One year with Alfa Romeo 159 [drift, accelerations, tuning, styling, travels] video compilation | 4K

One year with Alfa Romeo 159 [drift, accelerations, tuning, styling, travels] video compilation | 4K

One more year with Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 JTDM Q-Tronic Overview of emotions and various life events… …my Alfa Romeo 159 for the past (second) year of ownership. Year started (obviously) from winter… …the best time for… …amateur drift with FWD car… …and some more drift… …riding in the snow looking for a place for winter photos… …Alfa Romeo looks beautiful on white snow! Then spring came… …the time for tuning and modifications… …a huge headlights upgrade was made… …with six bi-xenon projectors, corner lights, welcome and follow me home lights… …and after that exhaust system was upgraded too… …straight bigger pipes, downpipe, no cats and no DPF, cut-off valve! Time to travel and relax since summer has come! Trips to sea coasts… …to the mountains and new interesting places… …total 25000km year mileage, 9 countries and 42 cities/places. And as the reward for the Alfa is the new 19″ inch wheels Inforged ifg26… …new sideskirts TI, black glossy roof and chrome mirror covers… …simply great styling result! Autumn… …the time for car meetings… …and track days… …and of course new travels… …and adventures! Full throttle to the next year! Subscribe! Like and share! I almost forgot – of course, there was one trip on a tow truck 🙂 but nothing serious Nikolas Kolis. Cars and travels

61 thoughts on “One year with Alfa Romeo 159 [drift, accelerations, tuning, styling, travels] video compilation | 4K

  1. If someone somewhere ever tells you that Alfa Romeo is not practical and unreliable cars — just show him this video!
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    Time сodes:
    00:13 Winter
    00:19 Snow drift and winter videos
    00:44 Spring
    00:48 Headlights upgrades
    00:56 Exhaust system modifications
    01:07 Summer
    01:08 Summer travels
    01:21 New Inforged IFG-26 19" inch wheels (Veemann VFS 26)
    01:24 TI sideskirts, glossy black roof, chrome mirror covers
    01:32 Autumn
    01:33 Alfa Romeo meeting
    01:39 Alfa Romeo track day
    01:46 Autumn travels
    02:01 Trip on a tow truck

  2. why do you like this car so much? its a slow and heavy family car, only thing going for it is its a Giugiaro design…

  3. Много добре се е получило 🙂 мисля да си купувам същата кола но се чудя автомат или ръчка е по надежния варянт ще бъде ремапната със сигурност колата.

  4. Уникални кадри, браво. Надявам се си успял да реализираш хобито и в професионален план, определено имаш талант.

  5. Very nice car mate love them 159 is my favourite I would like to have one with the 2.4 210hp engine or the 2.0 170 hp or the 1750 tbi the handling of an alfa romeo is what the car is about for those who do not understand the precision the feeling that it gives when cornering it makes your soul smile everytime you drive them so alfas are not for everyone they are fast to the 159 can have its flaws like being heavy a little but that is what makes it safe and a great handling car but others brands have flaws to.

  6. 0. Kako sam tek skoro nasao kanal?!
    1. Odusevljen sam izmenama na tvojoj 159, svetla kao najveci plus, tj najveci propust na fabrici- stvarno lose svetke
    2.Tu kod tempa poslu zimu ti u 159 ja u 156
    3. Proslo leto ja u 159 🙂
    4. Ne mogu da verujem da si ti lik sa zicom od kisobrana i pg tablama, pa to je sto godina star video
    4. Subscribe bez daljeg, da ne propustam vise.

  7. Не знам с какво се занимаваш, но кадрите и видеото за наистина професионални! Евала много ми хареса <3

  8. Я так понимаю, достаточно серьезные вложения. Несмотря на то что машина снята с производства 9лет, остаётся одной из самых красивых и люди до сих пор оборачиваются и провожают взглядом, особенно в маленьких городах. 159 SW 2.0 JTDm 288000км.

  9. Hi! What is the size of the wheels? Also i would like to know the ET and J.

    I wanna buy new shoes for my 159 SW and i decide to buy this wheel: R19 J8,5 ET35
    But i don‘t know exactly if this size will fir my 159 therefore i asked you.
    Waiting for your reply. Thx man for this great video!

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