OVERLANDING THE ADIRONDACKS ~ Free camping and dirt roads in New York!

OVERLANDING THE ADIRONDACKS ~ Free camping and dirt roads in New York!

Good afternoon guys, from the Moose River
Plains, Wild Forest outside of Indian River in the Adirondacks. We are here. Spent the
night at a pretty awesome free campsite. But just going along getting out our own
shots and we see this outhouse. And given the fact…. That you can only go
about three days with dumping cassette toilet… You never really want to pass up
an opportunity to empty this thing. I took a peek in here… This thing is pretty shady! There’s a
link to it honey…Oh! I forgot to lift up the toilet seat…. I really like our grey water
hose. Oh! It’s got a little plug of food… There it goes! But it’s essentially yeah… Minor food
remnants, soapy water. But the perfect concoction to shake the cassette out with.
You’ll never get this thing completely clean but…. One rinse, goes a long way! Okay, we’re about to start a little one- two day overlanding adventure with you,
so make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you can see as we wrap it up tomorrow! I wish
we could go day, after day, after day but I don’t think there’s that many dirt
roads. And I’m actually feeling pretty blessed that we were able to find…. The
dirt roads that we have!…Ahhh…. Because that’s you know, essentially kind of why we
bought this camper. Because we want to get out into nature and explore off-grid places! What an amazing ride! So this is…. What we’ve been looking for!
We’re unfamiliar with the area! So we don’t want to drive too far and get out
of the area but here we go!…. This is quite the expansive trail system guys! But this
is the direction we’re gonna go. We’re gonna head towards, “The village of inlet.”
And so far, yeah! The road has been a little bumpy at times because there’s
like a little road rock sticking out of the ground. This past little stretch
was a little washboarded but… No four-wheel drive necessary! Ahhh…We’ve seen
countless free camp sites, after campsite, after campsite and there’s folks in there with bumper pull trailers.So…. Like a Sprinter van could easily make it,
a school bus could easily make it. You know, a truck pulling a trailer could
easily make it. So this is an amazing camping area. I love it! Thank You, New
York! Well, I think we are nearing the end of the park. And now it’s time to pick a campsite.
Village Inlet, 7.9 miles. Well, ever since we made that last turn,
the campsites disappeared! So if we see something, I think we’re just gonna jump
on it! I don’t really feel like backtracking. We’re definitely getting out of the
wilderness area. There are some buildings and notifications are starting to come
through on the cellphone! Alright! Well, where’s that put us?…Nice cabins!…I know! It’s a pretty Lake. It doesn’t look like
camping! That’s pretty lake…..Alright! Well
instead of backtracking those campsites, we are gonna push forward to
Inlet. And….. Still I have no idea where we’re gonna camp but that’s kind of the fun of it! “Volunteer fire department.”…This is
clearly the tourist district of inlet! The Ace Hardware store, Motel, library.
Cute little town guys! I don’t know if we’re gonna find a campsite in this town
though. Okay! We’ve pulled over here in downtown Inlet to regroup. Nabbed a little bit of WiFi because there’s still no phone service. And….. Up the roadways by Lake
Durant, there’s a dispersed camping area and a launch ramp area that says it has
camping, that’s free of charge! So instead of backtracking, we’re gonna move forward! Got a buckle Shelby in!…Just in case I
forget to tell you, thank you for driving today so I can play with the cameras!…In
yesterday’s video, we reset the odometer for that dirt road. And the path that we
took was give or take about 30 to 32 miles of dirt road. There were some
lefts, there were some rights. So you could spend a lot more time in the area
exploring but…. A road system like that is a priceless thing when it comes to
people who like to get outside and recreate!
Uh!….Welcome back to the town of inlet!…Haven’t we been in Inlet before? Yeah! We made a wrong turn guys! It
happens! Yeah! Okay thanks don’t remind me! But
yeah, we made a wrong turn. Now we’re recovering! It’s getting late.
We still don’t know where we’re gonna camp! ….Wow! Inlet is such a cute town
honey. I feel like we’ve been here before. Yes! Right there at the volunteer fire
department. We turned left to go to Inlet but on our departure we should have made
a right headed this direction…. The views are pretty up here at least! There are
times when local knowledge pays off and this is one of them!
A local would have said, “Turn right, not left.” Local could have said “Hey! You just passed an awesome camping area!” …But that’s the way it goes when you travel. And we learn
these lessons a lot!…. Alright! So it says this is like the Launch Ramp for
Durant Lake. Oh! there’s a deer on the road… That’s
always a nice sign to see some wildlife. Hello ma’am! Oh hello ahhh…child! Two of them!….Alright, be safe guys! I think we’re in the right area! I see
somebody in a van. Let’s just go ahhh…Pick out a chunk of land to call our own! Well, there’s somebody tent camping! That’s water…. Alright! Well we have
four-wheel drive so let’s just swing into that grassy area and see what it
looks like! Alright guys! That’s a wrap!
I’d show you the campsite but you wouldn’t be able to see it anyways. So
yeah! Hit that SUBSCRIBE button, if you like wrong turns and over landing and
all that good stuff! And I promise…. I’ll show you this campsite in the morning!
We’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!

27 thoughts on “OVERLANDING THE ADIRONDACKS ~ Free camping and dirt roads in New York!

  1. You should have turned toward to Otter Brook while back in Moose River. Probably 70 more campsites between that sign and the end of the road. When you came out of Moose River just up the road Limekiln lake State park was located but I'm not sure if they are still open this late in the year.

  2. here is a great tip for your toilet. Walex Bio-Pak Drop In Caravan Toilet Chemicals for Cassette or motor homes. Make sure you use the Bio-Pak as they will not harm the good bacteria in the toilet systems you dump into. I use these in our portable camp toilet. Made in the USA and work great. Also smells nice. I will be doing a video on them in the near future.

  3. Love following you guys. Fall colors are awesome. Enjoyed your music & drone views.. Video in general great..Your driving was empecable even with a wrong turn..??

  4. You're NOT supposed to dump in an outhouse !!! They don't get pumped out like a Vault Toilet !! Shame on you !!!

  5. LOL, you 'rinse' your cassette tank the same way I do; … though I typically 'repeat' since I'm single so usually have more grey than black and everything stays about even this way…

  6. Ben, Rebecca, I would have liked the chance to meet you as I camped at the Moose River Plains area this past weekend. This is huge tract of available camping land here in Northeast. Best, Chris

  7. If you feel brave you can attempt the loop near Parent, Quebec. It's a 250 mile dirt road loop through NW Quebec. It's west of Gatineu. There are videos here on Youtube about it.

  8. And this is my play ground you are in right now. Enjoy it…I do. There is also a bicycle race on that road every June. Black Fly Challenge.

  9. You really should have checked out my channel, it has a dozen videos with descriptions of the area. You are in my "Adopted Home". Let me know if you ever find anything else like it !!

  10. I don't live that far away from here and it's a great place to camp. You may have driven right passed my house on Route 8 in the town of Ohio. Indian Lake is a nice little town. I have a lot of friends there. Happy safe travels!

  11. I can't believe you drove through Moose River Plains and didn't camp there, except your first night at the entrance. Oh well, at least you saw it, long ass way through the woods without stopping. Cheers and enjoy your travels.

  12. I LOVE your Drone coverage….Can you share info about the Drone – we are getting ready to hit the road and love this. Thanks!!

  13. This is one of my favorite places to visit. As I was watching, I was like "Oh you just passed a GREAT site!" about ten times. We NYers are fortunate to have a spot like this. It is a well kept secret. Thank you for the video. I'm going during Colombus Day weekend. No bugs, beautiful foliage and usually still "tentable." Edit: I originally wrote this half way through the video! As I finished, I was like…"Wait! No! You've gone too far! You're past the sites!" I am sorry you didn't get to spend more time there. LOL

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