Overly Excited Tourist Gets Political In Washington D.C.

Overly Excited Tourist Gets Political In Washington D.C.

– Hey, man. I’m in Washington, BC, home of the capitol of the President. Let’s go check out some of the manuments and come and have a good time. (patriotic electronic music) You gotta be friggin’ joking my ass. I’m at the Lincoln Park Memorial. Where’s his friggin’ hat? They say the statue is 100 feet tall and his head is full of gold. I’m here at the refraction pool, where the President
himself cools himself off. (cries out) It’s freakin’ cold as hell! You gotta be friggin’ jokin’ my ass. I’m in front of the Space Needle and they say it’s 100 feet tall and when you get to the top you can even see my house. It looks like I’m touching the tip of it but it’s pretty much just an illusion. Get out of my ass. I am at the Arlegon National Cemetery. It’s friggin’ spooky as hell! A lot of brave men served our country and even some lesbos and to them I give you
the highest American. How are you supposed to drive this car? It’s got a big friggin’ rock in it! Holy snopes! This is it! This is it! You gotta be jokin’ my ass. I’m right here in front
of the Russian Embassy. I’m gonna see if I can get a sneak peek at President Dan Trump. – Not only do we want to
defund Planned Parenthood, we want to decease Planned Parenthood. – Excuse me, do you know
where I can find Dan Trump? – I’m sorry, what? – Do you know where I can
find President Dan Trump? (coughs) – Donald Trump? – Yeah, yeah. Get out of my ass. I am in front of the
U.S. Catapult Building. You can see Benjamin
Roosevelt is overlooking this is where the U.S.
gets all their fish to eat. You gotta be jokin’ my ass. I’m at the Smithsenian
Natural History Museum and they got a full-size hippopotomus. Are you jokin’ me they
have another dinosaur? What would I look like as a early human? – [Computer] Touch the early human species you want to become. – I wanna be a Sala-pada Kedadensis. Yeah! (laughter) So overall, I never did get a sneak peach of President Dan Trump, but I
still had a really good day. It even was the best day of my whole life. (patriotic music)

79 thoughts on “Overly Excited Tourist Gets Political In Washington D.C.

  1. Awesome video. I really liked it. Totally would have shared it if you didn't disrespect the Arlington National Cemetery 🙁 Despite this I want to see more Ryan videos! It was really funny.

  2. This was funny as fuck. Other than the disgrace of the dead. Doesn't matter why or what or who they or if they served bro. Don't disrespect the dead. Keep on livin bro. Love what you do.

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