Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Handle The Rockets In Huntsville

Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Handle The Rockets In Huntsville

– Holy second amendment,
I’m in Huntsville, Alabama. Home of Good Will Huntsville. Let’s go shoot us a ten point
bunk, and have a good time. – [Announcer] Three, two, one. Whoa baby boy, disc golf. Okay honey, let’s give it a shot. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Oh, shit. Disc golf sucks, do not like. So sue my ass, I love horses. God, nasty hiccupotamus, I
wish I could Huntsville you to frickin’ death! Are you joking my ass? They got corncob. Now that’s my game. Shit. Shit. Ye-aw, shit. Corncob is for corn brains, no thank you. Jesus, shit. Get out of my ass, I’m
at the Children’s Museum. Take a look at all these nerds. Nice hat. Metal mouth freak. Cool turtleneck. Where’s your tooth? Holy snopes, holy snopes, holy snopes, Goodwill Huntsville! So I love stop signs,
tell it to the judge. Hi honeys. Holy snopes, they got a White House. If Dan Trump is in
there, then EW is right. Are you joking my ass? I’m at the US Spruce and Racket Center. Come come, chep chep. (upbeat music) Get inside my ass and enjoy the free wifi, look at the size of that racketship. They say it’s 100 feet big,
and it could go to the moon, if the moon wasn’t a lie
perpetrated by the Chinese. Don’t understand the reasoning, don’t understand the reasoning, space danosaur! Piss on my clean laundry, what a day I’ve had here in Huckstable. I saw some pretty cool racketships, and I daminated at corncob. It even was the best day of my whole life. (upbeat music)

48 thoughts on “Overly Excited Tourist Can’t Handle The Rockets In Huntsville

  1. This is what happens when your mom tells you every thing you did as a child was cute! Your disillusioned child goes through life thinking everything they do is cute, but society sees your child as the strange idiot that they actually are.

  2. This guy is in a funny Netflix series called American Vandal. Spoof mockumentary done like Making a Murderer but the crime is dick-drawing vandalism. Worth a watch

  3. This is one of my favorite sketches! I hope that it keeps going, each line used is so unique and if you can't laugh at these then you don't like much comedy.

  4. Is this the dude from American Vandal? Good show btw. Takes a little time to get good but a few parts had me laughing my ass off which doesn't happen much these days

  5. Roy Moore is NOT allowed at the Huntsville Alabama Children's Museum. Or around any children. Period. Thank you for the joy even in a seemingly joyless place.

  6. LMFAO what a nutter but what a funny as fook nutter.
    Working through his mini vlogs .. proper crack me up

  7. You're so great I love watching these so much and when I go on road trips I do this for my friends and I try to find what you find. It makes road trips so much more fun so thank you for that

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