One of the Most Incredible Places in India! 🌊 (Tirathgarh Falls, Bastar)

One of the Most Incredible Places in India! 🌊 (Tirathgarh Falls, Bastar)

I wish I’d brought my togs with me, man. Another day in Bastar guys and of course another Dhaba for breakfast. I need my fix of aloo paratha and chai. So let’s do it. This is how I start off every morning when I’m touring around us. We go and find some parathe, we go and find some tea, and we just chill out together. And
I’m lucky that here in Chhattisgarh I know Chintamani Jaipuri. We’ve known
each other for a few weeks, and um yes, I got to come here and we’re touring
around the Bastar region together. My friends are really surprised at how fast I eat. I eat really really fast. They’re still going. They’ve still got half their parathe left. But I’ve finished. And I’ve my hand and now I’m waiting for my two cups of tea. They’re so small here. The cups are tiny. So, I need 2. Check out where we are guys Kangar
National Park and like I said Chhattisgarh has so many national parks
yet I think there’s 10 or so national parks here in Chhattisgarh. It’s known for its national parks. We’ve got our tickets it is 50 rupees for
Indians and 150 rupees for foreigners to get access into this park. Now if I shut up for a minute… Can you guys… hear that? It is so peaceful here. Oye don’t blow your horn. As soon as I arrived here I just, yeah, I got happy. So this is how famous my friend is here
in Chattisgarh. He’s very famous. Maybe Chhattisgarh’s most popular
YouTuber. this two viewpoints for this There are 2 view points for this waterfall. We’re up top now. Can you see how high we are? We are so high. And you can hear that water naa? How amazing. This guy’s having a bath in the waterfall. I’m not sure that’s the best place to have a bath but. How’s that sound? Actually, we’re right in the jungle now and we’re walking down to the bottom of the waterfall. We’ve seen a lot of tribal people here. People live in this jungle. They’re called the Adivasi people
and they live very organically very purely. It’s a beautiful way to live. They survive off the forest
basically the tribal people here in Chattisgarh. and if you google Adivasi
people and search for news you will see that they’re having some struggles at
the moment. So go in check them out, ok? Alright, guys, we are going to go in. Look
at flooded it is though. It is super flooded. So the walkways are all gone. There are people actually bathing in under the waterfall right now. Crazy. Let’s do this. We’re gonna make it. We’re gonna go. Gonna try not to slip. Look at this water we have to cross. Karl: Are you ready? Chintamani: Yes, I’m ready. Karl: Let’s do it. You go first I’m gonna follow you man. There’s a lot of stones in the water here. You can feel the water from the waterfall hitting us right now it’s so refreshing. I probably don’t need to tell
you this but there is a whirlpool inside here. The current is so strong that if you jump in you’re just gonna get sucked under and drown, ok? So, never swim here, alright? That spray hitting my head. Oh! I can’t see anything. Awesome! It’s basically like an adventure ride. Like at an adventure park like Universal Studios or something. It’s good fun, man. And we’re getting so much spray because it’s monsoon time. This is
the best time to visit this area. You got a temple right up the top
here. a shrine to Lord Ram. Now, guys, this is a better experience than Chitrakote, India’s largest waterfall here. Because you get to
experience this water, right? You can experience the waterfall. You get to
literally, walk through it and bathe in it. So you guys could go and see Chitrakote, but then make sure you come here to Tirathgarh, ok? Don’t miss this! Rainbow. Guys when you’re doing this, hold the rail, ok? It’s very slippery. I’ve slipped twice already. And don’t vlog. So there’s about three
waterfalls here at Tirathgarh. You can spend 1 or 2 hours here. It’s beautiful. It’s one of the most
stunning places I’ve ever been to in India actually. This area, this waterfall
in particular. What a fun time, man. Chintamani is doing his blessings here. Respecting Lord Ram here. Because he has a very special connection to Lord Rama I think. Tell us what happened last time, in Hindi is ok. Now, these ladies behind me, these ladies are the tribal people, and they were just down here washing their clothes. So, that’s how they use nature to, you know, they live in harmony with it. They wash their clothes there. Instead of having a washing machine and using power okay. They do things very simply and very naturally, ok? Now, at this very bottom waterfall you can actually get underneath it if you’re crazy. I don’t have a death wish so I’m not
gonna go so close, right? I’m fully soaked, man. I’m soaked from top to bottom. Okay, guys, it’s way more than
three waterfalls, I lied. It just keeps going, and going, and going. You got another one here. And even more out here. Just go very carefully, it’s very very slippery here. These are more of the tribal people
behind me here, the tribal women. What a day so far, guys. There’s nothing like doing this and exploring Chhattisgarh with your friends. I feel really really blessed to know to Chintamani Jaipuri. Really really really blessed. Now, let’s end here, and let’s go get a bit dry, have some food, and see where the day takes us. The rest of the day takes us here in Bastar. That was a big walk back up. But right
now we are going to come in here and we are gonna try Chhattisgarhi
Wada. it’s kind of like South Indian Wada but a little different. Let me show ya. Today I’m having lunch with Disha. So do not tell Manisha, my wife, and now check this out this is wada. Let’s give it a go. We’ve got a chutney
here and these are freshly fried. Wow This is very different to South India
wada. How could I compare. It’s better than South Indian wada, sorry guys. This is the best. Chhattisgarhiya Sab Le Badiya. Like I said in another vlog we’re in a Naxalite area so there are checkpoints around the place. This is the first time we’ve come across though actually. How many of these checkpoints do you have? Are there many? So when you’re going between districts I guess. Then they’re gonna have to check whatever. That’s just because there’s Naxalites in
this area and I talked about them in the last video we went to their massive
the largest waterfall in India Chitrakote. So basically you just
have to register with the army where you are going, where did you come from,
your car number plate, and your name. They’re keeping a log of who’s coming in and out of these areas in case they’re looking for somebody. Or they need to lookup
the records later. So that’s fine.

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