Outwell Sleeping Equipment – Air Mattress – buying guide – camping gear

Sleeping comfort on your camping holiday, is one of the most important factors to fully enjoy the outdoor experience. The options to find that home-from-home comfort are many and in this video we are here to help you find exactly what is right for you. Things to consider, to help narrow down the options are things like insulation, height from the ground, comfort, price and pack size. Self inflating mats, like our popular Dreamcatcher models will provide ample insulation from the ground and give you good support while you sleep. They are a great compact option if you don’t mind sleeping close to the ground. Airbeds and flocks will bring you further off the ground pack down small
and are a classic on the campsite. However they do not insulate well by themselves and need extra cover
for the colder months of the year. Camp beds, lifts you well of the ground and provide fantastic support for your nights sleep They do not have much insulation on their own but used as part of a sleep system or with a mat on top, they deliver great home from home comfort. Our complete sleep systems comes with everything needed and combines the best from airbeds and camp beds, with the needed insulation and softness for a fantastic nights sleep. For more information on each category, watch our individual videos where we go into more detail.

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