On SOMALIA BEACH looking for PIRATES (Extreme Travel Somalia)

On SOMALIA BEACH looking for PIRATES (Extreme Travel Somalia)

If you had one thing to say to the world about Somaliland, what would it be Just great people here. There’s not like bad people. We just know we’re not that bad We don’t have a lot of things like y’all do but it’s a great safe here a safe over here. He’s not violent least same Like that you see our TVs I’m standing with a white guy right now man. It’s okay So Somalia Somalia one of the most dangerous places in the world pirates right in the failed state of Somalia Piracy has become a lucrative business Western navies are hunting down Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean Kidnapping it is not a safe place It is difficult to operate in and is becoming increasingly hazardous and the worry is now with this kidnapping of an aid worker That that could hamper aid work in the country which needs it so desperately Extremists to Americans are among the at least 20 people killed in an attack at a hotel in Somalia The terror group al-shabaab is claiming responsibility What if I told you there was another country inside Somalia that is somewhat unknown to the outside world and doesn’t have such horrific events, this is Somaliland We’re in a window, it is dangerous there is a you know risk involved Amen And welcome back to the Gulf of Aden sitting here on the Somaliland Coast internationally recognized as Somalia but it’s the autonomous region in the north of Somalia called Somaliland that’s how all the locals know it so right now I’m gonna head down meet my friend Khalid again and Going to also meet a new driver and an SPU which if you didn’t see the last video, which is a special protection unit It’s basically a military guy with an ak-47 because it’s required by law for all foreigners to be accompanied by one of these guys So we are going to go with him To the beach and then we’re going to be driving further inland kind of south east direction To another big city. Let’s head out there. We’ll go to the beach of the Gulf of Aden across there just over there somewhere is Yemen on the other side of the Gulf Okay Okay, so we have arrived at the beach and it’s pretty busy actually Guys going swimming and just having a good old time down at the beach So as I was saying in the last video this Berbera has extremely tight security But this area apparently is ok for filming and stuff We’re going to go into the more port area where you know, there’s more kind of official immigration this kind of thick buildings around it’s really dangerous to Take a camera because you never know what kind of trouble you can get yourself in You actually have to have obtained a permit to walk around with the cameras over here spend more liberal All these local guys are requesting photos and videos and everything in all loving propose amazing Okay, so just admit a guy on the beach called faith seed and your local from Barbera And you you’ve travelled to the USA? Where did you That’s okay, yeah The security guard was just worried. You know, he has to keep an eye on us And as soon as he saw us interacting he came and checked but it’s all good. So yeah, we’re in America Did you go? I’ve been Ohio, Ohio. I love this you like it Twelve years Wow, what were you doing there? living there living Did you work there I worked yeah, I went to school go there like Kindergarten – all the way to high school. Oh wow. So you grew up in America I’m buddy and you’ve come back here to work away. I came back here to live my life Being somebody that could come back to my home man Your diaspora right, that’s what it’s called no, no Like that means that you you come back you are not deported. Oh really from America why? why why did you get deported and I was like I would just In queues I got deported back. All right, was it? Were you like with it crime or I would just be like Donna talk. You didn’t like Donald Trump Nobody liked on the tumblr, right? He’s a president he’d do what he got to do, you know Oh because you’re from Somalia say you got deported emolia’s on the blacklist. I didn’t have no like a Citizenship. I just had him again green card and then he kicked you know and with that sad fear. Oh, yeah. Yeah I got separate from my family. That’s a sad for me. But now I’m back to my home country where I was born at Raise that my religion overlay. I’ll just lose it would let you know just being out of sight I would just close eyes over there nod shall be my eyes Got a kid. Wow, that’s a great thing. You got a glasses leaving my life right now No. Congratulations Do you think that you’ll stay in Somaliland for the rest of your life It’s all I’ve got do you die they are very happy to be here But what would you say the difference is between Somaliland and Ohio, what are the differences? There’s a lot of difference as over there you get a lot, you know Everything is fine It was freedom even which we’ve all got it be And it’s like it’s not like what you see right now You see you like screens, you know she does you don’t seem. All right, you lost your homie that’s broken. Like we live in a Building you seen it. Yeah. Yeah, so quality of life Quality of life and then like the streets and the infrastructure fitted in Ohio. What is better in Somaliland? What do you prefer it Somaliland to us? Because what is better than so many languages that I come to Milan religion I’ve come close to God Seeing very things you’re a Muslim brother, I’m almost yeah before I don’t know what I consider myself listening but I wasn’t doing what I pray, five times a day Good guy help people out before everything over hours of latitude. Not a violent kick If you had one thing to say to the world about Somaliland, what would it be hey You see the ocean just great people here isn’t that like bad people we just know we’re not that bad We don’t have a lot of things like y’all do but is it great that safe here they save over here He’s not violent least totally a hundred percent say he was not going to kill you when his mum like that you see our TVs Is a great kid already? I’m standing with a white guy right now man. It’s okay. There’s cold. You don’t want to come back education everything So this is the Gulf of Aden and there a pirate stand there right way way way way don’t involve it here no pirates Because everybody the ocean Meanings that consider people many people in the world would automatically say Somalia pirates right there Well things admitted moving above that. Yeah But the Pirates are in a different area in a different are they laid in the middle of the ocean Day night in but better right now. Nobody or some are on moment. I didn’t see no fires. No nothing No violence is I’ve been here. I’ve been here like three years running. Wow. I didn’t even apply now to see here No, people didn’t kill no people Visited the visitor people never got killed. They just people good people man. Just call me go on a visit We were welcoming us. It’ll be hard. You’re a great ambassador for your country. Thank you With everything that you demand you can say I had a plan Way before I had a fan so I’m gonna probably call it luck. I just call it being blessed You ain’t never did the work, but you want to be the best lately I can never stress never better better yet might have had a thing for you. She know on the bed a bit Aggressive let it rest go and get another check. I could always see my future they can never get yes, and they Say it so Nice to meet you Bye-bye. So now we’re on the way to a mountain range called flirt. Oh shit and Should be some nice views of the mountains. It’s super hot though right now sweating absolute bullets Super humid. I think the humidity is more the thing That stands out here Yes, so about half an hour drive I’ve got a checkpoint to go through so I have to get in the back in the SP You will have to get in the front To get through there to attract less attention as the ultimate goal here. Is that attract the least amount of attention as possible? We just soaked in the digit, it’s quite windy. We’re gonna get two free Squire here Goodbye It’s quite nice, but I think it needs longer to ripen There’s a bit hard But still nice and so a big bag of dis and oranges wasn’t yeah oranges it was six dollars, which I think is quite expensive for a side store in Africa, you know six dollars six dollars. It’s it’s pretty heavy It’s like at least five kilos six probably like a dollar kilo something like right, but it’s pretty heavy. So it’s roughly probably A 1 $1 a kilo probably all right mix your stuff just come to the top of this mountain range Super windy, we’re gonna go over and climb this peak I’ll show you in a second, but I want to show you something quite interesting So this is an Islamic school down here and you can see the girls and the boys separated nice school day out Friendly kids all came up and said hi when we arrived before We’re going to hit up this mountain here There’s actually little Underserved their houses or shelters, but we saw a baby come out of one and they’ve got goats and things they might sleep here sometimes Quite extreme in flip-flops, but it’s gonna be worth it. I think Yeah, how do you like it Never done it broad never come up here. This is amazing from C-2 from Beach to mountains in like half an hour you get this beautiful what could Somalia and that’s what it’s about Yeah, so back in the days and my father used to go to shake school which is like one of the elite schools back in the day still is So those are the kind of roads if you see not even paved but it’s really windy even And they would have taken like hours longer I was long exactly after they cut through made a better road more straight over here and your dad would go over these roads every day every day on top of the big trucks that you see A lot of people on the top because they would deliver stuff as well Because of course there may be one too many shops up there back in the days So yeah, it was it was he on top? Adventure. He lived the adventure on top with the guns, but probably probably The ghosts are at the poem. Actually we had the secrecy Thank you Welcome to my hotel room We’ve driven through the desert there for another hour or so and right arrived in the second biggest city in Somaliland which is I think bored or Something like that soon. We’re gonna head into the city. Have a look around We’ll be grab some food and things being an action-packed morning so far through the desert I’ll give you a little tour of the hotel here. We’ve got the double bed mosquito net I’ve noticed mosquitos are really so definitely gonna be using their Wi-Fi works pretty good Bathroom Pretty basic it’s costing I think $40 or so around that and Knight and Say it. It’s not too bad for this area And some random little kitchens a big air-conditioner there, which is nice Breakfast included say it’s actually, you know pretty good value for money. It’s quite spacious And so we’re just coming to the city center and It’s pretty chaotic Super hectic lots going on these people hacked into cars having parties music everybody’s staring obviously Check out the scene And so They’re really nice joke really took a lot of care I’m just gonna ask him if he’s a bear cutter foreigners here before I’ve done a damn AHA I’ve done I think nationality Why man New Zealand French So it costs three dollars I gave him fives that he could keep the change because he spent so long like and put so much care into it and this place is obviously very Popular like there’s line all the way out To stop Cal is just making some mates Is it dinner time it’s dinner time So I just want to take a second out and say a huge thank you to Skillshare again for sponsoring the videos today I want to promote one of their classes had a vlog I know a lot of you guys in the comments section always asking about vlogging and this is a great course by Sarah teaching you guys how to vlog the ins and outs how to get started if you want to do it professionally or just as a Hobby, if you don’t know what skill share is skill She has an online learning community with literally thousands and thousands of classes ranging from anything to do with creativity business Graphic design filming editing basically anything if you want to kind of kick start your career Online and beyond so a wonderful resource I’ve used their classes in the past for a Photoshop and learning new skills And if you click the link below you can get two months free on Skillshare premium and then at the following months I believe cost around $10 per month. So really valuable asset to have and another huge Thank you to Skillshare for keeping these travels going back at the hotel. Just got back from a really cool rooftop restaurant we got heaps of food and Really nice locals had a look in the kitchen there But I want to share with you something that’s pretty funny all that food there For three people with sides and water and everything Thirteen US dollars for all that food for three people and we didn’t even finish it all because there was so much I gave them A $20 note and when you paying dollars here, then you’ll get back change in shillings. This is seven dollars change in Somaliland shillings so This must be it be around nine eighty or ninety thousand shillings and it’s just so much just just pay for money It’s absolutely mad. I’ll be looking forward to playing Monopoly with that later It’s a very special day it going to the beach Driving through the desert on that mountaintop and then coming here to the second biggest city in Somaliland and topping it all off with that dinner Beautiful in the next video. We’re going to be driving across the desert. Hopefully stopping at some really small Settlements and trying to interact with the locals. We’ll see how it goes. I think there’s gonna be a lot of checkpoints as well So hopefully that works out then we’ve got some other fun stuff planned But I’ll save that for the next video in case I don’t see good afternoon good evening and good night

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  2. So basically, is Somaliland only allowed to exist autonomously is because it's a buffer state to keep Ethiopia from port access?

  3. Fascinating. A white man is more safe traveling thru brown war-torn Countries than a black man traveling thru white first world Countries.

  4. In the 2008 suicide bombings in Somaliland and Puntland one of the bombers was a Somali-American kid from Minneapolis. That's just one example of the Somali-Americans who've dabbled in US gangs and then have been radicalized. This is a problem that is being swept under the rug. Read Stevan Weine for a primer if interested. Somali-American and Somali-Canadian communities are reluctant to discuss this issue. It's also an issue in the Somali Bantu communities in the US. At 4:45 that dude from Columbus ("Somaliwood") isn't telling the whole truth. I'd bet he was resettled with his family as refugees to the US and then either committed a felony before his family completed his citizenship procedures or the gvt uncovered his family lied during their resettlement interview. So many Somali refugees have lied and continue to lie once in the US – about where in Somalia they're from, about how many wives they have, about who are their blood relatives, etc. Somalis are trouble. And if you're Somali you know what's up. Don't front. Beentaada hore runtaada danbay u baas baxdaa. More Somalis should go home and leave America.

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    You'll need more than one little guard if you go to actual Somalia.
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  8. I’ve done reports back when I was in school on Somalia, and I don’t think you should portray this place as ‘safe’… somaliland (puntland) is actually EXACTLY where the piracy was birthed and flourishes… call it what it is and don’t give people the wrong idea- beautiful but borderline unsafe to a foreigner (especially Asian or Caucasian)

    And the other thing that I’ve noticed, is you’re pretty damn cheap.. (Common theme in all your videos). Sorry, just gotta call it as I see it. You could have tipped that barber more than 2$ even if it was only 3$ for the lineup. I would have blessed him with 5$ because he did spend all that time and made sure it was perfect. I’m not saying don’t watch your spending, but you don’t have to penny pinch the way you do. A few dollars to them goes a lot longer of a way than it does for you, keep that in mind. It’s a bad look to complain about 11lbs of fruit for 6$ also. And I HOPE you paid for your friends lunches and stuff the whole time you were there.

    No I’m not a sub, so I guess don’t look too hard into what I’m saying.. it’s just an outsiders observation. I just saw the vid in my feed, and I’m staying unsubbed, but whenever a vid pops up in my feed. I’ll check it out because some of the content is interesting, even if it’s misleading.

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  22. $40 a night? Are you out of your mind? That's how much a motel costs in Canada, and I'll have you know the average housing price is around 1 million.

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