Overland Expo West 2018 – Camping and Overview

Overland Expo West 2018 – Camping and Overview

what’s up everyone good morning were
here out on the San Francisco Peaks we were camping like here last night before
everyone heads to the expo everyone’s already left to go down there I’m
waiting till a little bit later in the afternoon to go get my ticket and get in
line for Overland Expo West this will be my first year I’m taking my big old rig
down there and I’ve been out camping for the last three days all through Arizona
I met up with Overland bound I made a video about our first three days camping
you can go check that out but yeah so I’m gonna go get packing get everything
ready and I’m gonna get out of here all right we’re here in line there’s a
lot of chatter on the CB radio sitting in line here but if the amount of rigs
in this line are amazing all right made it in all Tetris tin here
and it just finagled my way into a little spot we’ve got such a huge
Overland bound group going on it is awesome everyone is getting ready for
this weekend literally the first thing I park next to is this opted Overland rig
you’re just making a gigantic shadow on everyone such a cool rig but they’re
giving out free beer the amount of vehicles here is ridiculous
it’s so cool check this out so why don’t we do a quick little
run-through overview of everything I can find this morning here at the event date
one so check this out my most favorite tent of course you
know it all right so it’s a couple days and
after the event here finished up as you can see in this video you know I was six
days in the woods sunburnt tired and the energy level at the end of that video
was a little low so I’m gonna redo the ending here but now it was an absolute
amazing event I would definitely go again the camping was rough because it
was a little tight we were Tetris in there but other than that I mean it was
such a fun weekend seeing all those rigs seeing the creativity that people had
and what they’re making these vehicles to do it was very very cool I’d like to
thank overlaying bound for setting up this whole convoy and everything down
there especially Michael and Korey it was an amazing trip I got to meet so
many cool people Sian from the event who helped orchestrate everything she helped
me get my hat I had a really cool conversation with primal outdoors he is
an amazing guy very down-to-earth and spent you know like almost a hour just
talking with it was very fun I would also like to thank all the guys from the
front runner booth for hanging out with me and then of the guys from shift pod
the really cool tent the insulated tent that you saw in the video they helped me
get down to the event and had a great time so thank you to everyone awesome
alright but a few tips on the event is if you are camping with a group of
people I would highly suggest their getting early if you can’t be by
yourself your timing doesn’t matter because there
there were quite a bit of spaces if you just explore but if you’re camping with
a group get there early second is bring a a vehicle a mostly a
bike to get you from the camping area to the actual event it’s like a half mile
maybe give or take from where you’re camping to the event yeah it gets a
little tiring if you just have to go to put something back in your car
I would also if you are planning on buying anything from a vendor at this
year’s Overland Expo they still might do some deals they might hold some deals
just ask them this will have the deals going on from the event if you don’t and
you can wait the deals there were pretty insane
one of which like I’m not regret but I got a goal zero the 8,400 one and a
solar panel there at the event they had refurbished once for like half off so
just the thing if you’re in the market for some cool stuff wait until the expo
but but that’s it today I’m gonna enjoy the rest of this amazing day here in
Sedona we’re gonna go around some ATVs and I will see you in the next video if
you liked everything I do go check out my trip down here with Overland bound
that was a fun video subscribe if you’re not subscribed and I hope you like this
video hit the little thumbs up below and I will see you in the next one thanks

13 thoughts on “Overland Expo West 2018 – Camping and Overview

  1. Nice video, some of those overland luxury trucks are a bit over the top unless you plan to traverse the grasslands of Africa! I do love some of the smaller builds. Cheers!

  2. That hike where is it it looks like Sedona oh nvm didn't wait til the end we love red rock State park it's awesome

  3. Not sure, I have to look into it, I’m definitely doing Rubicon this year, just had not considered doing it with Jeep Jamboree..

  4. This video is savage, like in a literal websters kinda way 😂 Just started my channel recently and glad I came across your stuff 🙂 Peace, JR.

  5. Just found your channel and would like to compliment you on your fantastic editing rythme, shots and content Quick question was the time lapse at 1:20 in the timeline was that just a slow shutter speed or was there a effect, it's really interesting shot. Thanks for sharing

  6. Really enjoying the videos, not only for the only one giving info for those of us wth full size trucks, but also the California flavor, something missing in this genre. Good looking out and looking forward to more trail and camping videos. Well done.

  7. Subscribed! — Great stuff man. We are currently on the Trans America Trail in AR heading west to California from the Outer Banks of NC. We will be at Overland Expo West this year in our Jeep Wrangler. So pumped to get out to AZ and see all the cool rigs. — Check us out as we make our way across the TAT! Also, would love to setup a trail ride or something once we get out there. Keep us posted!

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