One Year in the Life of a Travel Writer

One Year in the Life of a Travel Writer

JUST ONE YEAR IN THE LIFE OF A TRAVEL WRITER… In 2013, past attendees of the Ultimate Travel
Writer’s Workshops went places – lots of places. Using the skills they learned, they set out
to see the world and follow their dreams of living the travel writer’s life. These 12 writers traveled to countless US
destinations from big cities to charming small towns. They covered over 35 countries including England,
France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Belize,
Peru, Guatemala and Canada… just to name a few. Some were seeking adventures like sky-diving,
jungle trekking and swimming with sharks. Others were looking for the perfect drink
from the margaritas in Mexico to the Aquavit Trail in Norway. Some just wanted to relax on a beach, play
a little golf or spend the day at a luxurious spa. Some did all of these things and more. Here are their stories… Vicki White
Attending Bridge Day in West Virginia has been on Vicki’s bucket list for a while. After
attending the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Boston last summer, she put her new skills
to the test. Vicki contacted the coordinator for Bridge Day and requested a press pass
and assistance with lodging. Before she knew it, she was being hosted by Ace Adventure
Resorts in exchange for writing a blog post. Vicki says she highly recommends the workshop
to anyone who has a dream of educating others about destinations around the world and a
passion for writing. Here’s Vicki in the middle of the Ace Adventure Base Jumpers! John Harrington
Travel writing for John is all about gaining access to people and places ordinary travelers
don’t get. He’s also a big fan of the VIP treatment he is given when a destination host
knows he is writing an article. John’s work has been published in several local publications
and regional general interest magazines. Here he is scuba diving in Puerta Aventuras, Mexico.
John described it as absolutely breathtaking! Theresa St. John
Theresa is on fire! While attending the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Boston, she wrote
her very first article about a coffee shop she visited. That article was published in
an on-line magazine. Inspired by her success, Theresa started searching for stories in her
hometown of Saratoga Springs, New York. In just a few months she has had several articles
published in on-line magazines. She has also been invited to be a monthly writer and photographer
for a local magazine. Here’s Theresa enjoying a beverage in one of the great Saratoga Springs
eateries. She’s about to take her talents on the road and has secured a press pass to
an attraction in Miami. Janice Sakata-Schultze
Janice put the skills she learned at the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop she attended to secure
a column as Denver’s Romance Examiner on She has now turned her attention to her personal
blog where she posts about her trips to Switzerland, Italy and beyond, gaining her many new subscribers.
Here she is in beautiful Monterosso al Mare, Italy enjoying her new life! Tim Cotroneo
Luxury resorts, spas and golfing in stunning destinations have become a big part of Tim’s
life since attending the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Chicago in 2011. Tim has published
several articles about destinations in the Caribbean and some inspiring profiles of people
with dream jobs. From the looks of this photo of Tim at the Caleton Beach Club in Punta
Cana in the Dominican Republic, it would seem that he also has a dream job! Terri Marshall
After attending the Travel Writing Workshop in Chicago in 2011, Terri got serious about
following her dream of being a travel writer. She has traveled all over the US as well as
to Canada, Belize, Peru, Guatemala, Norway and Germany in the last year. She fished for
piranha in the Peruvian Amazon, harvested cacao in the jungles of Belize, dined at five
star restaurants and indulged in chocolate spa treatments at Hershey’s Chocolate Spa
and drove a reindeer sleigh in Norway. Terri has had hundreds of articles published in
numerous magazines and is currently busy planning trips to five more countries as well as Antarctica!
Here she is after a mud-slinging good time on the Hatfield & McCoy ATV Trails in West
Virginia. Sometimes work is dirty. Cate Poe
Cate is a long-time labor and community organizer turned traveler and writer…and she couldn’t
be happier about her career change! She and her partner, Tejano, are king of the road
having driven through 11 countries in the last year. Her trips have taken her from Texas
to Cape Breton, Texas to Nicaragua and throughout all of Western Europe. Cate has focused her
writing on her blog, Connecting with Cate, where she shares her adventures of life on
the road. Here she is with larger than life Catrinas in Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico! Penny Zibula
Penny’s story is nothing short of amazing! She is legally blind and travels with her
guide dog. Her aptly named blog, Six Legs will Travel, chronicles her experiences with
her trusty companion. Penny’s wok has been published in a local newspaper. She has written
a seven-part series on her travels in England and Israel and is currently working on a three-part
series featuring some of the best-known foods of Montreal. In 2013, Penny’s international
travels took her to England, Scotland, Israel and Montreal. Her U.S. destinations include
New York, Boston, Pittsburg, Charlotte, Atlanta and Annapolis. The travel writer’s life is
a busy one for Penny! Sandy Swanton
Following more than a decade in high-level communications in Australia and Canada, Sandy
needed a change! She attended the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Boston last year
and launched a plan for a new life. Talk about big changes… Sandy has relocated to Italy
where she is studying to teach English as a foreign language. Using the skills she learned
at the workshop, Sandy launched her blog,, where she writes about
her travels. Sandy is based in the intoxicating city of Florence at the moment – who knows
where she will wander next? Judy Leaver
Prior to attending the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Boston last August, Judy’s writing
was focused on business. Travel writing has given her the chance to break free of the
serious business and enjoy life! In October, she embarked on a three week hiking trip with
five friends in France. Judy’s blog post about her trip was picked up by a tour company in
France and published on its site… but it didn’t stop there. The same trip gave Judy
a byline in the Washington Post’s “What a Trip” column! Looking at this photo of Judy
embracing her inner comic book character at the Comic Book Museum in Angouleme, France
proves that Judy’s work is not quite so serious these days! Caren Abdela
You can tell from this photo that Caren’s “work” looks a lot more like play! This was
taken in front of her little cabana in Palencia, Belize. What a life! Since attending the Ultimate
Travel Writer’s Workshop, Caren has spent time in Central America focusing on Panama
and Belize. Travel writing isn’t just about traveling and checking out a destination;
it allows you to connect with the local culture and those experiences can be priceless. Caren
recently stayed in a charming little hotel in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Each evening she
sat down with the little daughter of the owner who would practice her reading. Caren has
written articles and expat profiles for International Living and continues to look for new ways
to expand her writing and enhance her life! Patti Morrow
Patti’s motto is “above all, life should be fun” and she is using the skills she learned
at the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Chicago to make fun happen! Patti attended
the workshop with the goal of finding a way to fund her insatiable wanderlust and she
has been very successful at making that happen. This past year, Patti’s adventures included
skydiving in Oahu, Hawaii, getting a three-hour Geisha makeover in Gion, Kyoto, swimming with
black tip reef sharks in Bora Bora and hang gliding over the Outer Banks in North Carolina…
just to name a few! She has also spent a significant amount of time searching for the perfect margarita
in Mexico. Above all, Patti’s life as a travel writer is fun! Yes, 2013 was an amazing year for these travel
writers. Where will they go in 2014? The possibilities are endless. Where will you go? Join us this fall and we’ll help you start
living the travel writer’s life too at The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in San
Diego, CA this September 11-13, 2014. Because… “It’s an incredibly fun way
to see the world” when you’re a travel writer. Details here:

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