Our Fun Family Vacation – The Importance of Spending Time With Family

Our Fun Family Vacation – The Importance of Spending Time With Family

In our lives these days, there
are so many things that are trying to matter to us. There are emails and phone calls
and advertisements and all these things that
kind of barrage us. But I feel like some of the
strongest, happiest moments that I’ve ever felt in my life
are when I’m with my children, when I’m with my family. And it’s when we come out and
do things like this, when we get away from the world and
we’re just together as a family and we can relax and
laugh at each other. And Mom says something crazy,
and that makes my brother Casey say something to her. As we grow up and we get older
and we all go our own ways and we start living our own lives
and fulfilling our own dreams, it’s really good to come back
together and reconnect. If we ever need anything, we’re
always there for one another We talk to our family quite
often by telephone. And they can say they’re fine
and everything’s great. But you don’t get a true feel of
how their life is going on a five-minute telephone call. But if you get together as a
family, you can see how their family is together, how they
are reacting together. And if they’re happy, if they
have problems, we all talk about it together. We all work it out together. Successful marriages and
families are established and maintained on principles of
faith, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational

100 thoughts on “Our Fun Family Vacation – The Importance of Spending Time With Family

  1. I'm not a Mormon, but I always love hearing the "Shaytard" family talk about their love for each other and not shy away from discussing their faith. It reminds me of my family. I like to think we're the Catholic version of them, because who doesn't want a family like theirs? 🙂

  2. Man that family has no idea how good they have it. Its cool to be able to watch them and experience their lives with them kind of

  3. True. It doesn't matter what faith you profess. The love that we can share as a family is universal – it's something we all want. Our greatest desire is for our family to be together forever. I'd be nothing without them.

  4. I am not a Mormon, but I absolutely love the things they base their lives on and the strong foundations they create for a happy and successful life. I love the shaytards and I love them even more for sharing their way of life with us. They keep me thinking positive! Great video!

  5. It's not really that we need religion to love our families as much as it is loving our families is an integral part of our religion.

  6. Recently my best friend game me the Book of Mormon feeling inspired to give it to me she had been helping me understand the works of The Lord. I've been praying about it and I know it's true sense then I have been going to church an my family has begun to come along to. Praying about baptism now! Thank you for being so inspiring to my family and I!

  7. I love being Mormon! I know you don't have to be religious to love your family but religion helps me to focus on what is really important in life. There are so many distractions.

  8. I don't think people know that families are the base of out religion, apart from Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I agree with you, though!

  9. Iam not mormon I am christian and a member of red cedar community church in rice lake but I saw the ad on this familys channel and was curious..god bless you all

  10. A family that lives the gospel and has faith in Jesus christ Is more likely to have a great relationship , love , comprehension , etc , a family that doesn't live the gospel is more susceptible to fall in sin and for consequent, end up being destroyed , I'm telling you this for my own experience

  11. Nice video, but I don't see what this has to do with being mormon? Surprising normal families do stuff like this as well…

  12. I understand now who paid this holiday to Shay :p
    I'm muslim and I think that your religion is close to ours at some points.
    Love people like you want to be loved

  13. The Shaytards were the first impression I had of an LDS family. The love and joy they had for and with each other was evident. Their vlogs had an influence of my first thoughts of the church and they had definitely formed the initial interest I had with the church. After investigating the church for almost a year now, I am looking forward to being baptized this December! I'm so glad to see such a great family, that I feel I know, in a Mormon message:)

  14. What's your point? This video is definitely not trying to prove your point so I don't get why your comment is necessary.

  15. Words cannot describe my excitement when I realized that the Shaytards have their own Mormon Message video! So awesome!!!!

  16. That is true, but as good as your relationships are now, just think of how much better they can be WITH the positive influence of religion.

  17. What a fun video about family fun based on gospel principles! The Shaytard family have always cracked me up with their YouTube channel.

  18. The Shaytards are such an inspiration to me, my boyfriend, and our unborn child. They have opened my eyes to so much through 15 minute YouTube vlogs. What an amazing family.

  19. I enjoy each of the videos on Mormon Channel. Thank you for the comfort you provide through these messages.  No matter what religion one may or may not be, they provide insight, comfort, and love for others.The comments are a testament to the good these videos provide. Again, thank you.

  20. Can anybody please tell me the names of the blogs used in this video?theyare my favorite and can't remember the name. Thanks

  21. This is the reason I so greatly admire the shay carl butler family.  Their faith is constant and put into practice in their day to day life's.  It's not all for you tube….not all for show.  They are truly sincere with applying their faith principles in daily life not only in their own family but by reaching thousands of people showing what God's love can be like.  I'm most grateful I found them on here.  

  22. You all make me want to cry. Your love is absolutely contagious. I can only hope that one day I will have a family as beautiful as yours.

  23. Honestly my favorite video thanks shaytards because of you guys I got baptized this past June Hope I can meet you one day shay!

  24. Shay this is great!! Thanks for sharing! And it's great to see your family having so much fun. That is what life's all about.

  25. Wish I had a family like this, sadly my "family" will never do 99% of the things that they filmed in this video, let me emphasize this IF I had a family like this I would enjoy every single moment, unfortunately I don't.

  26. Dis video made me cry Alot cuz i love my family Alot but i had never gone to a place like dat wen im bored the y say go outside it made me cry????????????????

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