Osprey Porter 46L Backpack Review – Best Backpack for RTW Travel

Osprey Porter 46L Backpack Review – Best Backpack for RTW Travel

Welcome to Travel Gear We Love. I’m Allison and I love the Osprey Porter 46L. One of my favorite things about this bag is
the outside zipper. Welcome to my office. There are very few backpacks on the market
that include an organizational pouch like this and this was the primary reason I purchased
the bag. I have a full 13 inch laptop here, a Kindle,
an iPad mini; there’s plenty of space for everybody in here. Second reason why Osprey Porter is our first
choice in backpack is because this backpack is NOT a top-loader. I can’t even imagine having a top loader at
this point in travel. It is so easy to open this backpack all the
way up and access anything that you have inside. It’s almost feels like we’re traveling with
real luggage instead of schlepping through a backpack. Reason three this backpack is the choice for
me, is the back! Yes, there are straps but you can tuck them
away. There are so many backpackers in tight aisles
smack you with their straps walking by. On this backpack, the straps detach and zip
away for this sleek design. Those are my favorite things about this bag. Just a couple other details, there’s also
a top zipper, which, if I have the bag super full, I can’t really put much in here, maybe
just about my passport, but with a little bit of a lighter load right now I have my
sunglasses case, and a towel, and my muff for riding on the motorbike! Is the Osprey Porter 46L carry-on friendly
on various airlines? From experience, it depends. It’s hard to find a concrete answer but I’m
happy to share with you our results! For major airlines including Ryan Air this
backpack’s height and width does match the airline requirements. Ryan Air goes further and has a weight requirement. So make sure you’re within the current up-to-date
weight requirements for the airline. As far as getting this puppy inside the carry-on
size-check metal container (that you know is significantly smaller than what’s available
on the airplane itself) that’s a little bit of a different story. This backpack has been on a Ryan Air flight
with a few items taken out and checked, and severely cinched. So, boom- ding! Yes, Ryan Air. Everyone’s favorite question- how much stuff
is in your bag? Well let’s see!

37 thoughts on “Osprey Porter 46L Backpack Review – Best Backpack for RTW Travel

  1. so this backpack works well for light backpacking trips? I'm thinking of a Southeast Asia trip for a month and I'm looking at this and the osprey farpoint 55.

  2. Contemplating this backpack for my travel pack to Nepal! I was wondering if you think putting camera would be easily accessible from any of the compartments?

  3. May i ask how tall are you? This 46L bag doesn't look as bulky as similar sized bags. I'm curious if this is the design, or perhaps you are taller than i am (likely since i'm only 5'2").

  4. Good video. I think I'll try this backpack.

    Odd question: I see you have a Lenovo 13 inch laptop? What model is that?

    I am looking for a 13 inch laptop in silver/grey and can't seem to find one in silver/grey and (and I don't want a MacBook Air) then I saw this one in the video. Thank you!

  5. Great video! I know you said you have taken it as a carry on with Ryanair but would you say 99% of the time this bag would be able to be a carry on, not just Ryanair? Being carry on is my biggest thing for buying this bag! 🙂 Thanks

  6. Thanks for posting this. Next year I plan on backpacking the Baltics. I'm torn between this pack and the Tortuga 46L. Are there any exterior pouches for your camera. water bottle, maps?

  7. you guys make me want to quit my job today and start traveling!!!! haha I enjoy watching all of your episodes!! Keep posting!

  8. Do you still use this backpack or did you upgrade to the newer model. Looks like this is the 2013 version, I recently purchased the 2016 version, and just found out REI has a exclusive 2017 version as well.

  9. what are the dimensions of the daybag you put in the links? (packed and unpacked) Thank you…love your channel btw =)

  10. Big apologies for the terrible audio! We filmed this last minute at a hotel in Vietnam. 2 years later this backpack is still going strong and still our go-to for all adventures! (We also film everything on microphones now, so check out our channel!)

  11. I'm 5'10 and I backpacked for a few weeks in Europe with this bag.  It's a great looking bag with very nice features such as the zip away straps, the cinch straps and the U shaped opening.  And of course, it's Osprey, which stands behind it's products. However, there's a major design flaw.  You can adjust the straps minimally.  Unlike a traditional backpack, there's no micro-adjustment to allow for a countered shoulder strap.  In other words, if you're wearing it for long periods of time, there's no method of modifying it for the benefit of your neck. Mind you, I pack well and light using eagle creek's tech cubes.  I wouldn't recommend this for the long haul if you have any body bearing issues.

  12. I bought this bag after this helpful review and it has been perfect on my backpacking travels through Europe! Thanks!

    Additionally I've filled mine to the brim and have never had a problem with it being a carry on for any airline I have flown so far!

  13. GIRL – this bag is amazing. I bought this because of your video and I can't even tell you how grateful I am! It is the perfect size, I can fit everything I need and I've had no issues using it as a carry-on so far. I love the tech pockets, I love that you can stow the straps away and I LOVE that you can tighten the straps across the bag to compress it even more. I will also be purchasing your packing cubes and I'm sure I'll be equally thrilled with them. Love your content! Thanks Fin! 🙂

  14. I have an older version of this bag that doesn't have that external admin pouch area. But the bag I have is perfect in every other way. If I had that admin pouch, it would be hard to beat. It's the only bag I travel with (unless work-related and I have to take a bag for my suits) and after several years of flying 3-4 times a year with it, plus weekend driving trips, etc., it hardly has a mar on it. Solid bag A+ would buy again. Would love to trade up for this newer version, but I will make mine work until it doesn't any longer.

  15. This is a great bag which I almost bought. In fact most of the Osprey packs are great. I have several. But in the end I went with the Osprey Farpoint 40 (there is also a female specific Fairpoint 40 version shaped slightly better for female anatomy). The Farpoint/Fairpoint 40 is very slightly smaller so should be slightly easier to meet airline requirements. It is a little bit more like a traditional backpack but just like the Porter the straps can be folded away and carried by hand, by shoulder strap, or with the backpack straps. Like the Porter it is also a panel loader with a separate "office" pocket (although the Porter is better in that regard).

  16. I add my stuffs of about 10kg to this osprey porter 46 and I feel sick about my shoulder.
    It doesnt comfortable at all.
    Walking 20 minute with this bag really feels tired.

    I'm 180cm tall
    How many kg is the maximum recommendation of this bag?

  17. We are traveling to the uk in the spring for a week and I'm trying to decide what size to get. I'm only 5'2, I've looked at the porter 46L and the 30L. Do you know how it might fit someone shorter?

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