Osaka Japan Tourist Attractions and Travel Guide When Visiting Japan

Osaka Japan Tourist Attractions and Travel Guide When Visiting Japan

Osaka Castle Shitennoji Temple Osaka Museum of History Universal Studios Japan Pirate Boat Ride Umeda Sky Building Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun DarShey Goesto Osaka, Japan Big shout-out to Traveloka for making this tour possible Make sure to watch the video all the way until the end as we will share to you the best travel destinations here in Osaka, Japan Let’s go Right now, we arrived here at Kansai Airport and we are about to collect our travel essentials and attractions we booked thru Traveloka So, we’ve just redeemed our travel essentials and transportation pass and attractions So, when you reached the Terminal 1exit, you’ll just need to find that Easy Go booth Then, we redeemed our ICOCA card This is for transportation Strictly one ICOCA card for one person Second, our Osaka Amazing Pass which gives you access to Up to 50 Top attractions here in Osaka Japan This is for 2 day pass You can also choose, if you would like to go for a 1 day pass and lastly, our sim card 4G sim card To stay connected with the internet. First stop. Osaka Castle Heads up! If you’re planning to go here, you must walk 30 minutes from Tanimachiyonchome station. And then after a challenging 30 minutes walk, the view right here of the Osaka Castle is absolutely amazing So, let’s go check it inside If you’re planning to go inside the castle, you just need to buy a ticket or you could just present your Osaka Amazing Pass We are at the 8th floor of the castle and the view is absolutely stunning. We are going to ride that yellow boat. And the deck is located at the back of the Osaka Castle The boat will sail on this river that surrounds the castle and if you want to ride that boat you need to buy a ticket or you just need to present again your Osaka Amazing Pass Let’s go! And for our next stop We are here at the Osaka Museum of History. And, this is just 15 minutes walk away from the Osaka Castle This Osaka Museum of History is also part of the Osaka Ama… Ohh! This is ICOCA card. Sorry This is part of our Osaka Amazing Pass This is the perfect place to know the Japanese better know their culture and history So, let’s go check it out Right now, we are here at Shitennoji Temple 5 minutes walk from Shitennoji-mae-yuhigaoka station As you can see the… Shitennoji Temple. It’s like a pagoda It’s super quiet around here So, c’mon Let’s go take a walk and explore and play some montage of the temple. Do not disturb! Come in. Come in. Welcome to our room tour But before that Big thank you to Traveloka. For sponsoring our hotel accommodation here in Osaka Japan So, let’s proceed to room tour Our working desk and our flat screen TV and… on this side our private bathroom We have toilet our sink hot and cold shower and the mini tub We have our… big mirror here counter for our stuff and two power outlets We also have personal refrigerator alright Ohh no! no! Don’t show them that No! Okay. Let’s proceed over here Our comfortable bed. Tsk! Okay! Okay! I’ll just explain this one This is very important. If you’re going to shop in tax free shops, make sure to reach the 5,000yen amount So you could get a tax refund for a single receipt and… just a note. Do not open the packaging until you have left Japan please note that if you consumed this product while in Japan you may be subject to pay consumptions tax So… Just don’t open the plastic If it’s already sealed while you’re still here in Japan So, you’ll get to enjoy your tax refunds Okay. Let’s proceed over here our comfortable double size bed room already is airconditioned very cold and the view outside So if you’re planning to book your hotel accommodation online this is how you do it Go to your Traveloka App Tap HOTELS enter your destination check in and check out date and tap SEARCH List of hotels based on the entered location you can use the filter price range ratings and more select your preferred hotel select room Fill your details Book and pay Crazy easy! Book your accommodation now! If you’re a type of person who really loves shopping make sure to visit Shinsaibashi-Suji There are lots of shopping boutiques Especially the tax free shops you can buy your stuff for a cheaper cost and you can also buy your gifts for your family when you get home. It is located right in front of the Glico Running Man So, happy shopping guys It would be easier If we start shopping in this area Hmm. There he goes again. Do they have a Money Heist costume? Next stop. We are here at the famous and iconic destination here in Osaka Japan Welcome to Univesal Studios Japan How to book this Xperience thru Traveloka Go to your Traveloka app Tap Xperience Search activities Tap to find tickets Select your Xperience package Tap continue Fill your details Book and Pay now Do more with Traveloka Book your Xperience now! Arigato Traveloka Today is a Thursday So, even a weekday It’s still crowded here in Universal Studios So, better come here early and rush directly to your favorite ride So, now I want some extreme rides So let’s go first to the Minions! As you enter USJ, you should get a map So, you won’t get lost. Harry Potter ride So, you have to fall in line for about 2 hours to 3 hours but trust me guys It’s totally worth it You can feel that you’re flying with Harry Potter It’s really worth the wait and after… riding Harry Potter you can buy this butter beer for 1,150yen you’ll get this butterbeer with the souvenir mug Harry Harry Harry Ho Ho Ho The Theme of USJ today is a summer that’s why they are pumping waters everywhere We’ve just finished the Spider-man ride but unfortunately It’s a little sad because I don’t understand the language because it’s Nihongo and there’s no English subtitle but it’s okay I love the animation I love the ride. It’s fun and especially I’m a Spider-man fan Welcome to Minion Park Jurassic Park Flying Dinosaur is the highest and most extreme ride here in USJ so, we are gonna go fly with the dinosaurs Look at that! we are going to ride that Excited? So, let’s go Cut! Let’s just pretend we rode the flying dinosaur Let’s go back to Minions I’m teary-eyed Yes! we accomplished! and… we were able to come back safe after riding the Jurassic Park Flying Dinosaur So, what you can say about our experience? It’s really terrifying, because as usual when we ride that kind of roller coaster We don’t look down But in this ride, the flying dinosaur you are going to look down because they are you are going to [Darwin] But it’s a good view when you reached the top [Hershey] I have said a lot of bad words. when I ride this [Hershey] but it’s really [Darwin] but overall? [Hershey] but overall… [Darwin] It’s super fun. Right? It’s really fun. It’s worth the try. Worth the try. When you come, visit USJ you should ride Jurassic Park Flying Dinosaur. Don’t really miss this one. It’s really an extreme ride. Promise I’m still shaking! Umeda Sky Building A lot of travelers, were already been here We tried to reach it even though it’s too far from train stations you have to walk for about more than 30 minutes Maybe let’s go up and check the top of the Umeda Sky Building and enjoy the 360 view of Osaka Let’s go! So now, we are here at the roof deck of Umeda Sky Building or the Skywalk. Going up here isn’t free. So, you need to buy a ticket or you need to have… This! Osaka Amazing Pass So, after taking the elevator and taking the walkators It’s really… Nice skyline of Japan For our next attraction We are going to ride this red boat or the Pirate Boat ride of Osaka This boat will sail along the longest street of Dotonbori So, let’s go check it out. This Pirate cruise if you want to book this Pirate cruise You need to buy a ticket or you just need to present again your Osaka Amazing Pass This Pirate cruise will pass under 9 different bridges and along Dotonbori river I can already smell Takoyaki, Kobe beef, Okonomiyaki, Ramen Ooops! I don’t want to spoil Watch out for our Osaka Dotonbori Food Aventure I think you’re all wondering What are the features of this Osaka Amazing Pass So with this pass, You will have an access to all 50 Osaka tour destinations and attractions So but first how to book this Xperience? Go to your Traveloka app Tap Xperience search Activities tap to Find tickets Select your Xperience package Tap Continue Fill your details Book and Pay now Do more with Traveloka Book you Xperience now! It is very convenient when traveling because you will have an unlimited access to all bus and train within Osaka Metro With an Osaka Amazing Pass you travel will be very convenient and affordable compared to original price of the attractions I was able to save money because I booked a cheaper flight Now, I can buy more Takoyaki! Hey you! Yes you! Is your dream, to travel the world too? But afraid to deal with expensive flight tickets and provide so many nformations Now, you ask the right person Let me show you how Go to your Traveloka app Tap Flights enter you destination and travel dates and tap Search list of possible flights will appear You can use the filter base on your preference Filter airlines price range and more Choose your preferred flight your departure your return and tap Select Fill your details Book and Pay! Crazy easy! What are you waiting for? Book now! Get it? Oh my!! I’m late to my flight! For our food adventure High grade Kobe Beef Arigato Gozaimasu Thank you Traveloka for sponsoring our trip to Japan We fell in love with the beauty of Japan So many great foods a lot of amazing travel destinations and especially the people of Osaka are very kind, polite and cheerful So, we really fell in love with Osaka Japan Maybe South Korea, next? Traveloka, baka naman!

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