“Our favourite places in Bristol” by Emma & Alex from “Travel Beans” – EF Guest Vlog

“Our favourite places in Bristol” by Emma & Alex from “Travel Beans” – EF Guest Vlog

Hello. I’m Emma and this is Alex and we are from the YouTube channel
Travel Beans, guest vlogging today for EF. We are digital nomads and travel vloggers
and, today, we’re going to show you a few of our favourite places in Bristol and
a couple of tips on how to sound like a local. Bristol is located along the River Avon and is
the gateway to the southwest of England, which is a beautiful part of
the country to explore. The EF campus is located in one of the historic
buildings right here in Queens Square, which is in the thick of the action in Bristol City. Bristol has a thriving art and music scene and
if you’re a creative person, you will love it here. You are just ten minutes away from the campus to two of the most interesting live
music venues in the whole of Bristol. Behind me is The Fleece. This was first used as a sheep trading
market in the 1800s, hence the name, but it’s been used as a live
music venue since the 1980s. They’ve had famous bands here such as Oasis,
Radiohead and Queens of Stone Age. You are also right near the Thekla, which is a live
music venue on a boat in the centre of the city. The Thekla was also well known for
having a Banksey drawing on it, however, to protect this piece of artwork,
they moved it to the end shed where you can go to see it today for free. Banksey is a street artist, political activist and
film maker and nobody knows who this guy is. His street art addresses
political and social issues, and some of them have sold
for up to a million pounds. A lot of people actually
think Banksey is from Bristol because a lot of his earlier work can be
found scattered around the corners of Bristol. Which brings me to where I am now,
which is just in front of one of his pieces of work, The Girl With The Pierced Eardrum. One really great free thing to do in Bristol on a
beautiful sunny day is to wander around the city, trying to spot as many Banksey’s as you can. And if you want to be more efficient,
you can even download an app on your phone, which shows you where all
of the Banksey artwork is. However, Banksey is not the only
street artist to come out of Bristol. If you love street art, you
have to go to Nelson Street because that is a great place
to go see some new art. If you’re a food lover, then Bristol
is going to be the place for you. It’s a very multicultural city, so you can get
basically anything that you can imagine. However, you can’t come to Bristol without
trying some traditional British food. British people love bakeries and, today,
I want to show you one of my favourite things. Don’t let this grease put you off because
inside this bag is a very delicious treat. This is the English sausage roll. A sausage roll is pastry on the outside
with sausage on the inside. It’s a very salty and savoury snack. It’s definitely not a healthy one,
but arguably one of the most delicious. This is the first time I’ve ever been to this bakery
and I can already highly recommend it to you. Make sure you go to the Assembly Bakery at Cargo 2. This is up there with one of the
best sausage rolls I’ve ever had. What? This is fantastic. That is a very big claim. This boy has tried so
many sausage rolls from so many places! This one, specifically, has some very high
quality meat and very, very good pastry. It’s definitely worth trying. Now that I’ve eaten, I want to show you
one of my favourite things about Bristol, and it’s these colourful houses that we
have dotted around the city here. I was born and raised in this area,
and I think this is a great time to teach you a couple of expressions that
will help you if you move here. The first word that you need to learn when
you come to Bristol is actually Brizzle, which is another word for Bristol.
It’s what the locals affectionately call it here. The second word you want in Brizzle is “lush.”
Lush means very pleasant. For example, that sausage roll was lush. “Gert” means “very” or “big.”
For example, that was a gert sausage roll. You can even get bonus points by putting gert
and lush together. So, this video is gert lush! And, finally, the word “proper.”
In this use, we say “proper” also means “good.” So, that was a proper sausage roll,
means that was a good sausage roll. This is a proper video means this is a good video. And bonus points if you want to put
gert, lush and proper together. So, you could say this sausage
roll was proper gert lush. Our final stop is our favourite place in Bristol, a popular pub and viewpoint overlooking
the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge. On a nice day like today, the locals love to flock to this area to
enjoy a cold drink and the beautiful view. It is nice at any time of the day, but I highly
recommend coming to enjoy sunset with friends. A little tip for you: if you don’t want
to spend the money in the pub, you can actually get an even better view
up here next to the Clifton Observatory. Thanks for watching our personal guide to Bristol.
If you enjoyed the video, give it a big thumbs-up. And if you have any tips on Bristol itself,
then let us know in the comments. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to EF. And head over to our channel, Travel Beans, to check
out more videos from Bristol and around England.

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  1. Je suis allé à bristol l’année dernière j’ai manqué le plan du pont a la fin dommage et merci d’y être aller a ma place pour le voir 😂

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