Overly Excited Tourist Gets Very Short Of Breath In Denver

Overly Excited Tourist Gets Very Short Of Breath In Denver

– Wow wow wow pickled parrots! I’m in Danvers Colorado, where the air is thin, and the, and the… Let’s go hike the Rookie
Mountains, and have a good time. (horse neighing) (evil laugh) Do you think it’s okay
if I leave my bike here? (laughs) It’s way too big to be my bike! I told my three best friends
I was coming to Dentures, and they were all like… “Y” Excuse me sir, how do I get to
the Denders Capital Building? Are you joking my ass?! That’s not helpful at all! It’s okay, I found it anyway. Wow, it’s gold on top, just
like my Aunt Linda’s tooth! Surely you’ve heard
about yummy blue cheese. But what about blue trees? DJ, hit it! (energetic dance beat) Take your shoes off and
dip your feet in my ass, look at this big blue cat! They say he’s 100 feet big, and he’s blue ’cause he’s chokin’ to
death on a Reese’s Pieces. Hi honey, I think you
have a nasty-bad boogie! Holy shit, go! Go! You know, I’m having a pretty rockin’ time here in Danders Colored-Rainbow, and that’s no bull! Holy Snopes! This fellow
appears to have drowned. Ah, you’ll get ’em next time, bud! You know, maybe I’m not
having the best times here in Coronado. Sykes! Get out of my ass. There it is, the United States Mint. This has gotta be, this must be, this oughtta be, this should be, this has gotta be where
they make toothpaste. Are you jokin’ my ass? They got danos at the Denver zoo! Denver-saurs! (laughs) Look at this nasty bastard. Cheer up, ya bad, nasty boy. Are you jokin’ my ass? They let anyone play these paninis! (randomly slamming piano keys) Aw, toly crobus! A bunch of clowns got their bikes stolen. Hey, stick ’em up, partner! (laughs) I’m just being an absolute nut. (gasps) I’m gonna go see my mom! Suzanne Somers, what a day I’ve had here in Danders Colored-Bando. I never did hike the Rookie Mountains, but I was very short of breath. It even was the best day of my whole life. (energetic dance beat)

85 thoughts on “Overly Excited Tourist Gets Very Short Of Breath In Denver

  1. whoever thumbs down a silly,funny skit like this , I would hope find some way to enjoy life and lighten up. you will not have friends because no one wants to be around such negativity. I'm really kinda sad for you ……on second thought not really.

  2. Me when there's a new Overly Excited tourist: "Are you joking my ass?!! This is even the best day… of… my whole life."

  3. I have officially adapted the terms "You gotta be joking my ass" and "Holy Snopes" into my own vocabulary. Dude, this shit is hilarious.

  4. Ryan… great usage of Suzanne Sommers. Remember: Threes a company, too. Important lifestyle choice then AND now. Let's hear it for threesomes!

  5. And yes once again I am joking your ass Ryan. Without this series , what is life anymore? I'm in N. Korea nuclear range.

  6. Been a fan of the Overly Excited Tourist Series since the start. They're still pretty good, but I'm ready to see what else he's got. I saw him do a short (~10 min) standup bit this weekend and I loved it!

  7. I like to Publicly Thank You for your Outstanding Performance as an actor, completely out of character in the Hit Netflix Series AMERICAN VANDAL! Oh sorry you got fired at the end and I'm not joking your ass.

  8. I have no idea why I watch these over and over again…yes I do, I've never seen anything like it and boy do they make me smile.

  9. Hey Adam the Woo. Take a not this is what is called comedy. Not that hipster dufus crap that you do. This guy must have watched your show and said " what if I did a travel show but made it funny"

  10. I have severe depression and Ryan's videos made me laugh for 1st time in ages. You precious precious idiot. I ♥ your channel. Thanks so much.

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