OpenTTD: Holiday Havoc

OpenTTD: Holiday Havoc

Hello and welcome, to OpenTTD, the free game
about moving things and making money. My name is Schlatt, and ’tis the season of
giving. I’ve upgraded my fleets, made some, administerial,
uh… changes, and I’m ready to make some cash. This time we’re playing on a holiday-themed
map. Let’s spread some Christmas cheer, boys. I’ve built my company HQ in the nice small
town of Flefingbridge. As always, I’m flanked by a few competitors. Flefingbridge Transport 1, and of course,
Transatlantic Slave Trade, Inc, whose CEO looks strikingly similar to Kevin O’Leary
from the hit ABC show Shark Tank. We start out with a $200,000 loan but lose
money on it because of interest, so we need something that’ll get us in the green. Buses are a great way to make some passive
income so we’ll make a quick little route in Flefingbridge. One station here, another here, a bus to go
back and forth and now we’re in business. And Flefingbridge Transport 1 is in business,
too–right next to us. Hold on, let me send him a message and see
if he can move his stations, that competition is only gonna benefit the consumer. What the… what the f*ck is this pop-up? I’m getting a video call from him in game? What the f*ck is this? Hello? Is that Flefingbridge Transport 1–
Oh my god, turn this off! What kind of f*cking virus did I just get
in game–Holy sh*t, Tencent bought OpenTTD?! Stop. It’s Christmas. I cannot be spreading negativity. I’m gonna take this bullsh*t in stride,
there are toys to be made and presents to be delivered, and God forbid I let f*cking
Minecraft Steve over here ruin the birth of Jesus. This factory needs plastic and batteries to
start producing toys, so let’s work on setting up a train system to transport stuff to and
from it. Why is there a wall of airports here. W..why–oh, they’re owned by Transatlantic
Slave Trade Inc, too. A wall of airports all owned by Transatlantic
Slave Trade Inc. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for friendly
competition, but I think I might have it on good authority by now to assume that he’s
probably planning on using these airports to, hypothetically, make more money than me. And this I can’t allow. Fun fact about OpenTTD, airports can only
accept passengers if they’re near a town or a city. So, all I gotta do to make sure he can’t accept
passengers is to bomb each nearby town! Well, it’s the end of year one, and Schlatt
& Co. just committed genocide. There’s no one left. Like, literally no one left I’ve been looking
for like five minutes. I bombed them all. And to think that all Transatlantic Slave
Trade, Inc. was trying to do was wish us a Merry Christmas. Damn. Well… I feel kinda stupid now. And on top of there being no one else to deliver
Christmas presents, to, the game is now in Chinese, so I have no clue what’s going on
anymore. And, okay, yeah, I didn’t Google Chinese tutoring
either, so, I guess the game is listening to me now, too. Ahh, that’s fine, I’ve got nothing to hide,
which makes me completely okay with invasions of privacy. Let me screw around with this for a second. Cat food. jschlatt OpenTTD merch (shameless plug go
check it out). Ninja underwear. Ohhh, yeah that’s the stuff, holy sh*t I’d
buy that sh*t in an instant. Wait. No, that was a joke. Hold on, no, no. Paypal cancel. CANCEL. CANCEL THE F*CKING PAYMENT—WHAT THE F*CK
IS THAT?! Wait. There is one small town left. An island off the coast, nestled between two
snowy mountains. Completely isolated from the outside world…
and Transatlantic Slave Trade Inc. has bought all the land around it. Okay. It’s not gonna be easy getting these guys
presents, but after everything else that’s happened this game, I’d feel like a bad
person if I didn’t. Let me send Mr. Superb a message, see if I
can cut a royalty deal with him on present imports or something. KEVIN O’LEARY: Hey Donny. It’s Mr. Wonderful from the back of a limo
in New York City, I just want to let you know, your deals suck. They’re so terrible I will never invest in
them, and by the way, while I’m at it, you’re dead to me. Hahahahahaha! Ah, sh*t. What are those airplanes? WHAT IS ON THESE AIRPLANES?!! MR. SUPERB, I’M NOT F*CKING AROUND HERE TELL ME

100 thoughts on “OpenTTD: Holiday Havoc

  1. Thumbnail: JNR C11
    So the Japanese are hiding behind, waiting to pounce on those chinese advertisements

  2. Anybody knows what the song at the end is? The trans atlantic slave trade inc song not the credits one

  3. Me wonderful telling schlatt he’s dead to him is the reason schlatt started schlatt coin and is such a good business man.

  4. friend showed me your stuff and well… i'm convinced you may be some form of diety and/or devil. i wish you the best and many healthy sacrifices coming your way

  5. When your situation is getting dire, so you put on a Shostakovich waltz to help yourself.

    But then Transatlantic built some airports around it.

  6. i love how many people are like "yeah i own the biggest company ever in game" and im just here going bankrupt every single fucking time i play singleplayer

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