Our Flight to Skardu Got Cancelled | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 02

Our Flight to Skardu Got Cancelled | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 02

Day two in Pakistan was a different
experience than what we were expecting but with amazing views, delicious food
and great cultural experiences we say goodbye to Islamabad and officially
start the CPICPak Tour. It definitely wasn’t how we planned it, but we wouldn’t
have had it any other way All right day one in Islamabad Pakistan
is done and dusted we’re just leaving the hotel now
we’ve got a good night’s rest recovered, full of energy now and
Brooke has joined us as well so we’re at full strength. Next stop is Islamabad
airport where we’re flying off to Skardu Lets Go! Alright, back in the PakTour bus 2.0
we’ve got an upgrade this time and then we’re gonna jump in another one
when we’re in Skardu- are we in any vans in Skardu? Or just Jeeps?
(I don’t know, we’ve got to get there and find out) Oh we’ll find out I guess. But we’re off
in the van to the airport to fly to Skardu and apparently the flight is one of the most epic, because you can
see K2 on a clear day So pumped! Pumped and we’ve got one more, Brooke- where’s Brooke? (Hey!)
Brooke’s joined us so we’re at full strength now. Let’s go! All is well in good, spirits are high as
we made our way to the airport but then things kind of shifted as Zee started to get some calls Alright so guys, it seems that the flights cancelled and plan B is we drive
somewhere else which is kind of getting us close, but not to the place because the actual place, to get there is like 30 hours driving, so somewhere from a 7 to 8
hour drive from here we get somewhere and then we carry on our plan from there
(Is there another flight?) Nope one flight a day, one flight a day. (Is there no other airports?) No that’s the only Airport in the
in the area and there’s one flight a day and they cancelled it to the weather. at this point we weren’t exactly thrilled to be missing the iconic flight to Skardu
but then Zee started getting some more calls Okay he’s saying it’s over it’s what we’ll do is you’ll get to the
airport, we’re five minutes away now we won’t get the bags out, I’ll just run
into anybody can go in and we’ll just find out from the airport whether the
flights cancelled or we’re still on track to go. Let’s, fingers crossed
you think we’ll… we’re gonna fly? I think we’re going to fly, yeah I think so
(Inshallah) I like Anushae’s
(When you want anything to happen you say Inshallah) (it means ‘God’s willing’) I like the good vibes There’s also another way to use it, if you want
to tell something either do something but you’re not really going to do it
you can also ‘inshallah’ My passport, I’m like I need my passport by Monday He’s like Inshallah No, you can do it! No, I don’t need Inshallah, you can do it now! Are you feeling a bit more optimistic?
(ah yes!) I saw you getting worried
(I was like no, what we going to do?) It’s okay It all works out in the end when you’re in Pakistan It all works out, Mashallah (Inshallah) No, Marshallah means, it means ‘thank God’ right? Marshallah means ‘thank God’ yeah
(yeah) (once we get there we’ll say Marshallah) (yeah, then we say Marshallah) We just arrived at the airport, now is
the moment of truth we’re gonna find out whether the flight is canceled or not
50/50 coin toss what is it gonna be? Let’s find out. Oh man, there comes the rain Can you hear that? Can you hear how loud that is? Still no word yet, just a bunch of rain
and anxiously still waiting Okay bad news the flight is canceled flights canceled, there is no flight to Skurdu now option two, is we’re going to be
driving to a place called Besham that’s an eight-hour drive and basically
our tour was starting at Skurdu which is the most northern point and then
we’re coming back south, now we’re gonna start from the most southern point and
work our way north, so the trip had just gone back to front, and we’ve just inherited
an eight-hour drive. Okay, pit stop, just got some water
got some peanuts, the essentials Could I get a sugar cane? Could I get one sugar cane? I saw these sugar cane stalks, so I wanted
to order some sugar cane juice Very very authentic, this is like you know this is
their local drink right? This is very popular here, sugar cane juice
(and this is a press) this is a press so it gets pressed in here and then that
compresses the stock and squeezes out all the juice and then that’s what we
get Okay Fresh sugar cane juice mixed with a bit
of salt. They put a bit of salt in here Mike you got some too, come in here Okay, so this was sugar cane juice
pressed with salt? (Yes?) (so how does it taste? Is it good?) I don’t know
(oh you haven’t tried it yet?) Whoa! (got some kick?) Tastes like eggs? Kind of yeah? Why does it taste like eggs?
(its got a bit of a sulphur taste) Is that the salt?
(the sulphur, the eggs?) It’s definitely sugary it tastes like if you put sugar in egg yolks That’s a good one- yes I would agree. a little bit of juice, a little bit of egg
a little bit of farts Yeah, anybody want some? (Zee, go on Zee?) I’m all right man,
I’m good, I’m good. What do you think so far? Why does it taste like eggs? There you go, some tasty sugar cane juice
you can tell by the look on their faces that they were thoroughly enjoying that
bit of salt, a bit of sugar cane juice a bit of fart – a little bit of farts a bit of sulphur a bit of eggs
a lot of tastes for the palate on that one so try it out when you’re here. Where you come from?
(England) Where you come from?
Oh I used to live in London (Oh really?)
(nice) Nice to meet you Alright, it is now
lunchtime we’re currently in Etibad right now and we stopped for some lunch
at a nice fancy restaurant, so far so good despite the canceled flight now
it’s time for some tasty local Pakistani food. Let’s go see what everyone’s up to. That’s after the fact. Man I am so full it was so spicy I’m excited for more All right lunch is
done now it’s time to get back on the road He’ll stick his arm up Just a quick random pit stop because
there’s this unbelievable view just out of nowhere
we’ve been driving through this small little town for about an hour, an hour
and a half and we got to the top of it it’s crazy, how big the population is
even so far out from the main cities there’s just so many people here, there’s
so many shops, buildings, houses, tons and tons of population, even this far out so
it’s quite incredible, and then to top it off with these kickass views are just
something else, there’s- you can’t even see it from the camera but there’s
snow-capped mountains, off in the distance. They’re just so beautiful Sorry, it’s so soothing stepping out of the van the issue is that mentally we were prepared for this, we were prepared to get on a plane
and arrive somewhere and now we’re like seven hours into this drive no matter how many times
you do it it never gets easier but the views are getting better and better cannot wait till we get to where we’re going because in the morning it’s gonna
be spectacular okay we’re gonna grab some tea now, some chai
have a little quick pit stop and then, back to the road! After some well-deserved chai, it was
time to get back on the road and closer to our destination. Alright and that is
the end of day 2, a lot of driving a lot of mountainous views, a lot of good food
tomorrow another long drive ahead of us but then from there, a lot less driving
and a lot more enjoying and chilling and getting the most of this beautiful
beautiful country, now I’m gonna call it a night wake up early and catch the
sunrise hopefully grab some breakfast and then back on the road but I’m
excited to see what this place looks like in the morning, see you then,
peace! Good morning, true to its regular self I’ve waken up in the morning to an absolutely beautiful view, check it out. and that brings us to the end of the
second episode, I just want to finish by giving a big welcome to all my new
subscribers who have joined the community, I want to say thank you to
each and every one of you, thank you for all your love and all your support, if
you haven’t joined the community yet be sure to subscribe now for more Pakistan.

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