Osaka, Japan Travel | Dotonbori + Universal Studios (Osaka)

Osaka, Japan Travel | Dotonbori + Universal Studios (Osaka)

Hello Bye! So. We’re on the Shinkansen right now. Look at the speed! Travelling from Tokyo to Osaka only takes two and a half hours. So we have just arrived now. And, got Shirley lugging the luggage around. Erm, I told her. I’m gonna do it. But she actually wanted me to record instead. I’m a bit tired from carrying all the luggage because it’s actually pretty hard to push both of them at the same time. So basically, after the bullet train – we’re here in Osaka. So it’s actually my first time coming to Osaka. Oh, by the way. When we were walking. I saw like a big melon bun.. logo. We are gonna sus that out! Hello! I really wanna try Shabu Shabu So I bought him to a Shabu Shabu place. that we found on google. I’ve actually never had Shabu Shabu before in my life. It’s my first time Um, rated pretty high, think it was like a 4.1 out of 5. What we’re gonna do is that we have to put vegie into the pot And after a little while, you can cook the beef but then you don’t cook it for so long it’s about two, three seconds.. and then you gotta eat it! Alright guys, so what we have here is is the beef itself and you let it cook for a tiny bit.. Done!(Shirley) Like that (Andrew) Put it over here I’ve got it in here, here we go I actually rate it a 10/10 Now I haven’t had a haircut for such a long time So there’s this place, I think it’s called Brothers Haircut? We’ll be there shortly. So if you guys are travelling to Osaka And you’re wondering, where could I possibly go to get one, well Ima take you straight to the place! So it’s called, the Brothers’ Cut Club! So if you guys ever want to come here You guys can go get a fade right over here And there we have it guys, all done, here in Osaka! So me and Shirley stumbled across this awesome caricature shop here in Osaka where they do paintings of you cartoon versions We’re pretty excited, we’re actually getting drawn right now And, hopefully the result looks amazing So Shirley is going to now reveal it for us ONE SECOND!! I have trouble Does that look like us? I’m pretty sure this looks like me, I like it – but i’m not quite sure about you So we finally got seated here at the restaurant And the restaurant is called Dotombori Honten So it’s a famous crab restaurant here in Osaka Look at the crabs We were thinking of ordering the set menu instead of like the, ordering one by one And then look at this I like this one It’s basically holding your chopstick Let’s review that picture again Post in the comments what you guys think. Do I look like that caricature or not? It taste’s oooo I feel like it’s a bit like scallop but it’s softer than scallops Alright so we just got this, and it’s pretty much crab soup and I tasted it before and I thought it sort of tastes like shark fin soup so if you guys had shark fin soup before It taste’s pretty damn similar to that and it is so, tasty If you travel to Osaka this is one of the most iconic restaurants. You’ll see a lot of tourists here taking photos and it is often booked out. If you love crab, or want to try it out with amazing window views whilst you feast. Then this, is the place for you! What is going on guys?! So right now we are currently In Amerikamura. Murikamura (Shirley) which is in Osaka.So it’s more or less like an Americanized place here in Japan I reckon it looks pretty hipster and pretty cool so let’s have a look around here Alright I put 100 yen over here we probably going to get this one, because Andrew doesn’t want me to get this one This is going to finish in one go MMMM YUM YUM YUM YUM Wanna try?! Let’s go! (Chef) So we are following this guy around because he owns two restaurants here the first one closed down Thank you for coming (Chef) Alright so what we have here is some prime kobe beef, it’s this one over here the prime kobe beef and .. it’s a .. it’s a plant 10 out of 10 10/10 ?!(Shirley) We got 8 pieces from this big octopus over there this is probably the softest takoyaki that I have ever had in Osaka I think Osaka is pretty famous for the takoyaki sort of balls So if I walk across here, you can see people just cooking over here If you travel to Osaka, you are probably going to visit Dotonbori Which is the current area that we are walking through right now I would say Dotonbori makes you really feel like it is your home even if you’ve never been here before It’s kind of hard to explain but there is definitely something special about Dotonbori that makes you feel so warm cozy and welcomed When we were walking around Dotonbori Sometimes you’ve exposed to some of the many temples where the Japanese pray and wish for. Good luck other than that the lights and lanterns on the street of dotonbori made me feel like Osaka is a very authentic travelling destination that is full of Japanese culture Hey, so we are currently at Universal Studios here in Osaka So excited, I’ve never been here in my life How you feeling Shirley? We bought the express 7 Yep, remember if you’re gonna buy stuff online like the Ticket you have to order it like two weeks in advance *Andrew busts some moves* Whoa, okay, so I just came out of the Harry Potter ride with Shirley. She needs a bit of rest time at the moment Just chilling here by the back. It’s a bit dizzy towards the end So if you are prone to motion sickness just be weary of that But in the backdrop here you can see the Harry Potter castle, which is amazing It’s a Halloween theme tonight so you’re gonna see some crazy things going on We managed to complete most of the rides my favorite ride would be the Jurassic Park one What would yours be? My favorite one is the Hollywood dream? They allow you to pick one of four songs in your individual seats. How cool is that? Traveling to Osaka felt really homely Suburban yet had some great city characteristics – we found it quite different to Tokyo but in a very positive Unique way you definitely should travel to Osaka.Thank you so much for watching Subscribe for more content from us ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Great content and recommendations! Lol loving the street dancing, Andrew! Oh and I would've gotten the tallest ice cream there! ๐Ÿคค

  3. I honestly had NO IDEA Japan was anything like it shows in this video… not really sure what I thought. Very enlightening. Thank you!

  4. Awesome video!! As another Aussie that has the tastebuds of a child, I struggled to eat when we were in Japan lol. I've subscribed to check out the rest of your videos too!!

  5. Absolutely enjoyed watching this montage. Feel like Iโ€™ve right there with you guys! Makes me miss my time in Osaka, but shows so much has changed since my last visit. Love the editing 10/10

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