Overly Excited Tourist Goes Completely Nuts In New Orleans

Overly Excited Tourist Goes Completely Nuts In New Orleans

– Show me your boobs, I’m in
nude snorkelin’ loose bananas. The Big Weasel. It’s raining, but hopefully
not too much, ’cause, remember? Anyway, let’s go have a good time! (cheering) Are you joking my ass? Look at this Cliffin the Big Red Dog. They say he’s 100 feet big, and he’s wait wait wait, no no no no no. Moon Forfeit has a lot of
history, dating back to-ahh! I don’t like bats. I met this honey, she was nice
but she was kind of a hotard. Toly crobus, I’m at see anal street. Where they let you see anal, if you’re a very, very nasty boy. Whew, that was the stinkiest
couch I ever sat on. Boy does spoon orbit
really love their boobies. But whose ass doesn’t? (dance music) Well enough of this
bullcr, excuse me, chief. Well enough of this bullcrap, let’s go find Bing Bong Street. Are you joking my ass? I made it to famous Bing Bong Street. And boy is it just so nice. So nice. So nice, good fence. Very nice, strong wood. So good to look at. But if you think I’m
gonna let a little rain and construction get me down, Chal please. Get out of my huge ass,
they got huge ass bears? Some authentic Nude Demagorgon japs music. Piss on my arms, piss on my arms, piss on my arms, holy snopes! Oh when the saints come
marching into my ass. The Fais Dahoose Dahoose has a big New Orleans danosaurleans! Hi honey, what did I blow your mind? I’m sorry about that bad joke, honey. Let me Bayou Burger. We gotta go! And Fins. That’ll do it for my day
here in Crude Porcelain. Hey by the way, you may have noticed I’m wearing a Free Devlin T-shirt. You can get this shirt and more from the American Vandal
collection at Amazon.com. It might even be the best
day of your whole life. (dance music)

69 thoughts on “Overly Excited Tourist Goes Completely Nuts In New Orleans

  1. Wondering why they are still doing these shit videos. I always see them in my list but never watch them. The views are never high. Don’t get it.

  2. I just binged American Vandal on Sunday and I kept think I knew Kraz from somewhere. I'm dumb enough that if you hadn't showed the shirt at the end, I'd still have no clue.

  3. Ryan loves America so much he married her! Congrats my friend, love the vids and keep them coming! Come to South Lake Tahoe, you'll love it.

  4. KEEP MAKING THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My girlfriend and I have been watching you religiously every single time you put out a new one.

  5. Mama has missed you, ya nasty boy. Crude Porcelain indeed. Sooo nice. Sooo nice. Been in and out of the hospital too many times. Next Mama challenge (since you've accepted many, thanks again for Reno, Napa and SF): Portland Maine and my hospital. Only LOVE.

  6. It's been 2 months……where is Ryan now????? Hope he's coming back soon….I love this guy!!!! Bye Honeys

  7. I love the blue dog paintings, they are called the blue dog on the red river for those of u uncultured swines.

    Btw I live in New Orleans. It’s lit af 24/7

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