Osaka Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Osaka

Osaka Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Osaka

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  1. What tips do YOU Have for visiting Osaka?
    Want to watch more of my Osaka Series? Click here:

  2. These are some great tips! I like how Osaka is centrally located between many other Japanese cities such as Kyoto. Osaka definitely has my attention especially since I enjoy eating a lot of delicious food!

  3. Definitely will be helpful to know this now. Will make things much better when my dad and I go to Japan in a few years.

    Really wish we'd known about that food district last time we went

  4. used to live in osaka from the mid 90s to early 2000. we lived at the Shin Osaka station which was super convenient since we had the jr, shinkansen, and subway. we always took the midosuji red line to get to places. osaka always has a special place for me as it was the first city i explored on my own as a teenager. i always went to umeda, shinsaibashi, namba, nipponbashi.
    umedas hep five was always a cool area and i do remember when that yodobashi opened. that whole area completely changed now so im not too familiar with it anymore. shinsaibashi is always fun as it is like the harajuku, omotesando, shibuya area of osaka. you can walk it from shinsaibashi to namba to nipponbashi. pretty good walk. if you wanna visit the older side of japan and not a fan of big major cities, osaka is just right.

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  6. Love your Japan travel vids. Sadly, I won't be going to Osaka this August, but I am going to show this to my mom to convince her to go the next time we go to Japan.

  7. I felt like people were much more friendly compared to Tokyo, but that was my personal experience…..

  8. Any tips on refilling a Suica card outside of Tokyo? The ticket machines don't really mention anything about Suica cards.

    Thanks for the informative video!

  9. Very informative and I like how you describe where you are in depth depending on where you are standing! Osho at dotombori was delicious and Osaka castle is super cool:)

  10. Yellow productions thanks for sharing this so informative great help for us planning to go there on august

  11. I wish you guys wouldn’t keep this in-joke about takoyaki being nice. Lol. They’re disgusting. I have to do the right thing and let you people that have never been to Osaka know! Haha ?

  12. Hi ! Thank you so much for all the information !
    me and a couple of my friends are going from Seoul to Osaka on Aug 15th
    and we"ll stay in Osaka for 4 days before going to Shinjuku Tokyo
    we are doing like what you said, staying in one Hotel in Osaka and we will visit Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe = so 4 days each in one city, but I'm not sure if the JR pass worth getting for these trips or no, cause after visiting these area i"ll be staying in Tokyo for 10 days and i'm gonna be using inner city transportation ( Maybe one trip to Mt Fuji)
    Thanks again for your work

  13. I really don't see why people would go to Japan without preparing at least some Japanese. Learning a bit of the language is part of the fun of the trip, and you'd be surprised at how far you can get with just a few phrases. I went to Japan for 10 days in December of 2017, and learned about 20 or so phrases, from asking for things and greeting, to thanking and commenting on beauty and taste, and I could handle myself even in shops and restaurants where people didn't speak one word of English besides a few katakana loanwords (most of which don't have much in common with their original words anyway).

    Another upside is that Japanese people, already very friendly and helpful, become even more so when you can say a few words and phrases in half-decent Japanese grammar and pronunciation. Hell, even if you butcher the words and grammar, just the knowledge that you tried is enough.

    Granted, being a linguist and Japanophile I obviously didn't stop at just a few phrases. I spent about 4 months research Japanese etiquette and mannerisms, learning proper intonation and pronunciation, and even learning hiragana so I could read a bit and make out the basics like directions and at least how to say the names of food menu items.

    It really pushed the trip over the top for me, and now I'm moving to Japan (hopefully Osaka) next year.

  14. very well explained .. visiting osaka sept end. where did u stay .? we will be visiting aquarium and USJ and also baby on board :D.. where would u suggest t0 stay

  15. osaka was my homebase, within denden town in naniwa-ku ward……easy access namba station that got me to himeji, kyoto, nara, kobe! and its such a lively city! loved it.

  16. Hi Chris, we are heading over for the first time in two weeks (three and a half actually after we finish up in Taiwan and Seoul). Thanks so much for your videos. They are great. Very informative , and no swearing!! You are very interesting to watch without being over the top. I will be watching lots more in coming days. Thank you!

  17. ty so much for this video! im going to japan next year alone and im a little bit nervous about it. but it helps me a lot to see your videos about Osaka 😀

  18. 16:27 tell that to Luke martin another travel youtuber. that kid butchers all kinds of japanese names and words… and he looks half asian.

  19. The escalator thing span me out too, we spent time in Tokyo and that was something I noticed and wondered if it was me imagining it!

  20. Very informative and delivered eloquently! Me and my gf are going tomorrow by plane from Tokyo. Loved the video. Thank you 🙂

  21. Thanks for the guide! going to tokyo, kyoto and osaka at the end of december, it's a shame that most museums are closed during the time period of my visit.

  22. Oh dear, hearing you say it’s rare to use the JR Pass scares me 🙁

    I’m doing day trips to Kyoto, Kobe & Nara, and I guess I save more by purchasing JR Pass?

    Or is it better buying off tickets via the machines?

  23. Wooooh so very beautiful place there in the Japan Country and also train so very beautiful hehehe ang building also and to much car in the Road travelling hehehe

  24. I’m going to Osaka and Kyoto this april for the sakura season. Your video is extremely informative. Thank you! I subsrcribed.

  25. I'm flying into Osaka late with a friend, we'll be traveling to other areas with friends after a couple of days. Problem is our flight arrives around 10pm local. Will it be easy to get around despite it being late at night in Osaka?

  26. I watched a lot of your videos I’m a i’m a subscriber and fan of your videos great tip and information very informative.i a question? I’m going to Tokyo and staying at asakusa . I seen all videos but I need to know where I could a ninja tour but what find all want 4 or people to you want I can do to one or do you a place that will 2 people it’s my nephews birthday and he would really love to do that. Please let me known

  27. Great upload…we are leaving end of June for Japan for 2 weeks…we are doing Tokyo…Osaka….then back to Shibuya….and all the awesome places in between…this is our 2nd year in a row….we have come to the conclusion that you couldn't see it all in your life time…it's the best place on the planet…

  28. Great Osaka tour guide video!
    Thank you for sharing!
    (I was born in Osaka and living in Osaka for 30 years!)

  29. I am planning my vacation for Osaka to start out before going to maybe Kyoto and Tokyo a course, but my very first Asian trip to Japan will be on the middle of October 2019. By the way have you seen Michael Douglas in a Ridley Scott movie BLACK RAIN (1989)? It was half filmed in Osaka in some places that I do not know, but I do want to visit the oldest Buddhist temple in Osaka and the Osaka castle. The reason why I am coming to Japan is because this year is 2019 for Katsuhiro Otomo's AKIRA (1988) which the futuristic story takes place in Neo-Tokyo 2019. Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area of California!

  30. May I know the date whereby this video was shot? Just want to get an idea of what the weather was like at that time… you know.

  31. One of my reservations is how many vaccinations you have to get to travel, Now that they are loaded with mercury I am a bit scared. Can you tell me your experience with travel vaccinations?

  32. Thanks for the video! Will go there at the end of November for a conference. Hopefully in during the free time I can sneak out and enjoy Osaka.

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