Only 1% Of Tourists Travel Here | Northern Japan, Tohoku

Only 1% Of Tourists Travel Here | Northern Japan, Tohoku

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  1. New year, new video!! There are so many videos I want to make this year and I can’t wait to share it with you all. What are some topics/videos you would like to see?? 🙃
    Also, reading through your comments really makes me feel so grateful to have such awesome people watching my videos 😢 Thank you always for the kind and positive comments.
    Angela ♡

  2. A wonderfully done and pleasant video. It is nice to see and learn more about Japan and areas outside of Tokyo.

  3. You ate 81 Bowls of Soba…bravo. Hahahhaaa…… Love your video. Northern Japan of Tohoku are beautiful. The food are fantastic. Love it.

  4. Watching your vlogs should be made compulsory.They are both incredibly relaxing and very informative.These vlogs of yours are great preparation for my (intended) visit.It is the north I want to begin – the only film I LOVE was made not far rom where you were; Petal Dance.Again,thank you for so much effort.I mean ! 81 bowls!!!! And then you went for an evening meal.Your stomach is like the ' John McLaine' of stomachs! ) .Wow!

  5. Hi Angela, thank you very much for sharing your awesome videos. I really enjoyed them. I would really love to visit more of Japan . Its such an amazing country. Keep up the great works 💝

  6. Very nice video. I'm in Japan often but mostly Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka and sometimes further south. I've never been to the north. Seems you get along well in the area as you speak Japanese. However, the Tohoku area might be difficult for those that just speak English. Of course, I've had that issue in Osaka in some areas. But still worth the effort. Japan and the Japanese are just so great.

  7. I love Japan and its people and have traveled there several times and have a trip booked in Feb 2020. The Tsunami was devastating to Japan and my heart broke watching it happen.


  9. You are just too beautiful, I wish I young again, just to meet you. Thank you for your presentation of this area, I want to go see soon

  10. Wow, impressed you ate that many bowls of soba!(Mikey Chen, eat your stomach out!, you've met your food match) Subbed because of that and your nice, gentle narration.

  11. Question though, would a foreigner have trouble communicating in Tohoku since only 1% percent of tourists (assuming that percent represent local tourists )visit the region?

  12. Totally plan on exploring this area next time I’m in Japan! Sendai was really the only big city I went to in the region last time I visited.

  13. One question, Japan is a land of super intelligence and cutting edge technology's, why dont they just use one large bowl for soba? Id hate to have to wash up alllllllllll those bowls hahahaha 😉
    Nihon ga daisukidesu

  14. i kind of want to visit hokkaido one day? maybe in the future just ask my friend to drive me a car from tokyo going north past all this and to hokkaido

  15. I always really love your videos and I just realized I didn’t have the notification bell on. But I do now!! I want to get out of Tokyo for a day soon and have been thinking of going north!

  16. Just like Wisconsin, snow in the winter. It looks like a real nice place to visit. Thanks for the very nice video. You do such a good job.

  17. I studied abroad in Morioka almost ten years ago. I went to that same soba shop and my host mom took me to Jodogahama. This was of course before the 2011 disaster. You should go to Akita next 🙂 I lived there for the JET Program. Thank you so much for showing the beauty of Tohoku!

  18. The video is very nice and trip ideas are cool but how would it be for a non-Japanese speaking person to travel there ?

  19. This is a very good video but the part with the narrator overeating wasn't very appetizing. I hate to see people going without food or gorging themselves with too much of it.

  20. Chinese tourists don't go where there's no shopping complex! So if you're looking to avoid them head to Tohoku!

  21. Thanks for a great video about Iwate and Tohoku! North Japan is so beautiful and everyone should come here!!

  22. Imagine being the dishwasher when one person can use 60+ bowls. Now imagine if it is a busy day at the restaurant. You will become master dishwasher within days.

  23. Can you please show …Saga perfection.
    My son is staying there for almost 7 years. I love you all. Good luck with your yourney. With love from South Africa. ❤❤✌💟

  24. It's so weird I have absolutely no desire to go to Tokyo but I would love to go to Hokkaido I love Northern places 4 some reason I would love to go visit in Spring and fall I think it would be beautiful.

  25. The bigger cities like Tokyo are cool and all, but I think I'd rather visit the other areas of Japan myself. If I went. I have a special place in my heart for the coastal regions like that of Iwate. I was drawn to them initially because I liked learning about samurai and one of my favorite clans is from that area: Date. Then when the tsunami happened, I was so sad for the Japanese people living along the coast there. I've made some Japanese friends who live in Iwate since then. One of my good friends lives in Kamaishi. I'd rather go to Tohoku than Tokyo really. I don't want to be surrounded by tourists. I don't like large crowds of people. I, myself, live in the country. I prefer more quiet places, with less people. I think it's easier to make friends that way, more meaningful friendships. I also like being around nature, instead of large cities.

  26. Aomori city was my favourite part of tohoku, especially on the north coast by the triangle building, beautiful place and lovely people

  27. Hey Angie thanks for the Awesome video ! You know i have been to Japan 5 times in the last 10 year’s but now that I have a Little girl I can’t go for at least 7 years but watching your videos makes me get away from reality for a bit Hontoni Arigato Gozaimasu ! Yokuyata 👍🏼

  28. Tohoku is one of the most scenic parts of Japan but very little shown about the scenic attractions. All we see is Japanese food.

  29. eh?! … you didn't visit Oirase Keiryu! … hahaha! I can't understand Tohoku people dialect (^_^) … but it is my most precious place!

  30. My wife and I were in Japan for 3 weeks last year. We spent 10 days in Kyoto, 2 days in Tokyo and the rest in Niigata and Sado island. Rural Japan is so beautiful! We were there in the fall and it was amazing to watch people harvesting rice by hand, fishing in small sail boats with nets and picking amazing fruit from incredibly manicured orchards. It was like traveling back in time to the Meiji era.

  31. I’ve spent more time in Iwate than all the rest of Japan combined in my two trios there. It’s just beautiful… Morioka and Kamaishi are my two home bases. I really love them both. My dream job is to teach at Iwate U one day.

    I always thought that the “many noodle bowls” (wanko soba) was unique to Hanamaki, just south of Morioka. I’ll have to go to that place you went to. Did you drink any of the hot noodle water? It sounds gross but is good for your stomach.

    But I recommend taking the trains instead of buses… the trains have a charm that does not exist on the bus lines.

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