Organic Garden Summer Harvest – July, 2017

Organic Garden Summer Harvest – July, 2017

Hi, everyone. This is one of my favorite days in the garden harvest day There’s nothing like a fresh tasty organic summer harvest so I can’t wait to see what’s ready. Let’s go check it out I know I have a lot of squash hiding here in the garden bed right next to me so I’m going to climb in there and See what’s ready? I can see a big old zucchini down here. This is exciting. I think I have some zoodles in my future Look at the oh my gosh. This thing is huge. I mean typically I like to pick them when they’re a little bit smaller But this one is going to make some great breads and muffins or zucchini lasagna just going to gently twist it off and Make sure to wear gloves when you’re picking zucchini because the plants are kind of prickly I’m so excited just beautiful okay, I got to climb in here now because I’ve got some scalloped squash I can see right in the middle and scalloped squash is so pretty so Tender and this is my first harvest of the scalloped squash this season. Oh Wow, look at these these are gorgeous absolutely gorgeous So these I’m just going to clip off with my pruners, and I love these patty-Pan squash they’re so delicious on the grill or in rested vegetables I Think we’re going to have a good dinner tonight Just so pretty There’s lots more squash down in here when you’re picking squash make sure you come out and check every day because these things grow like crazy and I’ve got more patty-pans down in here. You really sometimes have to hunt around for them because they like to hide These are such beautiful squash, I absolutely love these So pretty I most hate to eat them. I want to put them on my table for decoration But we are going to eat them. We’ve got actually have a Barbecue to go to in a couple of days, and I’m going to make these into a delicious summer salad Now they’re a lot more Tender when they’re small like this But you can really pick them pretty much at any size beautiful I Also, have some butternut squash growing on a vine here that I’m trellising up this garden arch now Those aren’t going to be ready till much later in the season towards the end of the summer or even into the fall because those are winter squash, but I love how they look just hanging down on the trellis and They are growing like crazy all over the place. I already have tons of butternut squash coming on the vine I love how they look here on this trailer. I Love harvesting. I love the colors in the harvest basket so I can actually see from here And then a zucchini in my smart pots, that’s ready to harvest Look at this isn’t that beautiful Now this zucchini is really the perfect size I’m going to gently very very gently twist it off gorgeous I See another one over here that I’m actually going to leave on I’d like it to get just a little bit bigger But I’m going to have a lot more zucchinis on this plant So now I see some tomatoes that are ready actually right here camera guys tomato plant These are delicious little yellow plum tomatoes camera guy planted this plant on a live stream the while back did a harvest and it’s looking really good these yellow plum tomatoes are super super sweet and delicious for snacking whoops can’t get my hand in there I Can always cut more holes in the diy tomato cage here? Just haven’t done yet for these tomatoes And I love to snack on these right in the garden so sweet This yellow pear tomato plant is Absolutely loaded down. Oh my gosh Look at all these tomatoes once I pulled back the branches and the foliage there are tomatoes in here everywhere I am so excited. I love these tomatoes these are the sweetest Tomatoes ever Absolutely beautiful for a garden snack We are going to have the most delicious summer salad ever There’s so much fun, and there’s so many more coming on Wow, the way back in here look at this Plant is loaded With a little cluster right up here and this plant is loaded as well. Oh my gosh. This is so much fun I mean, this is why I grow my own food Look at that beautiful basket the colors the flavors This is so much fun Here we are at the ten dollar Garden bed now if you watch the ten dollar Garden series You know that we planted this all from seed indoors, and then got it planted outside, and it is going crazy I mean look at this roma tomato plant. It is absolutely loaded loaded loaded with tomatoes Oh my gosh Is is so exciting look at all those tomatoes in there this plant is going to be so productive for me all season long These are absolutely beautiful Roma Tomatoes are nice and meaty absolutely delicious in Sauces because they’re not super juicy, so they give a nice meaty Wonderful flavor to your salsa spaghetti sauces. Oh my gosh. I am so excited This is my first major harvest of the summer these are absolutely beautiful Tim hey look at these Man, I just love these Look at those colors, and there’s more in here still to pull out beautiful nice and read Way back in here this plan is absolutely loaded. I just cannot get over it good over. How loaded is with tomatoes. Oh This one’s perfect it has a nice little give to it perfectly ripe there’s some more back in here that are ready a couple more and This plant will keep producing for me until well into the fall now the lettuce here in the front has pretty much bolted and It’s been super hot you guys probably saw where I put some shade cloth over it, but eventually the lettuce does bold But the shade cloth, definitely helps hold it off, but right behind it here. I’ve got some cucumbers So let’s get in here and harvest some cucumbers. Oh this is a really nice one here these are market more cucumbers and They produce absolutely like crazy you guys might have seen the growing cucumbers video. I did a couple weeks ago If you didn’t see the gardening Coast-to-Coast growing cucumbers video the Collab series with gary at the restive Garden make sure you go back and watch that out for watch that for all kinds of tips on growing cucumbers whoops Wow, that is a nice looking cucumber See if we got any more back in here underneath. Oh, they like to hide yep, there’s one down there on the bottom that is the perfect size I Love fresh cucumbers, they’re so crisp and cool One of my favorite ways to eat them is A cucumber tomato salad or just to eat them dipped in hummus We’re just playing So pretty oh my gosh. Look at that one. I had no idea that was hiding in there Look at that basket looks so much fun oh My gosh, okay this one. I totally missed hope Ok this my totally missed and it might be a little too late for this guy But let’s pull it out and see what it looks like oh My gosh, this one is a monster, okay? Okay, this one is a monster, and I think it actually got so big it’s splitting here I don’t think that’s nibbled on by any critters Look at that I don’t even know they can get this big now We’ll try cutting this one it might be too bitter since it’s so large but a lot of times what you can do is just cut off the top cut off the bottom and Sometimes the inside will be okay for eating if not, we’ll save the seeds from this one because this one is a monster Okay, so back in here. I do have some dragon or not Dragon tongue I Think is our dragon tongue beans look at those aren’t those beautiful and Harvest these you do have to hold the plant in one hand the bean in the other so you don’t pull the whole plant up Wow, look at those. I love that color that purple striping there And it’s always a good idea to kind of pull your bean plants up because they do like to hide underneath Wow, these are so pretty Fresh Organic vegetables, you can’t beat it I do like to really maximize my space you notice I put these bean plants in just right along the border of this other garden bed here the $10 garden bed a couple more Wow, this actually my very first harvest from these plants and The important thing about beans is that you check them daily pick them often Because if you let them get too big then the beam hit plants, it’s a signal to the bean plants to stop producing So you definitely want to get out here and pick them almost every day or every other day I? Just saw another cucumber here. This is a beauty these Marco more cucumbers do grow to a really nice length And there’s plenty more coming on Beautiful and look at all these baby ones coming on to another Probably five days this one will be a nice full grown cucumber ready to harvest My harvest basket is full, and I still have more to harvest, so I actually had to get another basket But we’ve got some basil to harvest now basil I like to come out and clip it once a week or so Prune it back because the more you prune it the more it grows and this is going to make some delicious Pesto, I’m Going to go absolutely Wonderfully in the south I’m going to make for a barbecue to bring to a barbecue tomorrow, I just cut off the top and More basil is going to grow right back in its place. I’ve actually got some more right up here and I’d like to pick it before it starts to flower. You can see here. It’s starting to flower So you definitely want to catch it before that because it does change the flavor once it flowers And we see if I’ve got any more in here. We have to cut a couple more I can harvest Base one tomato what a delicious combination Can’t beat that for an organic summer harvest Now right next to the basil I’ve got this beautiful California wonder pepper plant This was in the tendo our garden secret as well, and look at the size of those peppers. Oh my gosh. Those are absolutely gorgeous Now I like to pick them when once they change color can pick up when they’re green, but I just like the flavor better So we’re going to wait on those and I think this is pretty much it for the $10 garden bed. Oh There’s some more basil growing back in here all right back in the shadow of these tomato plants and Amazing how much is growing here just from the $10 garden seed kit. I’m going to leave the lettuce It’s bolting but I’ve got some more growing in the veggie. Pod now. I think it’s time to head over to the peppers This planter is pretty much the focal point of our garden And I’ve got peppers peppers peppers galore in here sweet peppers on this side hot peppers on the other these are a sweet banana pepper and They are absolutely delicious is actually my very first harvest from this plant, but I love the different colors I mean you can leave the peppers on longer and they keep changing colors look at this beautiful yellow pepper and Then there’s also a gorgeous gorgeous Orangish yellow Pepper To harvest as well, I mean look at the different colors that came from the same plant it was beautiful Got a couple more down in here to harvest, and I think just a few more sweet peppers They’re not quite coming on strong just yet Wow, look at those colors the peppers with the basil with the cucumbers Absolutely beautiful, okay. We’ve got a black hungarian pepper plant here And it’s really fun because again the different colors on the plant is a little tiny red one But this black one back here is ready Wow, look at that The light just glistens off of it absolutely beautiful and love that And right here next to it. We have a pepper called a Para DCM I think it’s called kind of a little orange pumpkin shape pepper this plant is still pretty young And I’m going to clip this off because I do want this plant growing taller and bigger And I definitely want to get bigger peppers off this plant, but this is such a cute little pepper. I love this Here we have my very favorite pepper the Jimmy Nerd Ello I have one beautiful Jimmy Nerd Ella ready to harvest This pepper is so sweet and when you grill it or roast it it definitely brings out the sweetness I mean these are absolute gorgeous peppers, so I’m hoping to get this plant Loaded down. It’s already got a lot more coming on and looking forward to more harvesting more of those very soon I’ve got lots and lots of hot peppers. I can tell them to be making some nice Spicy Salsa In these plants or apps loaded down with hot peppers. I do not even remember what all the names of these are So many on this plant. I better keep them separate in my basket or we could be in for a little surprise Look at this plant absolutely loaded. They look very similar to Jimmy Nard ellos, so I definitely don’t want to get them mixed up So get all these harvested. I think I’ve got some Poblanos in here some hot yellow banana peppers Wow, this plant is loaded beautiful beautiful Now I think these are Poblanos although, I’m famous for getting my tag mixed up But they look like Poblanos which there’s a really nice mild pepper, and you can also pick these at any stage we’ve got some red ones and I think I’ll pick one of these and leave the other ones on a little bit longer These are really really pretty peppers Look at that kind of a fun little shape And as we move down the pepper row here I? Have one little Rosa Bianca eggplant that actually overwintered from last year It’s got a couple little eggplants coming on Go ahead and harvest those those are really pretty and this one right here you can see is perfect to harvest because it’s got a nice sheen to it and These are typically pretty small little eggplant, but absolutely tender and delicious One more here, and these will keep producing for me all season long And I think that’s pretty much it for the peppers Let’s go over to the strawberries the strawberry towers are looking good. Oh my gosh. I cannot wait to see what I find in here first off This could be more perfect. I mean these beautiful red strawberries legs are so pretty I Pick these off and then dig around in here and see what else I can find these are absolute gorgeous so fresh so juicy all organic been watering these once a week with warm tea and It is really paying off. I mean these are absolutely beautiful strawberries look at these Love it. So let’s dig down in here. See what else we can find up here’s a good one I Picked these very carefully because they do bruise really easily These look so delicious that one got a little bite taken out of it Sometimes we get this snails and slugs in here These little plastic forks definitely help try and prop them up on here when I can I think I just picked that one Man these are going to be so delicious Nice, and red and juicy. It’s a nice little sheen to it that tells me. It’s ready to pick Okay, let’s check this tower plants look great lots of flowers lots of small Berries oh Look at this one. Oh my gosh. That’s beautiful, but I don’t think it’s quite ready to harvest oh This one over here. It’s absolutely gorgeous Look at that could there be a more perfect Berry beautiful couple right down here well a Look at the blackberries and raspberries now. This is the first year. I’ve really had any significant Harvest or berries coming out of these plants, so I am so excited these are absolutely beautiful Believe, they’re like a thornless blackberries you can see these aren’t ready But this one here is beautiful ready ripe for the picking and it will just pull right off. Oh my gosh That is absolutely gorgeous Isn’t that beautiful beautiful addition to my harvest basket. I’ve got a few more right here And these two you have to kind of dig down in and see if they are ready a lot of these aren’t quite ripe yet Just few more over here just so much fun. I mean this is why I grow my own food I absolutely love coming out here picking my own eating it Mmm. Oh oh my gosh of Flavor, so juicy So delicious care for guys Gotta have one to house it hmm wow then incredible Wow, that exploded in my mouth. Wow wow wow Think we’ve got a few more right here Now these raspberries or I think they’re blackberries that those aren’t quite ready. Oh another one I Am so excited about these literally I’ve been growing these for I don’t know three years, maybe with hardly anything, so Now I’m finally getting a harvest it’s so exciting, and I love how berries look in a little basket Especially when you get a bunch of different kinds and they’re oh My gosh, that is just the prettiest thing I Couldn’t be more thrilled with our harvest today, but we have a little surprise out front over on the side yard, okay? we are on the side of our house is the side bank here on our side yard and This is a volunteer tomato plant. I mean this is unbelievable It hasn’t been watered hasn’t been fertilized, but it is absolutely going bonkers I have not ever seen a tomato plant that it’s so loaded down. I mean look at this it’s incredible I’m going to pick a few but then leave some for the neighbors as well Look at this. Oh my gosh. I don’t even know what kind of tomato it is but either the tomato seed blue down here somehow or I’ve got my trash cans on the other side of the fence, so Maybe one of my tomato plants that was in the green trash can Stevens had ripped it out. Oh my gosh look at this it is all a fully loaded and I can’t believe the birds haven’t even gotten more of these But this is crazy absolutely crazy All the work, we do to plant fertilize Start from seed indoors and this one grew all on its own. I Mean I can’t even pick all these are so many of them I’ll just tell the neighbors. We’ve got a bunch out here, and then come pick them I think there’s even a yellow pear tomato plant right over here, so let’s go check that one out real quick yellow Pear Tomatoes Volunteer growing on the side of the hill these guys have a mind of their own and they have a will to live and produce This is nuts. Absolutely nuts. I’ve never seen a volunteer tomato plant like this No staking no trellising. It’s just grown Wild We’ll leave the rest of these to ripen up For how this is so cool. I? Had an absolute blast harvesting in the garden today. I hope you enjoyed it too. I mean this is why we do it This is why we grow our own food so we can harvest it bring it inside Prepare delicious fresh tasty organic food to feed our families to share with those that we love Comment below let me know what you’re harvesting from your summer garden. I’d love to hear about it Thanks for watching we’ll see in the next video you

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