Our First Time At Disney Festival Of Holidays

it is the festival holidays 2019 okay
when you’re ready to go we got the safest favorite pass which will have
fifty one dollars with the Annual Pass Holder and think this is without a few
any pass holder you will get the fun one Lydia what do we have here today a
little bit of honey oh my lord some of this is oregano this honey glaze
this crunchy stuff I have no idea what it is honey it’s only two pieces I wished it was
like a little more at least three or four for $8.00 it was delicious but I
wish to be a little bit bigger all right we got the beef wellington
taking a twist of tradition that’s where we got it at and it’s pretty big wait
for 850 it’s pretty big let mama cut it first because Lydia does
not know this is working right I know we’ve never been through the holiday
sofa so this our first time so everything is brand new to us so you
will see a lot of new stuff to us but maybe not to you the comment with your
favorite thing what you think of it mama is a dry juicy I never had it leave Walton two years
know what’s in the beef wellington it’s flaky the British lady you mean as mushroom hurt to take some mushroom
that dry the brace flaky what do you think yet the joys of being a parent
defense daddy get some limb for me the glaze
Jack was kind of oh the glaze Shack was good but not big enough for the price
yeah no no this is a $50 $8.00 holiday started November 8th and it runs to
January 6 I believe yes you know what these all mone you can
bring it back yes so these are good so the anywhere a6 and make sure you don’t
take off the taps until you show your in front of them so I think we liked it
yeah it’s right here this is the booth right there right across from that
restaurant if you look on that side you see that
sign right there it says festival of holidays right across the net and
there’s a few locations where you get that sip of savor all in depth on that
link below but I’ll put it down in the discussion below there’s about eight
places where you give the sip and savor you see that’s a good price fifty-one
lawyers for with if you have that Annual Pass card to show your ID pretty good
we got the key so fun do we got a a bruise and vice right across from mater
it is called get so fun do I look a little really good this was 650 freshly
made tortillas and a spice and that should be the spice boys because I bit
my tongue last night and people’s not many kind of warm when I wish the doctor
pH is worth a little thicker because it breaks easily but it’s fresh
it’s probably Navidad punch you got a grandma’s recipes no alcoholic you get
to meet a little Nikki for five dollars more this is 650 it comes with lemonade
apple cheese again where’s mama think about necklace oh you
guys have noticed we’re celebrating Lydia’s birthday her birthday’s not
today but we’re doing a little early birthday celebration she’s gonna be the
big ten soon her birthday is the week of Thanksgiving so we’re celebrating in a
little bit early at Disneyland because it gets crazy madness around here and
Thanksgiving time looks you know you look how big it is
that’s how I thought it was in the picture it looks so big but is this
slider it looks very big in the picture but it’s just party seeding I’m ready
this is right here the head turkey slider that right there looks the beauty
is the beef pot roast it looks like a baby penny that thing is as cranberry
sauce on it now wishes a little softer hey looks
like it’s like take you forever to swallow mr. Fred that’s taking me
forever to eat is with me today this is a little drier the salt helps in a
little bit but not too much all right guys we got here the warm
peppermint chocolate floats Nanako Holly does with peppermint hot
chocolate dries I speak it comes with whipped cream oh this mommy here does
not like whipped cream so let’s imagine peppermint crumbles it’s warm I feel by the water ice cream
with hot chocolate ice cream is cold but the drink is warm and there’s little
chunks of like candy cane peppermints in there yeah I don’t know how I feel about
it because obviously warm ice cream is gross another estimate by so jiggy cuz
we paper and we got at the same place I think Lydia likes it like but she denies
payment not magic in the dream so I will have to pass on this one okay our last
and final tab mommy wanted to get the stuffing mac and cheese creamy
sdn give us waiting of a noodle something she
doesn’t like this stuff you you like it without this nothing there you have it
so that’s it everybody it was fun for the our first festival holidays 2019 I
enjoyed myself there’s something I didn’t like there’s something I did like
we all agree that our favorite one was a chorizo Gessle it was fun I hope you
guys enjoy it maybe we should try it out next time let us know in the comments
below we’ll see you next time

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