Our Tiny Home in Australia (full tour)

Our Tiny Home in Australia (full tour)

It doesn’t feel cramped, that’s the thing I’m so shocked about
and you can walk through here easily for two people. Super comfy. Walk out here. Eyes locked can’t take them off you Good morning everybody
welcome… I stole Tubby I’ve decided to bring Tubby with us.
If you’ve only just tuned in. I definitely recommend going and watching
our first video cause we are currently in Tasmania. This is a place
we have always wanted to go to. We’re currently in the North, just checked out Cradle Mountain
and today the road trip continues Where ever you are, is where I wanna be. I found a good heart, just waiting for me. We have found a chairlift
so we have driven. We officially out of the national park
now and we’ve driven up to Stanley and we saw that there’s this thing called The
Nut and you can see it from so far away. It’s right on the coast. So I feel like we’re currently going up
the nut on a chair lift and I feel like we’re going to have Epic
views of the coast right now. But we’re looking it up and the
nut is actually a volcanic plug. So basically what happens is the molten
lava in the neck of the volcano hardens and then makes all this pressure in the
volcano. And usually it makes it erupt. So this is that molten lava, which
they call the plug, of the Volcano. And we’re going up. I do love just
how close we are to the ground. You can walk, it takes 45 minutes. Yeah, it’s just up here, We
couldn’t have walked – too much. Oh you are meant
to lift your legs up. Oh Oh welcome to The Nut Steve! Worlds shortest ride up the Nut. I know! It’s really nice how where The Nut
is placed it’s right on the cape, so you can see two different
beaches right from this lookout. So I just wanted to show you guys the
area that we’ve actually been traveling to here in Tazzy because a week ago we
really didn’t know much about Tasmania and now that we are, I’ve kind of got it so we’re currently
on this road trip doing the Northwest. So we started here in Launceston
and then we’ve headed, this is Cradle Mountain area and then
this morning we left Cradle Mountain and then we drove all the way up to Stanley. And then right now we’re going to
be heading off to Devonport and then tomorrow’s when, we’re
heading back to Launceston. So it’s basically this Northwest area
that we’re going to be exploring, but now we’re off, there’s
a place called penguin. We came to penguin. It’s so small Oh, it’s so cute. Home sweet home. It’s
like the size of our car. So we’ve just arrived on this farm and
tonight we’re going to be staying in an eco-friendly, tiny home. I think this is the first one we’ve ever
stayed in a tiny home before, right? Oh yeah, I think so. We stayed in smaller
accommodations before, like in Japan, but this is an actual tiny home and
it’s basically off the grid. Yes. So they have full solar panel, compost
toilet, they have batteries, electricity, gas. We even have a bathroom in there.
It’s kind of cool. Also, it’s on wheels. So I feel like you could take this
wherever you want to go if you want to go. So maybe we’ll, I don’t know if our little Kia is
going to be able to drag this around. Oh no, I think we’re going to stay
here tonight, so we just walk up here. As you can see, you’ve got everything from our
electricity to our battery to our gas. They’ve done such a nice
job here so they’ve attached
an extra porch made out of wood and if you come through here it
almost looks like a bit of a shipping container. So we have an outdoor
sitting area overlooking a farm. And I’m pretty sure I can see some cows
just down there with a bit of a Lake. So I think we’re going to have dinner
and breakfast just here coming through into the tiny home straightaway. You’re greeted with the kitchen and if
we’re just going to have a look what we have, we have a coffee pot
just here, plenty of utensils. Got some cute little cups here. They’ve
even given us some Australian Merlot, which is a nice touch. Got ecofriendly
dishwashing liquid, got our sink here, freezer fridge. Oh that’s nice of them, they’ve giving us some milk and
some lint chocolate. Open up here, have all the utensils we need and they
pretty much just designed this for what you need. There are some latte mugs,
you have some pots, we have some plates. Cooking oil. Pepper on the right here is just pretty
much the rest of the plumbing system. And we also have a toaster, which is nice. And then once you’re done with the
kitchen, that’s pretty much it. Like that is the rest of the house.
Got our bed pack neatly in the corner. Look at the colors they’ve done. Honestly, I’m going to keep saying
this really nice job. Look at the light fixtures and they’ve
kind of extended it up so it looks like they’ve taken the shipping container and
then just popped an extra roof on top of that. They’ve done a
great job with the space. Like you walk in here and
it feels super spacious, especially having the bedroom here so you
can just kinda jump over that and then you can still walk around. Oh,
that feels comfy. Actually. That feels nice. Given us a
little book on tiny homes. Oh, can I have to look through here for some
inspiration and in through this door is the bathroom, which I actually didn’t
think it had one when we booked this. I’m surprised. Composting
toilet. As I said before, everything you need just here. Eco-friendly wash come through
there in the shower. I mean, it doesn’t feel cramped. That’s
the thing I’m so shocked about. You can walk through here easily
for two people. Super comfy. Walk out here man. I can get
used to this. This is super nice. Go watch the beautiful sunset,
but I think we’re pretty hungry. It’s four o’clock. We’ve been driving since nine 30 doing a
little detours around to see as much of the North coast as we can. I think
we’re going to cook some dinner. They even have a herbs and spices garden
for us so we can just help ourself. Jess just made enough sushi for an
entire village plus the cows down there. I have been obsessed with sushi since we
came back from Japan. I know you have! I can’t stop making it,
we’ve got soy sauce, ginger. We got too much sushi for
two people. Cheers, bubs. Cheers. Good morning Tasmania Bye tiny home. That was the
coolest little experience. We totally need to do
one of these. Again guys, if you’ve ever seen any cool
tiny homes from around the world, leave a comment below because I’m
a little bit addicted to them. So we’ve just driven 10 minutes down the
road to a place called Turner’s beach. And as we were driving down to the beach, we saw a place called
Turner’s beach Berry patch, looked like a really
cute place for breakfast. And I think we were right because
we just ordered some breakfast. It looks amazing. We just ordered some hot drinks and
we’ve just found out that they do have a berry patch here and you can pay $5, you can enter and then you can fill up
your product with as many berries as you can. So I feel like that’s
what we’re going to do. And that could be like our
road trip snack for the day, Here we go We have never gone out to a little
berry farm before. This is so cute. It’s almost like a kid in a candy store. You just get given a punnet
and you can go crazy. Road trip snacks sorted. Oh my gosh, it is dropping like crazy. I’m just going to have to taste it and
then explain what we’re doing right now. Ready guys? We’ve come out to a Lavender farm and
I’ve always wanted to try Lavender ice cream except it, um, it’s melting
very quickly. So you’re ready. What is the yum kinda tastes like
vanilla ice cream? Are they heated? Blended them? Yeah. It doesn’t taste like so good. No, we thought it was gonna taste like soap. Wow. Nice. So young. So we can’t do one of the most famous
11 to farms here in Tasmania. Of course, we’re a little bit too early. The buds are starting to
grow I think around February. If you come out here
it will be incredible. Just eight of 11 applause. And it looks so beautiful where they’ve
placed it because there was a mountain range just out there and it almost has
like an orange red just around the field. I don’t mind coming out here. Now of course this would be insane when
it’s in bloom, but at least it’s nice. And green apartments is
definitely worth coming out here. But if there’s a reason to return
to Tasmania is to come here. When these are blue, it’s so good. So they had a store
inside full of [inaudible] 11 to stop, so we had to get something. Stephen’s dad absolutely loves tea, so we ended up picking him up 11 to
and mint tea and I cannot wait to try. It smells amazing. The weather has definitely changed
from when we were in cradle mountain. We’ve now come to Launceston
and this is actually, we’re going to be spending the
night before we leave tomorrow. It is now 23 degrees. We had one
degree in cradle mountain. It’s crazy, but we found out, so we went into town. We’re trying to work out what to do and
we just saw that you could literally walk from the middle of the town
to this amazing natural area. It’s called cataract Gorge. I cannot believe they had this
basically in the backyard of their town. Usually you have to drive
out for these things. It is a massive Gorge
that cuts right through. I see that you could touch boat rides
along it and just come down and checked it out. It is so beautiful. Look at the view from our Airbnb. I had no idea what was
going to look this nice. So basically jumped online a couple of
days ago and I knew we wanted to stay in Launceston before we fly home tomorrow.
So I booked an Airbnb for two reasons. One, I booked this bit
Airbnb for two reasons. One is because it was one of the cheapest
I found was like $100 a night where when you stay right in the
city, it’s way more expensive. So it is 10 minutes out of town. And
number two, it was called bird’s nest. So I’m like, okay, let’s stay here.
It is so cute. Look at this view. I feel like we’re not even near the
city and we’re only 10 minutes away. And the lady that roots a place told us
that in the night we may hear possums walking along the roof and wallabies
might come up at sunset up to our place.

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