ONE DAY IN DA NANG: Travel Guide (Things to Do in Da Nang)

ONE DAY IN DA NANG: Travel Guide (Things to Do in Da Nang)

What’s up, everybody? Phil here! And I’m in Da Nang, Vietnam right now. It’s a coastal city that is the largest
in Central Vietnam and we’ll be taking you around today showing you what you can do with
one day in Da Nang. Let’s go!!! One of the most popular places for bargain
hunting in Da Nang is Han Market. Whether or not you consider yourself a big
shopper, it’s still a fun place to come and see if you can score any amazing deals. It’s a bustling market with two levels,
the bottom level being mostly foods, gifts, and trinkets, and the upstairs having a wide
variety of “brand name” clothes and shoes. And although I cannot attest to the authenticity
of everything in here, there’s definitely some very high-quality North Faces that we
just got. We got 2 really, really nice thick windbreaker
jackets for 700.000VND. We’ve left Han Market, gotten some stuff
here, some pretty good, real-seeming North Faces and Nike shoes and now we’re heading
just west of here to a more local market called Con Market and we’ll see what they have
there. After coming into Con Market, we started walking
through and it was a lot of the same that we had seen before where it’s like gifts
and dried goods and stuff, not super interesting, but we saw someone walking by with food and
then when we stared at the person with food, we actually got led by someone who left her
stall, took us into the food court and sat us down right now. Right now we’re eating banh beo, it’s
basically like a small little rice cake, everything goes really well together with a little bit
of fish sauce, a little bit of spice, the dried squid, mushroom, it just all comes together
really well in this. This is definitely a very, very local spot. Pretty much no one here is speaking English
to us so we’re trying to get by with a lot of pointing and hand gestures, but the food
has been absolutely delicious. And also the smoothies were really, really
good! We got an avocado smoothie, if you’ve never
tried it before, it’s like ice cream here, it’s amazing! We wandered around for a little bit and I
do definitely recommend coming here just for the food. Unless you’re looking for some small trinkets,
it definitely is a locals-only market, but the food here is delicious, check out the
food court! Anyway, we’re heading back to our driver
now and we’re gonna head south to a very popular tourist attraction, Marble Mountain. And after being in the car for about 30-40
minutes and actually going over that beautiful Dragon Bridge in the center of Da Nang, we’ve
made it now to Marble Mountain. It’s a very, very popular tourist attraction
and I see here that there’s these large groups of tourists from around the world that
are here visiting, but it’s still super beautiful! Once you get here, you buy a ticket that’s
40.000VND to be able to come in and we also bought a 15.000VND elevator ticket, which
was worth it because it brings you up pretty high and saves you a lot of time. Once you get here, you have beautiful pagoda-like
structures all over the place and once you’re up here you have a really, really nice view
of Da Nang in the background and you also have the Marble Mountains and the beach. And in addition to there being a lot of natural
beauty and nice architecture and the fact that it’s just really pleasant and seems
like it’s a little bit cooler up here than it is in the city-proper, there’s also the
adventure factor out here because you’re doing some low-key rock climbing at times
to get through these areas and through these caves. So, a very different experience! It’s really windy up here, but this view
is very gorgeous, you can see all 3 sides from here and ultimately when you visit Marble
Mountain, allot maybe an hour and a half to two hours, more if you really wanna explore
it. Along with the natural beauty outside and
the adventure factor from rock climbing, there are also some really, really beautifully decorated
caves in here. This is Huyen Khong Cave, you have to see
it to believe it. It’s just totally carved out, giant with
a super high ceiling showing the sky. There’re little areas of worship throughout
this cave and it’s just really, really nicely decorated in here. Marble Mountain was really beautiful, we’ve
made our way now north to where all the resorts and hotels are along the beach that you can
see behind me. We’re gonna go now into a restaurant that
has a beautiful view of the beach that was recommended to us, called A La Carte. So after coming up 23 floors, we’re now
on top of A La Carte, the building here, with the nice view of the beach both ways, way
off in the distance north that way you can actually see the peninsula where we’re gonna
be going later, Monkey Mountain. So it was really nice to chill out for a little
bit, get some coffee and hang out with the nice view. Unfortunately, it’s the rainy season here,
so the weather wasn’t super nice and it’s pretty gray out, but I’m sure during the
summer months when it’s very sunny, that is a very, very beautiful view! And you don’t need to come specifically
to this hotel, A La Carte, but just being able to come along the beach and enjoying
what Da Nang has to offer here, especially on the way from Marble Mountain to Monkey
Mountain, definitely worth it! And conveniently located only 15 minutes or
so from where we had just come, near the beach area, this is Linh Ung Pagoda on Monkey Mountain,
and this is another area to walk around enjoy the really beautiful buildings and architecture
and statues and also really, really nice bonsai trees here, too. There was no entry fee to get in here, and,
in my opinion, compared to Marble Mountain, I’d say this is more developed and also
very, very beautiful and polished. You don’t have as much of that adventure
factor where you’re climbing through rocks and going through caves, but it is a little
bit more crowded here so you have to deal with more people, but at the same time, it’s
still really beautiful and a nice place to just wander around. It got dark really quickly because it’s
about 5:30PM now. Again, we came during the rainy season, right
now it’s November and the sky was a little gray. But if you come during the dry season, maybe
around February, March or April, you should have blue skies and that view of Da Nang in
the back should be really, really beautiful! Well we really enjoyed visiting Linh Ung Pagoda
on Monkey Mountain right now and we’re gonna go back to our driver and head back to the
city. Bridges in Da Nang are one of the attractions
because there are many bridges that run through the city and all of them, honestly, are really
coolly designed. After this, we’re gonna head to one of the
most popular bridges to visit, that’s the Dragon Bridge that’s in the center of Da
Nang, but before that we’re just stopping in right now for dinner at a really popular
restaurant called Madame Lan’s. We got a bunch of different dishes here including
some Central Vietnamese specialties like the Mi Quang noodle. OK let’s go! Slow, predictable movements… That’s how you cross the street in Vietnam,
OK, so it’s 8:59PM right now, we’re hurrying to catch the 9PM fire show at the Dragon Bridge,
definitely one of the most popular things to do and it’s only on Saturdays and Sunday,
I believe, but it should be really cool. Aw it’s burning 🙁 It’s like 9:02 actually
right now and we’re learning the hard way that the fire show happens on the east side
of the bridge, we’re on the west side. We’re literally running across this, we
got some people in front us running, too, everyone wants to see the fire show! Is the road closed? Oh we’re running in the middle of the road! Ends promptly at 9:06 and that’s about how
long it took for us to get across the bridge, so wish we could have shown you that, wish
we could have seen it ourselves, too, but it seemed like it was a really cool show and
this sidewalk is packed right now, but everyone is leaving on their motorbikes. Now that we crossed the bridge and we’re
now on the east side, it’s back to being super busy, super chaotic. It’s Saturday night out here in Da Nang
and everyone is out. Well, in any case, whether you’re able to
watch the fire show on the Dragon Bridge or not, you can still come nearby to Son Tra
Night Market. All kinds of stuff from games, food, clothes,
gifts, it’s a really, really big night market! So this night market is really busy, a lot
of fun, but if you’re looking for some nightlife and maybe some bars or clubs to go out to,
Da Nang has a lot and I’d recommend doing some research before you come so you can find
whatever club or bar fits your vibe. As a reminder, we had a private driver that
we had all day today that we arranged through our hotel. We paid him 1.500.000VND for the whole day,
which is about $60-something and it was really worth it given the convenience of always having
a driver waiting for us. So you could do this itinerary just by using
Grab and taxis all day if you wanted, but if you want the convenience, you could look
into hiring a private driver. We started off the morning at Han Market,
which is really good for shopping and has a lot of tourists there. And we went to a more local market, Con Market,
which had really, really delicious food. And from there we made our way south to Marble
Mountain where we were able to enjoy some natural beauty and also some beautiful architecture,
made our way up the coast and hung out for a little bit at beach hotel and then from
there went all the way up to Monkey Mountain and then got dinner, tried to watch the Dragon
Bridge fire show and then we’re ending our night here at Son Tra Night Market. All in all, hope this video’s informative! If you like the video, give it a big thumbs
up, and if you haven’t already, SUBSCRIBE for more travel videos soon! See ya next time 🙂

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