Overly Excited Tourist Has A Sugar High In Atlanta

Overly Excited Tourist Has A Sugar High In Atlanta

– Millions of peaches. I’m in Atlantis, George, home of.. George. Let’s go see if we can get
some bad bumps from Usher, and have a good time. (upbeat hip-hop music) (explosion) Ew, are you joking my ass? Use a spoon ya nasty girl,
you never had soup before? Look at this nasty bad frog. What might you- what
did you- what would you- what did you not eat enough flies today? (rattles)
Oh shit. Get out of my dreams and into my ass, I’m at the Cacahuela Museum. My mom wouldn’t let me have Cacahuela, ’cause it makes me off the wall. (high-energy electronic music) Punch my son’s teacher in
the throat, there it is. The birthplace of Martian Luther King. Founder of Martian Luther King day. No school, honey. Holy snopes, it’s Marcuela Benezuti Stadium, home of the Atlanta Flaccons. They say the Flaccons
were up by 100 points in the Super Bowl, and still lost. Toly Crobus, look at this
tunnel of freaky fun. Come come, chep chep. They got ghosts! They got Nick Cannon! They got gas! They got boobies! They got peepees! They got poopies! They got boobies and peepees together! They got danosaurs! They got activism! They got Dan Trump! Hi, honey! Yep, they pretty much had it all. You know, something me and
Atlangela have in common is we both have pretty big cocks. (laughs) No, I don’t though. Hi, honey. Aren’t you glad Michael
Vick’s out of town? Now I’m in the middle of the woods, and I found something
called Doll’s Head Trail. Okay, let’s get this over with. Hi, I’m all set, sorry. Mmm, I’m all set, thank you. Oh, I’m good, thank you, though. No, thank you very much. Oh, thank you so much, but no. Oh, that’s so nice of you, but I gotta go. Beware of the Thing. I’m just gonna go, sorry, thank you. Ass full of raisins, what a day I’ve had here
in Atlambala, Georgina. I never did get any bad
bumps from Usher but, I got plenty of mosquito
bites in the woods. It even was the best day of my whole life. (high-energy electronic music)

56 thoughts on “Overly Excited Tourist Has A Sugar High In Atlanta

  1. This guy is not funny in the least. Anybody can have energy while mispronouncing words. Anybody ever remember Tom Green? Not only was he lame and better than this guy, nobody can touch the master at this who was Andy Kaufman.

  2. Hey! No, I'm all set, thank you! That's what you say to every guy that comes up to you saying,
    "My man! Hey, my man!.."

  3. Hey can you tell us what gas stations you get your souvenirs at because I would like to get a Giant Peach shirt like James and the Giant Peach.

  4. Sometimes I cut…my…………………………….that place is infested wit house music and cough syrup.

  5. Dolls head trail = super spooky. Sorry you didn't get any bad bum from Usher. Maybe next time? I got to binge watch 2 months worth of my favorite funny honeeeeey on the internet, today. I've had fun. It was maybe even the best day of my life! Thank you for the joy Ryan

  6. I can usually translate what heโ€™s saying but what the hell is ass full of raisins supposed to be? lmao

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