Outfitting for Camping 20-Year-Old Land Cruiser

Outfitting for Camping 20-Year-Old Land Cruiser

I love doing this at about this time of
day the Sun is just gonna just going down and I’ll come and just stand and
listen to the traffic and and just enjoy a enjoy a moment alone the cars running
well very very well in the previous part of this story I drove the restored Land
Cruiser 105 1600 kilometers to Pretoria to arrive to convert plane station wagon into a
camper tourer type thing now my it’s not this is not a conversion I’m going to
find products like some of brand new so I’m kind of trying them for the first
time that I think will suit the vehicle really really well I want to keep it
simple but I also want to increase comfort and practicality around the camp
and here this is quick pictures Factory in Victoria and they have three products
that I think take to be like the look of and to be honest with you all three of
them I’ve seen the drawings I’ve seen little bits of video they’ve just been
released on the market right now but I like them because well I think
there’s something special here it includes a rooftop tent and awning I am
told that is something something really really special and I decided not to go
with a traditional draw system instead a self-contained kitchen
I’m Andrew st. Pierre White join me as I share my passion for bowling four-wheel
drive trucks and traveling to the remotest parts quick pictures rooftop tent is new on
the market I know little about it each will like all of the others before
it make its mark on the industry and go into competition with manufacturers like
ez on al you cab but the devil is in the detail what makes a product like this
really really good the way you live with it way it treats you not just the way it
looks or how practical it is so I I’m going to have to go on a proper camping
trip to be able to report and do a proper review on this tent
but what I can tell you right now is that because of this strip here going
the entire length and this strip here going the entire length for the first
time that I can see a roof tent manufacturer has actually designed it
with the idea that the tent is the roof rack why have a roof rack that is a
hundred percent covered in a tent and most tents you need a rack then you put
the tent on top then you attach the bits and pieces onto the sides of the roof
rack but the rest of the roof rack is taken up by tent this is a roof rack and
a tent or it’s a tent and it’s also a roof rack because my goal is maximum
roof Rek total weight under 100 kilograms a
few days later I left the vehicle with them for them to do the installation and
here it is where I basically consists of a quick picture with a shade of their
new awning the quick pitch rooftop tent and the kitchen unit that’s basically
what they’ve done I’ve still got to put in the electrical systems and things
like that which will now be added to the vehicle at some time in the future so I
selected the 56 litre snow master dual door I have it in my Trippi in Australia
and I have been told it will fit and I don’t think it will I think that space
is too small that sticks out a lot eh those hinges
with so I’m going to leave now with the
vehicle as it is I would have loved to have spent more time getting to know
these products I just do not have the time to do that in Johannesburg this
moment so there will be when I get back to Australia I’ll have a closer look at
the products obviously not on this vehicle and then the first big trip for
this vehicle is scheduled for July 2020 but before I leave town seat covers many
of you that watch the channel will know that I have a particular favorite seat
covers I’m actually a little bit fussy about seat covers because well some make
you sweat some absorb sweat some are just very heavy some kind of a okay but
they don’t fit nicely and they don’t look particularly nice some look
gorgeous for the first year and then when you wash them they don’t look very
good after that and I could go on and on so that’s why I’ve just keep coming back
again and again to these guys Tecla it’s again it’s a South African product I
tried a few of the Australian products none quite match the quality of these or
doesn’t it look good now with its roof reckon Tenten everything on anyway yes
where was I seat covers yes so lightning visit to tackler and
they are fitting a set that I asked them to make for me and it’s happening now
actually and this time I’m taking a little bit of a risk and then I’m trying
one of their new products they call it the signature range it has a very very
thin layer of foam between the seat and the seat cover itself and I’ve been told
and in addition to all the other properties it enhances comfort and
another one of tacklers brilliant products
it’s called tech met their floor mats that cover the entire floor space
completely washable incredibly robust absolutely love them and some of them
even have sound insulation built into them for the first time during this
entire build I just feel a sense of excitement but at the same time
disappointment because I now have to leave and leaving the vehicle here and
all I really want to do at this very moment is stick around and finish it
right now the fact what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna erect the tent
I have never pitched it before it is a brand new it is brand-new to me I’ve
seen a few videos and that’s all so I have absolutely no idea if it’s going to
be any good it is a new product made by quick pitch okay so that actually it was
like a vacuum inside it seals so well it seals so well I couldn’t open it but now
actually it’s very little effort to lift it very little effort alrighty
okay that looks big it’s bigger than I’m used to in terms of just the sheer size
of it so really now guys this is my first impression of this of this tent I
really okay here’s an interesting thing this is the ladder that they’re not
making their own ladder thank goodness you’re not making it around a ladder
because some of the tents are available today the letters are a joke and a lot
of people that actually buy those tents replace the letters with these
commercially available expandable letters okay so okay alright I’m going
to show you up there now first what I’m going to do first before I do that is
I’m gonna open the awning because again first time I’ve ever opened it I don’t
know how long it’s gonna take me and I’m gonna pretend it’s like my old
one just kind of treat it the same way see if it opens all right one two three
pull those out okay let it drop grab this and walk all right let’s see all
right here you go it’s got four legs arms I should say four arms not the
normal three I wonder why they did that let’s think is real here somebody
somebody was using their brain when they decide when they designed this really
this guy here so it can clip onto any bot that looks like an eight probably a
mile it might be two nights I think it’s an eight okay so any any ten mumbled but
here’s the thing I think this is really clever you can take this in so if you’ve
got a pole okay if you’ve got a pole any kind of pole and you want to wrap this
around the pole you just do that and see how versatile that is and that is unique
that’s a unique completely fresh look at the clasp here and then we tighten it
and there’s the awning wow it’s big this is really big okay this is not not
the same as I’m used to ah actually that’s not that not too
dissimilar and it’s much bigger than my previous number I kind of figure out why
it’s much bigger I think I figured it out the previous one had one arm here
then another arm here so it went straight from that arm to this arm and
because this has got another arm you’ve got an extra give or take well know that
much I suppose you’d have to put them next to each other to compare but this
is much longer this feels it feels this much longer than my previous one so
that’s oh I think it’s fantastic I like that very much bread and press now the
next test is those mornings like this are really good for those people that
want a quick shade solution if I was camping at a beach for a week and a half
I might have something like this but the thing is that when the Sun gets very low
you can’t tilt the arms down and so they have a limited appeal for people that
are on the move quite often and one shade quickly 270 like this that’s the
deal okay so but the question is you could see how quick it was for me to
open it was really quick for me to open I have never opened or closed this
before and I’m gonna time myself to see how quickly I can close this over before
I do I’ll show you one thing that’s been worrying me though because this has got
an upper and lower tailgate another side opening tailgate whether the awning
would actually be a problem for this to be open and it’s not but it is touching
so what I would do to modify mine is I would put a little strip of little strip
of rubber here so it doesn’t damage the but it doesn’t interfere at all and in
fact there is there’s a massive amount of shading behind me massive
that’s a bit bigger this is much bigger every rooftop tent that I think I have
ever used particularly this type the closed-shell type have problems with
ladders because they’re not long enough and when they are long enough they don’t
fit into the tent capsule itself the tent isn’t long enough for the length of
the ladder so then what do you do with the ladder you add an extension to it
and then it kinks in the bank and it’s a hassle
okay and every one of them has had that problem and I used to think to myself
why don’t you have an expandable letter they’re available there my tension made
in China they’re cheap and it doesn’t matter how high your car your vehicle is
it doesn’t matter how high they are it just doesn’t matter how far they are
look at this so what we do is right so we tilt that in there now must tell you
there’s the first time I’ve done it so I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t know
what I’m doing I’m actually doing for this for the very first time genuinely
oh that’s how you do it that’s how you do it okay right so now this thing to do
is to hook this on actually I’d probably leave this strap closed do this first so
all you do is you take that and you drop that in like that yeah some of that
simple is that that’s so easy okay so quick bitch
thank you the amount of times I’ve suggested this to other tent
manufacturers just ignore you well they ignore me maybe it’s just me
so climbing up the ladder into the tents now let’s have a look at this tent
haven’t been up the timber for so let’s just get it ready nice so I mean it is
it is impossible to do a proper review of a tent without sleeping in it for a
couple of nights a week you got you know just like the psycho Hammond material
that’s good lots of storage space on top I have seen them make it there’s good
I actually thought over-the-top insulation underneath did you know he’s
metal tents you get a lot of coldness coming from underneath because they
Michael and it’s a big thing with these tents if you’re not well under insulated
underneath it can get very cold in them because of that and I know that from
firsthand experience and they have got big dense foam it’s about 12 mil covered
with a layer of carpet and they’ve done something I was watching them make it
and it’s exactly what they did but there’s a good insulation and this
mattress is well my guess is it’s a very very good mattress some of these tents
are really really cheap on horrible mattresses but you can upgrade them it’s
not difficult to upgrade a mattress I mean what do you think first impressions
first impressions are that it’s gonna be very nice and you know oh you know what
you know what where are the power points now the competitors tent that I have
used and it’s basically a sister of the Hercules design they have sockets and
lights at the side the lights lie down they face up and all they do is blind
you you can’t actually use them because if you’re in the tent changing or
something you’ve got this thing blinding you I’m really hoping they haven’t made
the same mistake with this one so okay okay okay yeah this is this is gonna be
better it’s not plugged in so I can’t test it it’s an LED light there it’s got
a nice high stalk okay so what you would do with this one is you could face it
upwards yeah you sure so I’m not convinced about the light but then again
you know you can’t tell with you have to do a proper review I’ve cannot tell
without actually living in the tent spending night in the tent and you’ve
got I’d be guessing so I think it I think it’s a better solution and the
certainly looks better quality but I’m a light up top would be better and I
actually use their little little lanterns but there’s nightcore lr10
lanterns with a little bit of rocker on it velcro and I stick it up there and I
accidentally the lights at all in the tent so so what do you think hey what do
you think shoes place for shoes thank goodness Preston is one of the one of
the problems with any rooftop tent in wet weather where do you put your shoes
where do you put your wet shoes thank you
there must be other tent manufacturers that have pockets like if this in them I
don’t know that there probably are I just haven’t seen them for myself I
think okay here’s an idea tent manufacturers I think that you
should actually include a pocket on the outside
waterproof like a basket enough for two pairs of shoes or one on each side
whatever and it hangs on the outside so you can literally stand here and take
off your boots and put them in and then put the flap over so they’re kind of
watertight there’s an idea for a tent manufacturer okay quick pitch how about
that how about doing that hey okay oh this is an interesting design thing that
I’ve just seen look at the angle of the strut you see that stretch it’s almost
vertical what that means is that you can actually load stuff on top of the roof
of the tent and the shocks which can be adjusted not by hand you have to get
them pumped up and just it can easily be adjusted to carry loads on top of the
tent I think that’s the reason why they’ve made it almost vertical it has
an interesting design here on the so the leading edge there you see that leading
edge it’s no hinge it’s actually I watched them weather weather assembling
them that’s an extrusion then one of the trouble is with rooftop tents is that
when it’s pouring with rain and you’re traveling at speed you get such a high
air pressure and from the tent it actually pushes water into the tent and
so unless you’ve got a really good seal it can leak so you know and over the
years it might not leak first year one year two years three or four but
eventually the rubbers start to deteriorate and then leaks start there
are rubbers but in front of the rubbers there’s no hinge no hinge at all I think
that’s I think that’s very clever all right now let’s have a look in the back
show you the kitchen unit and then I’ll tie myself putting it away
is actually a kitchen unit is not a traditional drawer system because well
you’ll see in a minute and they left this area clear for me and I like that
I’m not going to put another draw in here because the fact is that I can put
six ammo boxes in that space six that’s a lot of stuff alright so I don’t have
the fridge and you saw earlier that we tried to fit that fridge that were to
say 57 litre I think dual door being a dual dog is a little bit bigger than
some of the others so unfortunately the one that I wanted couldn’t fit but it’s
actually designed for a 60 litres so some 60 litre models actually do fit in
here so you need to get that if you’re interested in one of these you need a
contact quick bitch and say what fridges fit alright you need it you need they
need to give you that information because it’s impossible for me but this
is I want to show you this because when I saw this I just went oh wow you’ve
solved a major problem like the ladder you’ve solved an ongoing problem with
fridges in the back of station wagons watch this so that now would be my fridge said this
level I can see into it isn’t that cool kitchen draw prep table sturdy enough
maybe not sturdy enough quite sturdy enough to chop big bits of biltong but
sturdy enough of Fripp and my stove other cooking stuff and I want to put it
away I was a bit too it was a bit too energetic of me there you go
and what do you think about this tackler Tecla seat cover nice NASA did a cover
cover for that for me which was nice because it had some wear marks on the
toilet and I sort of that out fantastic absolutely it’s wonderful I do want to
repeat and I’ve never done this before to me if you time it who you’ve never
done it before then it’s kind of accurate it’s it’s you know it’s a real
representation of I mean once you’ve done it a few more times the speed is
going to be reduced so if I do it in time it’s a very first time and you know
it’s it’s fast then well then that’s pretty good isn’t it it means it’s not
complicated and I don’t have to figure it out so that’s really what I’m trying
to achieve here so it’s got let me see okay it’s got fat so I need to put my
hand over there and grab the straps and pull them down let’s see let me know I’m
here and I think they were three when they’re the two only two maybe the third
one is aside you see this is what’s taking up time there is those three so
okay easy this is so hope you guys have got
your watches going because I don’t know how long it’s taking me but okay familiar way of doing it works pretty
well with the slots are a lot bigger so they’re easier to thread slots where you
slap this in okay so now three of them and very nice okay that’s pretty easy
wouldn’t that really nothing to it really absolutely nothing to it at all
now they call it away the shade because I think that trying to say by the word
where the shade that it’s not just for sure it’s not just for show you whether
to so anyway I’ll know okay stop the clock
I think that’s pretty quick but I am i cheating I it’s best to nursing my
previous one so I did kind of know what to look for alright so packing this away
how easy is it this now so I don’t know how the letters gonna work because this
is interesting because how okay so push it up to her
let’s try this okay all right push it up ah that’s how you do it okay alright
that makes sense it actually makes sense not difficult to do it all and then the
final one you lift it out okay that was very easy
that’s vzz alright again the first time I’ve ever done it so and actually I
think this still goes down more no oh I know what happens this goes up over here
okay and that can now go up there so that was pretty straightforward again
first time yeah I’m gonna put that in there so I can
it’s so short that I can put it this way this way this way this way this way oh
my a m– was to get the roof load under a hundred kilos here now ah is the
actual weight there how did how did I do this very moment I have no idea I reckon
I’m within 10 kilos or 100 kilos I might be if I’m over and don’t think I’m over
by 10 that’s my guess that’s the result there you see it written there
I wonder what at this very moment I wonder what it is because well I don’t
know gee that looks big that opening is huge all right let’s see how easy this
is to pull down Oh My heavens that’s easy to pull down that’s really easy to
pull down really easy to pull down practice there’s no effort in this at
all okay but now here’s my very important you must be able to put it
this is very important with a roof top 10 you must be able to open it even this
much is enough okay so that now you can tidy up your stuff make sure it’s all
good make sure it’s pulled in without this
thing without having to hold it down which is important to me okay I forgot
to put this out okay does help it and then close it alright quick picture I’m
going to make a little design suggestion that is very fast very quick very easy
alright I’m going to make a little design suggestion for you and I hope you
understand this criticism and where it comes from you see this handle it’s
wonderful put another handle here because climbing
up on here on whatever I’m climbing on to have a handle here to pull myself up
to the end a pitch or close the tent will be a huge help okay all right
you need another handle just an idea just an idea okay I hope that helps if
you’re interested I believe that would be a helping hand so how did I do
timewise pretty good so I that’s it that’s that’s my trip done I’m I’m sad
to be leaving actually to be honest with you man I’d love to take this thing on a
trip now but all the other pressures on my work everything remotely requires
that I return to Perth it’s gonna be a button it’s going to be almost ten
months between now and when I get to play with it some more so you know my
daughter Kate and her husband Cameron and they’re sailing channel they’re
going to be borrowing it to do a few trips very light trips not afraid or
anything like that I’ve said to them they can use it because hey a couple of
young people like that with a truck like this and mostly I want to thank our
patrons the channels patrons you made this possible you are making this
content possible you are the guys that are going to make the trips that I’m
planning next year to Zambia Malawi maybe Uganda okay big trip next year you
are making it possible and for those of you that are not patreon patreon
basically is thank you Andrew I’ll support all you have to do is support
one video that I make by paying a contribution towards one video I make
each month if you choose support one video or I normally make four months
sometimes five if you even if you choose to support this one video you get every
video you become one of the family it’s as simple as that and it’s you guys and
you know who you are and make this possible I want to thank you for the
bottom of my heart and also the YouTube you YouTube guys I know there are a lot
of they love the work some of you many of you have been patrons for a while
you’ve gone away for one reason or another that’s cool
fine just enjoy the shows comment share be a part of the community it’s
fantastic thank you so much all of you for
watching and if you haven’t subscribed what’s stopping you

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