Overeating During The Holidays

Overeating During The Holidays

Madam Noire recently put out an article
debunking all the excuses you make to overeat during the holiday season. You know who I’m talking about. Some of the most common
excuses included saying that you’re over eating to to
avoid being rude to the cook. Or you’re overeating because you
have too many parties to attend. And intentionally gaining weight so
that you can stay warm during the cold winter months.
>>[LAUGH]>>Yea, that’s a good one.>>We’ve all heard that one, yeah?>>So ladies, do excuses come out of your mouths
when guys start to stuff your face, when you feel the need to feed?
>>I’m a grown ass woman. I’m gonna eat when I want to eat. I don’t care.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Straight up.>>You ain’t gonna tell me. And I’m gonna really drink. It ain’t so much the eating,
it’s that drinking that get me. I’m like-
>>[LAUGH]>>And then where is the mistletoe, okay?
>>Lord.>>It’s the mistletoe. That’s it, it’s the holidays.
>>My goodness.>>I feel like I’m doing the opposite this holiday season. I’m actually trying to like be good and
like stay focused during this holiday season.
>>Me too.>>So I don’t have as much to work towards when January 1st gets here.>>Yeah
>>Whatever.>>[LAUGH]>>I’m trying to eat healthy.>>I’m struggling every day. I’m trying to eat healthy
until December 24th.>>Yes.>>Then after that, it’s free for all.
>>Really?>>And my excuse will be, I normally don’t eat like this.
>>[LAUGH]>>But I am going->>It’s like girls that be like, I don’t normally do this, but-
>>I don’t normally do this, but I’m gonna anything and everything-
>>Yes.>>Everything, December 24th and December 25th.
>>Yes.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Just let it all hang out.>>Thank you for putting that restriction on, but trying. Are you going to ask anybody
else to do that around you, so->>No,no, no, no, go away. I want everybody else to eat. I actually just wanna
do like a cheat meal, as opposed to the entire day.
>>Smart.>>So for dinner I’ll eat whatever I want and as much dessert as I want, but that’s only on Christmas day.>>Got it.
>>Well.>>Not even Christmas Eve?
>>Boring.>>[LAUGH]>>Yeah.>>[LAUGH]>>No, sorry.>>Boring.>>I’m gonna try to stay focused, cuz if I gain all the weight
during the holidays, when I make my New Year’s resolution for
January 1st, I’m gonna have to just do more.
>>That is true.>>But you love the holidays. You talk about the foods and the original recipes that your family made.
>>Yes, that means I can have a little bit of it, not the whole thing.
>>[LAUGH]>>No, I mean, we go to too many parties. Why y’all up here pretending, okay?
>>I’m trying.
>>[CROSSTALK]>>[APPLAUSE]>>This is true. This is true.>>Why we pretending? Y’all trying to act like y’all ain’t been eating.
>>But how many pounds have you lost?
>>I been with y’all heifers on the weekend.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Okay?>>I’ve lost three.>>[APPLAUSE]>>How many pounds have yo u lost, Adrienne?
>>Five, so far.>>Okay, and I’ve lost three so far.
>>My God, really?
>>Yeah, Yeah.
>>Okay.>>Yeah.>>All right, we gonna pretend.>>I did drink, but I stoll lost three pounds.
>>[LAUGH]>>Yeah, I think it’s more so the drinking holiday parties.
>>No, see I’m different. I plan to do some twerking for New Years, so I’m gonna put some packing in the backing right here.
>>[LAUGH]>>I’m gonna get it, hey, hey, hey, hey.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Let them know Jeannie. Let them know.
Let them know.>>[LAUGH]
>>I love it.>>The only real person sitting at the table.
I been with them, they been eating.
>>No.>>They been eating, and drinking, and partying, and eating and
sauces, and all of this.>>I have.>>This is true!>>I did have a hamburger. I had a hamburger with you.>>You, me, and Adam.>>Yes, it was a mini hamburger.>>You had three hamburgers.>>I did, but I took->>[LAUGH]>>You trying to, I love you to death.>>I did, but Lonnie, what did I do though?
What did I do? I took off one bun.>>After you saw me take off one bun.>>[LAUGH]>>You was about to eat both of them buns. And you were like. And I was like, Tam, take off one. You was like.>>Can we just call it bread? This is sounding real weird.
>>[LAUGH]>>No, out of three burgers, she thinks she did good by taking one bun.
I’m just going to be for once->>They were the mini ones, the sliders, the sliders.
>>That’s like when people go to fast food restaurants, and then they order a diet Coke.
>>I cannot.>>Well, it was a slider.>>I’ve been eating good. I’ve been waiting 10 to 20, and
I’m like, I’m looking at like, what are you talking about?
>>Hey.>>We was just together last night.>>You could of held her arm like this.>>The bun off. And I lost three pounds, Lonnie.
>>Thank God!.>>I lost three pounds.>>[LAUGH]>>I love you though, Tam. I love you.

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  1. Praise to the most high that we all have so much food to eat on christmas and that we can be with our families too. #1stworldprivileges. Have a bless day y'all.

  2. I think it's funny how they always drink the tea in a awkward/ shady situation with the side eye to the right or left lmao πŸ˜‚

  3. Jeannie needs her own talk show. Loni can be the co host. Tamera needs to go back to acting and Adrienne needs a link up with a new girl group. .. I get that those where the day's but 2018 needs to get it together.

  4. i LOVE how Real these ladies keep getting! I've been watching this show since it aired and honestly, this conversation was a conversation I would be having with my girlfriends. It was so funny. Good job guys, keep doing what you doing – we, the audience, appreciate you x

  5. I need an excuse to overeat? Pssh y’all better mind ya business and ya own plate πŸ’πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ€šπŸΎ

  6. I over eat because I have no self control! I’m not going to eat a salad while ur eating a burger! Give me that damn burger and fill me up! I love food tooo much!!!

  7. It's time for Adrienne to get pregnant now, she has been married over a year and she is in her mid 30s, it's a perfect time for her to conceive and not be so concerned how to keep slim.

  8. I love Loni just keeping it real but everyone over eats I know I sure do what can I say I love me some food πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ’―

  9. Yep…what Tamera said. And Ade is right. Cheat meal on one day is good idea. For people who struggle with losing weight we have to go through these struggles. Yes we like to eat but it is a struggle. Wish Jeannie and Loni were a lil more sensitive on this. They pissed me off with this. Ok Im in my feelings lol

  10. I love this show. This always remind me of when my friends and I come together and just talk about anything. Especially when I'm the one bringing it all to reality like loni. Love me some Loni!

  11. I don’t make no excuse. I just eat as much as I can and as much as I want to. I definitely agree with Loni

  12. I’m like Jeanie I had to rewind the video and I’m like this women said out of two hamburgers she thought she did by taking off one bun off her third one πŸ˜‚

  13. Now after eating healthy I say It’s my hormones or Think I did good before just like tam said lmao but if it’s not holidays I blame it on my pms lol

  14. Loni your a grown ass woman with a weight issue stop glorifying the fat. Eat it or dont but dont ignore that it has consequences. mature women face the real issues

  15. Nobody overeat like me lmao.i could eat a whole box of ice cream sandwiches in a night im talkinh 20+.Im taking advantage of being a teen where i dont put on any weight

  16. Ok Loni if u don't care about your health.. don't discourage the other ladies….d least you can do is support them!!! It's no laughing matter… audience!!!

  17. The stress of thinking about overeaten it’s not that big of a deal and nine times outta ten u won’t rl go trough with it anyways so yeah

  18. Girl I cannot stress this enough….. Tamera IN THIS episode was killlllling these hoes. Tamera always look good don't get me wrong, but in THIS episode she was just looking sexayyyyy. periodt.

  19. Threw the winter I do find myself eating more because I think oh I will work it off during the spring. I really need to stop that lol.

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