Oslo Travel Guide: Things to do in Oslo as a Tourist

Oslo Travel Guide: Things to do in Oslo as a Tourist

100 thoughts on “Oslo Travel Guide: Things to do in Oslo as a Tourist

  1. Hello! We are visiting from New York next month, we will actually be there on May 17th! Should we go see the king!? 😀

  2. This was amazing, lol…I'm actually in oslo atm an went to alot of those places…your style is funny as fcuk, keep it up

  3. HeyJonas, Thanks for your very helpful (and funny) video. Going to enjoy exploring Oslo much more on our trip next week!

  4. Great video, you show exactly the spots I show to Oslo-newcomers, and I also use beer as the currency rate 🙂 good quality filming også, thanks for sharing.

  5. I will be visiting Oslo in August 2017 with my family. This is a wonderful video, you have the right mix of information and humor, way to go.

  6. Thank you for your videos! I love your deadpan humor! I visited Oslo a few years ago and loved it! The people were so nice and friendly. I hope to go back someday, maybe to teach at one of the universities.

  7. Very funny, enjoyed a lot. I am an older guy and not up on the latest facial hair trends, but is the Charlie Chaplin/Hitler mustache back in vogue? I'm not criticizing, I just know these things anymore.

  8. Hi there i am from India 🇮🇳 you doing so well videos 👌👍!!

  9. Very nicely done and good jokes!
    I'm going to Oslo for the first time, so that's quite useful. Do you do guiding?

  10. Going back to Oslo in December and Im bringing family this time! Ill definitely take the B10 boat ride. Thanks for a fun video.

  11. Such a nice and interesting video.. simple but great. Well done 👌🏻 when I’m watching your video, it makes me think to make a plan to visit Oslo next year..

  12. The art work statues etc. are very depressing and austere I noticed in Oslo.The busiest place was the departure lounge at the airport!

  13. Jonas at the end you mention the famous painting "The Scream" but in which art gallery is it located? I also wondered if there was anything like the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester for classical music in Oslo? Finally how much would it cost to buy a good pair of Gore-Tex hiking boots?

  14. Really enjoyed watching the video your sarcastic humor is on point. I have learnt a lot and I'm visiting on Sports week from Malmö. Good work.

  15. Thanks Jonas for your videos and humour about visiting OSLO. I have just returned from my 4 day trip and your travel advice was such a help. I will definitely return here again.

  16. Impressive video I would like to visit Oslo soon to discover a lot of this, I think you need to add some text to your video for the names of the location so we can easily find it on map. Please if you don't mind just list them down as I would like to navigate to

  17. Your videos are amazing! And well one for doing it in English!
    Just one thing, the 'e' in the word 'here' is pronounced as in feet and rhymes with 'dear' . You keep saying 'hair' which rhymes with 'there'

  18. What an interesting and entertaining travel guide. You had me laughing so hard (the Asian part and at the beach). Thanks.

  19. I just met a guy thats from Oslo but he is dark skinned, dark hair and brown eyes. Is this common? Im confused since you look completely different! Btw im Australian!

  20. Hi, I am Gaurav blogger from India , I am visiting Oslo in upcoming months I need your help , From where should I rent motorbike in oslo as well as how much charges I need to pay on per day basis for MotorCycle.

  21. Such a nice video. I like the editing and all the tips. Thank you. I will be in Oslo between 16-19 of June. Would you like to show me a few places or grab a beer together? 🙂

  22. Ha..Ha.. Gosh, You Are a Very Cute guy !!

    And, The Sexy Voice you have!!

    I'm (Alone, Myself)
    Going to Oslo in

    Just A Short Two Nights
    Stay In Downtown Oslo.

    Wish I could see you in your
    Beautiful City……

    Hope I could meet some
    Hot, Cute guys there, too !!

  23. OsloPro love your vids…I am Canadian with Norwegian background. Now I know all the cool places in Oslo to see : )

  24. Great tips and love the dry humor!

    I found this video whilst on the train from the airport into Oslo when I had an 8 hour layover. I think I managed to almost do everything you mentioned in this and I thought it was an amazing selection – including the boat ride! Really recommend following Jonas' tips!

  25. Hi Jonas. Just discovered your videos. Wow! I really enjoyed this. I’m a Norwegian, that live (17 years so far) in Louisiana USA. I think a lot of this came up after I left… or at least, I have not seen most of what you toured 😎

  26. In city hall, my great uncle Wilhem Meling painted the right side of the wall. The wall with the colorful triangle patterns.

  27. Thanks a lot, I really love to watch your videos. These videos inspire me to go to there. You rock. Greetings from Mexico

  28. You have a weird sense of humor. You're making jokes and keeping a straight face lol. Thanks for the video, I am going to Oslo for a couple days next week and this helped.

  29. And this church (can't understand its name) on 8:24, can I fly drone there to film around? Do they allow to fly?

  30. Oslo is buzzing with energy from new neighbourhoods and cutting-edge food, to fashion and art scenes.

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