons of chocolate
blocks, at the moment. – [Serrini] Six metric tons. I mean, standing there,
surrounded by walls of pure, uncut chocolate. I felt like the cocoa
equivalent to Scarface. Say hello to my sweet friend. Okay, anyway, they were always
trying to push the limits of their confection science
with new flavors and techniques. Omnom makes chocolate with
only three ingredients. Cocoa beans, milk and sugar. That’s it. And while their cocoa
is definitely special, the real magic to Omnom’s chocolate comes from their Icelandic milk. This protected breed of
cattle brought from Norway over a thousand years ago
have a unique grazing habit and diet that give their
milk a beautiful rich quality that simply is unlike any
other cow juice on the planet. I mean, come on. Vikings brought these cows. They make viking milk. It’s powerful stuff. Omnom’s attention to detail doesn’t end in their unique recipe, but continues even even in their artful packaging. Designed within an inch of
it’s life they are hand wrapped with care, and sheathed in beautifully illustrated envelopes, some with hidden Easter eggs. – [Michael] This is my favorite. It’s, like, got a little Easter egg. – [Serrini] Where’s the Easter egg? – [Michael] There’s a little sheepdog. – [Serrini] Oh, that’s funny. Underneath. All organic, all giving
back to the community, all sourced by local farmers, these bars of true
Icelandic joy are handmade, heart forward and happy,
making them not just taste good but feel good chocolate, and quite certainly the best thing to ever come out of a
gas station. (laughs) (upbeat music)

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  1. I mean … it may be the only thing we dont feel the need to put between bread …. that saying … an omnom chocoate sandwich sounds insanely good.

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