Ostrava, Czech Republic – TBEX Europe 2018, Jiri Duzar, Czech Tourism

Ostrava, Czech Republic – TBEX Europe 2018, Jiri Duzar, Czech Tourism

(dramatic music) – So, I’m really excited that TBEX 2018 is coming to Ostrava, the Czech Republic. It’s a place that will exceed
everyone’s expectations. I think when it comes
to the Czech Republic, people usually think
Prague is the destination, but we chose Ostrava on purpose. It’s an industrial city, a
city of industrial heritage that has abandoned most
of its industry now, and changed everything that
left into cultural space, so we will be hosting the
event in the venue called Gong, and that’s the space where
TBEX will take place. So, we are planning to host dozens of pre- and post-fam tours both in Ostrava and outside of Ostrava, so people will visit, you know, mines, they will learn about the mining history, but we will also have
several culinary tours, beer tasting tours. There’s few nice microbreweries. And then, my most favorite part, are the trips outside of Ostrava. There are mountains with
amazing hiking, biking, rafting opportunities, so there’ll be a lot of
great activities for everyone who loves outdoors, and you know, spending some time in nature. Travel bloggers, storytellers,
content creators, we are looking forward
to seeing you in Ostrava in July 2018. (dramatic music)

10 thoughts on “Ostrava, Czech Republic – TBEX Europe 2018, Jiri Duzar, Czech Tourism

  1. We're going to discover some extraordinary places in Czech Republic. Thanks Jiri Duzar and the team at Czech Tourism!

  2. I've never been more excited about a TBEX location! Ostrava– looking forward to exploring all that you have to offer.

  3. I have just been there https://www.hikeventures.com/dolni-oblast-vitkovice-national-site-of-industrial-heritage/

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