Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Handle The Chowdah In Boston

Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Handle The Chowdah In Boston

– Wicked pissah! I’m in Ballstown, Massive
Hooters, home of chowdah. Let’s go get in a fight for no
reason and have a good time. (horse neighing)
(fife and drum music) Whoa baby boy, the famous Shitaki sign. Beantown’s got some serious gas! Toly crobus, there it
is, the Charles Rivah. They say it’s a hundred
feet splish splash, and it was named after Ray Charles, who never even got to see its beauty. Dearly beloved, we have gathered
here today inside my ass. I’m at Family Park, home of the Red Stops. Hey Nomah, hit a fuckin’ homah Nomah. Hi duckling honeys. Which one of you is the ugly one? Probably you, ya nasty
freak bad boy bitch. Are you joking my ass? The original Chairs ♪ Where everybody goes insane ♪ (techno music) Wait, what? (faint music) Cheers danosaur! Holy snopes, the Freedom Trail. Wish I had found this before
I met my ex-wife. (laughing) Ew nasty bad, the bones of Samuel Adams. He invented my favorite beer. You’d think they’d give
him a nicer tom-stone. Are you joking my ass? Why does Brad Franklin have
a way bigger tom-stone? Boston, you are wick wack. Fun wheel hall, let’s go to the mahket. South mahket. North mahket. Oystah bah. Mahket fries. Dick’s Last Resort, lobstah special. Bogahts. Yeah, that was a wicked cool mahket, kid. Toly crobus, the oldest
operating restaurant in America. It’s got an A rating, for ancient! The British are coming inside my ass. It’s the Paul Revere house. Paul was revered for his, yeah, you know, whatever, you get it. Hey nasty boy, is that musket loaded or are you just happy to see my ass? (laughing and smooching) Get out of my ass, I made it to the New England capital building. It was a prank, we gotta run underground. Pahk the cah, what a day
I’ve had here in Ballstown. I never did get any clam chowdah, but I didn’t really want any. It even was the best day of my whole life. (techno music)

42 thoughts on “Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Handle The Chowdah In Boston

  1. Why do you pay this tool? Nothing was funny, more annoying like EVERY FACE IN THE BACK ROUND… please look … it's funny idea, just wrong guy..

  2. I couldn't stand these videos when I first saw them but I was drawn back for more and now I can't wait for the next one!

  3. Hey Russia was kicked out of the Winter Olympics for cheating but New England Patriots didn't see the problem, because they were joking their Ass!

  4. You broke character! Get outta my ass! Mama caught it. Also, since half my family is from New England, I'm going to help you land the accent cause I love you, ya nasty boy: anything ending in "er" becomes "ah" and anything ending in "a" becomes "er". My name, back East, for example is: "Marier" pronounced as Ma-rear. Thank you for the joy.

  5. Boston seems to be the most crowded place you’ve tried to shoot. Did anybody stop you or comment on the goofy things you were saying? Anybody ever get hostile?

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