Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Handle Ireland

Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Handle Ireland

Whoa whoa whoa baby boy! I’m in Dublin, Ireland. Home of the… Rudy. Let’s go find us a leprecorn and have a good time. (Irish music) Holy snopes they got a Jimmy Fallons. Only the best comedian of all times! Toly crobus, the one
thing I really wanna do is head into town, I hear the town– Oh. Holy snopes I’m at the
famous River Liffey. They say it’s a hundred feet wet and it’s full of yummy whiskey. Wow the famous Ha Ha Pa-Penny Bridge. it’s romantic as hell I wish I knew how to kiss. Are you joking my ass? I did not think it would be
this easy to find a leprecorn. Let’s go chep it out! They weren’t open yet. Man, Ireland frickin’ sucks! I like Dulbin but it’s little bit rapier than I thought. (Inhales)
Ahhhh! (Inhales)
Ahhhh! Ironman you’re cool as heck. Why yes, the Leprecorn museum
should be open right now. Get out of my ass. I found the Dublin Castle. They say it’s a hundred feet big and it’s not as cool as I was hoping. Didn’t think it would happen,
didn’t think it would happen. Didn’t think it would happen… Danosaur. I guess I could call it
a day and leave Driblin but, what’s the point? Yeah Dulbin’s pretty cool, I think I’ll get some dogs together and play some football later– oh. Whoa baby boy, Ryan’s! Whoa baby boy, Flannery’s! What is it- what is it- what is it named after my ass? Put a couple of small
things inside my ass. I’m at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, but it’s not even Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s a- some- it’s a different day. Holy snopes look at this billboard. isn’t it pretty as a peanut? I think I could just stand here and look at this billboard all– No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Are you joking my ass? I’m at the Gwines Brewery, let’s go see if we can
get pint of the bad juice. Mmmm, yum, yum, yum. Big boy drinking it up. What a day I’ve had here in Dublin. I never did get to see any
leprecorns or anything but at least I got a
pint of the bad juice. It even was the best day of my whole life. (electronic music)

61 thoughts on “Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Handle Ireland

  1. I don't know why, but this is my favorite series on the interwebs. It even was… the best series… of my whole life.

  2. American girl walked past me in Temple Bar. I heard her say "Wow, it feels like I'm in Europe…"

    Good man, you had the craic, and that tongue move is how I'm gonna express it from now on :p maith thú!

  3. '' Put a couple of small things inside my ass…I'm at Saint Patrick's Cathedral!! '' ^.^ LOL He's so ridiculous!

  4. Did you find the couple of small things I put up your ass? See you in Napa… time for some wine shenanigans

  5. Overly excited tourist in the US: City name in video title.
    Overly excited tourist outside the US: Country name in video title.

  6. Wow, this guy is a total ripoff of "Check it Out with Dr. Steve Brule".  Would be funny if his act wasn't completely stolen.

  7. Jesus christ stop talking about leprechauns I live in Ireland and all tourist talk about it leprechauns and Guinness

  8. I've watched pretty much every skit, and this one and Hollywood Blvd take the cake.
    "Why yes, the Lepocorn museum should be open right now" hahahaha.
    Keep doing your thing, Ryan!

  9. Man idk how you do it! I can barely vlog normally without worrying about what people think of me, and you are, well, being you!!!! Love it

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