Opinion | Trump’s travel ban is a moral stain. Congress can do more to stop it.

Opinion | Trump’s travel ban is a moral stain. Congress can do more to stop it.

62 thoughts on “Opinion | Trump’s travel ban is a moral stain. Congress can do more to stop it.

  1. Democrats continuously put the needs of foreigners ahead of the security of the nation. President Trump puts Americans first, thank God.

  2. It's common sense to ask who's coming in. Just because you have brown or black skin doesn't entitle you to anything we built over generations.

  3. Libs:Obama's administration used 3600 drone strikes including one on a wedding and that's okay.
    Libs: Trump used drones he's super hitler.


  5. USA is๐Ÿ‘ Right in looking at people coming in from Arab or Muslim countries. Look 1,2,3x.๐Ÿ‘
    Travel ban is old news. Anybody and everybody was coming in 2016. Wars are going on if you hadn't noticed. The process is known.

  6. No, a moral stain is letting criminals keep children when they just drug them threw hundreds of miles of dangerous terrain. It's called endangering the welfare of a minor. Any citizen of American would lose there child if they endangered their child.

  7. Question, of all the places we have set this ban in place, how many of the places let others into there country freely and give them a free skate through life?

  8. Islam is a government, not a religion. If it weren't, name 2 super majority Muslim countries that does not become the same as the others?

  9. If countries donโ€™t provide terrorist we can remove them from the list. Perhaps your focus should be about reform in those countries rather than worrying about us saying no.

  10. No one wants terrorists in America and that all they keep sending. No women,children, elderly or sick. Just young men of fighting age some with guerilla warfare experience. These are the undisputed facts.

  11. obama can drop 3 bombs a hr for 8 years straight on them & no protest.
    but banning them ohh" no! thats going too far now?

  12. NO the real moral stain……is the democratic party telling everyone of the world that they will take care of them and give everyone in this country and others of the world everything for free!

    People in other countries should take to heart america's founding. People stood up to the corruption and being unrepresented and unprotected by the government of Britain. They decided to rebel and reform a government of the people, by the people and for the people. With the constitution…..including the second amendment to defend that new constitution. Then they should also learn from the old proverb "Give a man a fish and he will live for a day. Teach a man to finish and he will live forever!"

    Nothing is for free and everything comes at a cost! American welfare system can't take care of the world…..it barely works to take care of people here.

  13. Perhaps, had a judge in Brooklyn not taken her oath on the Koran, but the Bible, and muslim doctors in MI. keep doing female genetal mutilation , and the berka is here with head scarves, I d care. But at 72, and seeing the degradation, I m out.

  14. I love the travel ban. Itโ€™s my favorite thing. I wish we could have more of the travel ban.

    Some cultures are better than others. In this case, it isnโ€™t even close. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  15. Washington post please go off air and stop writing papers and go away we nolonger need you no more September 11's need to happen

  16. โ€œControversial travel banโ€ it was Obamaโ€™s travel ban, Obamaโ€™s list of countries. Trump just put it into action. These people are ridiculous

  17. Hereโ€™s a tissue! None of you kids were crying when Obama did it! STFU! Youโ€™re just jumping on the bandwagon because you canโ€™t think for yourselves!

  18. Study the Ottoman Empire and Turkish muslims and what theyโ€™ve done to the world. Then look at the Armenian genocide that was carried out on 1.4 million Armenian Christians by Turkish Muslims.

  19. Securing the borders and controlling points of entry is very important to the security and sovereignty of a nation, any nation. I'm not necessary talking about an instance such as travel ban that was issued in 2017. Every case by case needs to be examined to determine if a temporary ban is necessary. However, a lot of candidates have stated their desire to either get rid of border checking or make it more lax. This could devastate the United States of America. Take for instance the new strand of virus Coronavirus (nCoV), w/o checking and monitoring who enters the country the virus will spread like wildfire. I'm hoping and praying for everyone to be safe. Which is why I don't think border security should be a political thing. However, we can discuss the individual cases but controlling the points of entries is vital for a countries survival.

  20. Glad we have Trump to protect the US. If left up to these leftist communist s. Running the MSM, and the leftist Anti American Federal judges, this whole country would have been turned into a shithole country, just like the ones they are fleeing. Then they will use the same policies that ruined their former countries, to ruin ours.

  21. You gonna complain about Chinas travel ban ???
    They are trying to prevent a pandemic.
    Our travel ban is trying to prevent terrorism.

  22. There gonna fill the planes with the corona virus, and fly them back to their country to spread the virus in the Middle East, itโ€™s there plan.

  23. This is the smartest move ever made by America. Evan muslims here agree. when will christians move to muslim countries and live thru it? No Muslims will move to muslim countries. WHY NOT? Every one watching this knows why. Middle Eastern Muslims do not need to live with Infidels stay where you are. American Born Muslims are Infidels.

  24. Stuff like the travel ban is why trump is President. It's a shame the left doesn't know what it is to represent the people.

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