Overly Excited Tourist Finds Reno’s Secret Wonders

Overly Excited Tourist Finds Reno’s Secret Wonders

– I’m here in Remo, Nevada,
home of the Las Vegas. They call it the biggest
little city in the west. Let’s go see if we can have a good time. (slot machine sound) Look at this fancy looking casino. Let’s go check it out. Look at all these dang
big shot degenerates having a friggin awesome time. Holy snopes, look at this,
look at this Reno River. This can’t be right, this
can’t be normal, it’s raging! You can’t even go down the god-dang steps, it’s under the raging river,
you gotta be joking about that! Juniper creebus, would
you look at the size of this friggin’ clown. They say he’s 100 feet tall, and he sings to you on Christmas. Holy snopes, I have found the
Reno Playana-taput-tetartica. Whoa baby boy, I’m at
the Reno star monument. They say there’s 100 stars, and you can give each one a little kiss. I don’t know what this even is! Uh oh, could someone come pick me up. I’m joking, don’t come. Look at that, I’m here in
front of the Reno big ball. They say it’s 100 feet big,
and it’s full of juice. Well god dang, I didn’t know it was the god dang national bowling
stadium and hall of fame. Let’s go inside! Holy freakin’ snopes, this
is the biggest god dang bowling place I’ve ever seen
in my whole freakin’ life. You’ve gotta be joking my ass! What are you joking my ass? I’m at greater Nevada field,
home of the Reno Aces baby. You hit a home run! I snuck into the dang stadium, shhhh. Foul balls. Three strikes and you’re get out. National automatron mausoleum,
what are we going to go see some cars? You gotta be joking my ass, of course I want to see some cars. You gotta be joking my ass, they got classic purple car, oh
and ringo cucaracha, Pontiac fast car, GMC old
car, a Chevy weird car. Yep, they pretty much had them all. Well, I had a pretty good
time here in Remo, Sriracha. I never did get to see
any hookers or anything, but I still had a pretty dang good time. I think maybe even it was the
best day of my whole life.

97 thoughts on “Overly Excited Tourist Finds Reno’s Secret Wonders

  1. Love Reno been there many times,on my way July 28 again.I have to Las Vegas many times but love Reno.

  2. dude i remember when all the floods where happening in reno we had to move haha but we only moved to sun valley which is still in nevada but a tiny bit farther then reno how come hes freaking out over every little thing in reno..? btw i have been to every single thing in reno its my home town (even the bars) bahahaha my dad worked at most of them thats why ahha

  3. I recently visited Reno and they one HUGE problem downtown – HOMELESS SCUM. Until they buckle up and get rid of this trash, Reno will never get a lot of tourists. One thing Vegas is good at, it's keeping the riff raff away from their Golden Goose of Tourism – the casinos.

  4. I just came from Reno… This is hilarious.. my wife and I can't stop watching it for the simple fact we were at or seen all these places in this video ???

  5. Ok kiddo, fr some reason this old broad found herself enjoying and smiling at your handsome young exuberance. Peace young man. Keep that smile , it is contagious. ?

  6. (( Not sure if it was a joke or not )) but you said Nevada wrong the first time. Also as someone who was born in Reno and still lives there this is exactly how all tourists.

  7. Are you frickin high and drunk? You start out calling it REMO Nevada, then say "home of the Las Vegas" then you get even more stupid and misquote the sign saying, "the biggest little city in the WEST".

  8. Idiot. Biggest little city in the world, not the west. Reno sucks cock. Expensive, traffic sucks. City council are assholes.

  9. “I’m in Reno Nevada! Home of the….. Las Vegas”. I lost it there lol. Well at least say “Home of the Aces baseball team” lol

  10. I am i use to live there i moved away??? i have never met another reno nevaden where i live now RIP

  11. Welcome to the Biggest Little Shit Hole in the world, take a stroll down 4th Street where the hookers & tweekers are haha lol


    PS did anyone else get offended by this video

  13. In from Remo, Siracha- and I actually saw a Remo, Siracha bumper sticker. This video is what make us famous

  14. Are you saying joke in my ass or joking my ass? I say it’s joking my buddy thinks it’s joke in. Please confirm!

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