Our First Taste of Hunza Valley | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 07

Our First Taste of Hunza Valley | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 07

Good Morning! From the beautiful Hunza,
I had a brilliant sleep last night, I’m well refresh, cleaned up
with a good old shower. let me just clean this lens. and now we’ve got the whole
team enjoying a good old family breakfast So now, the plan is to head to Attabad Lake
for kind of chilled morning A bunch of us are doing some editing,
dumping off footage and all that fun stuff a lot of us do and then we’re off Attabad Lake
like I said and some other mountains that we’ve been recommended
things I don’t even remember the name of but, you’ll find out soon enough.
So I’m going to grab the rest of breakfast Tak and I are gonna hopefully do some
drone footage for you guys to see the view properly, in fact let’s switch
to that right now. With the crew ready to go (we’re ready)
Siya (Let’s do it)
Mikey Lexie Limitless Wanderlust Anushae Says Not Your Babe Alexis Zubi Zub Let’s go! Thank you very much for giving us,
and Mr Zeeshaan, also for giving us good comments I hope to see you again, Inshallah
in the future I think you like our hotel (It’s beautiful)
The rooms are okay? That’s good! Thank you very much. All right, first stop is a bit of
shopping in -what is this? Karimabad. Karimabad Town Centre,
so we’re going to do a bit of a cultural tour a bit of shopping, pick of view bits and go to the
world famous Cafe de Hunza Yes, we’re gonna get ourselves some nice
walnut cake, which is (world famous) world famous Yeah, fabled to be one of the best cakes
in all of Pakistan, so looking forward to that but now, we’re doing some shopping.
Let’s go! (The only thing is, this is detachable)
Oooh, so you can change the feather colour ey? (Two in one)
I think the hat suits you, (Thank you, i can take that as a compliment) (Yes!)
Very cute, hat I like it
(Thank you) Ooo Lexie’s got one as well!
Just look at that blue, just brings out the tone It’s actually pretty comfortable. (What’s it made out of?)
I couldn’t even tell you It kinda feels like velvet. Alright Anushae,
oh we did that at the same time let’s do a double whammy
(what’s up) what’s up, what’s up I need a suggestion,
what’s a good colour of hat to wear I think the guy’s hats are over here Let’s go and get some,
some of the guys hats This, and, you can wear that
with a feather (I’m going to wear one with a tilt
because it means I’m in a good mood) Alright sorry, am I going with black yeah?
(yeah try black, or we can try white) (Ooh, i think the white would look nice)
Okay let’s go with the white. Let’s place that there.. Which- does it matter which way
it goes on? (no, just put it on) No, its too small (Really? Maybe you could get another size?) I’ve got a big head (Yeah, that i think is more your size)
My head’s too big. (Oh, there we go) (Oh, you actually look like you’re from here now) (Oh my god, that is such a good photo)
What do you think? (Very good, I think you need a feather) (I think you’re going to have to ask someone at the counter to get a feather) Let’s go and get a feather… Is it possible to get a feather? Oooh, I like it actually, yeah.
It’s pretty cool. (Does that make a difference?) Okay we got the feather ready, let’s see
how it looks. What do you think so far Zee? (It looks brilliant man, you need to keep that on). Alright, so I’ve got mine tilted, which means I’m in a good mood. (yeah, gangster man, gangster)
Oh yeah buddy, yeah, you like it ey? Okay, I think that I can work with this Not too shabby I like it. (You look like a local)
and I have the tilt on, because apparently It means that I am in a good mood Alright, lets see Let’s see if the guys have got their hats,
Oh looks like they do Siya that is your colour bro Absolutely
(Yeah? I’m a hot delivery guy) We have just found the Prince of Hunza All bow for the Prince of Hunza
(I’m just going to take my portrait) The portrait
(This is my official portrait) That will appear on the Palace Wall Alright so, my princely portraits are done From which heavens have you descended? There is nobody here like you Alright, so shopping done. Now we’re headed
to the Baltic Fort which is where the Royal Family of Hunza
used to live It should be impressive, let’s check it out! Okay, I’ve switched to the good old
mobile phone battery’s dead and there’s just too much not to document here but
every about 50 meters we go there’s a photo stop so taking us about an hour
just to get 100 meters because there’s just so much cool stuff going on so many
characters to capture just so much beauty to get so we’re nearly at the Fort.
Let’s Go!

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  3. there are 119 lakes, more than 5000 glaciers, almost 101 peaks whose height is above 7000, 23 forts, 75 polo grounds, 39000 rock carvings, 4 national parks with most famous DEOSAI also known as roof of the world, 3 sanctuaries which are home of 230 species of birds, 20 species of fresh water fish, 54 species of mammals, 23 species of reptiles and 6 species of amphibians… but still there is much more which is untapped till now.

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