Overly Excited Tourist Is Crazy For Applesauce In Minneapolis

Overly Excited Tourist Is Crazy For Applesauce In Minneapolis

– Rob Riggles Ribs, I’m in
Mini Applesauce, Mini Sodas. Home of applesauce. Let’s go have some applesauce
and have some good applesauce. (electronic music) Toly crobus, it’s the Mississippi River! Remember, from the-from my-from when- from school? M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I. M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I. M-I-S-S- Look, look, look. I am to play the guitar for music. (laughs hysterically) Oh my God, go, go go, go, go! Are you joking my ass? Look at this boat with
a big danosaur on it! I love it so much! I wish it was mine! I wish it was mine! Whoa, baby boy, look at
the size of this boot. They say it’s a hundred feet big and it was made to kick
the ass of all my haters. (laughs hysterically) (smooching sound) I’m so bad! This nasty cat gives Mini
Applesauce a thumbs up! Well so do I you stupid idiot! Juniper creebus, you
know what I really wanna- Excuse me… you know
what I really wanna do is check out the marble of America. Holy snopes, here we go.
The Moral of America. Come, come. Chep, chep. (squeaking animal sounds)
(hysterical laughing) Nordstrom Rack! Jamba Juice! Par-foo-mani-eh! Benigens! (gasping) Hi honey! I don’t know, kinda just
feels like a regular old mall. Except for the giant Lego danosaur! (static) Chopper, come in,
I’m having a pretty goo… I’m having a pretty ni..
I’m having a pretty fu.. I’m having a pretty good
time at the Malafa Malaga. Are you joking my ass? Look at these nasty canyons. You boys are so nasty. (smooching) (electronic music) Ah, you disgusting hiccupotamus,
get out of my life! This cute honey told me “I don’t think we have a connection”. I said, “Alpaca Connection in your ass”. Get out of my ass, turn around
and zip the hole back up. They got a rolly roller right in the mall! I don’t know if we should give it a try- Yeah, we should give it a try! (screaming) Boring. Pretty much not scary in the hardliest. Piss on my children, what a day I’ve had
here in Mini Applesauce. Now I get to kick back with
some of the good and mushy. It even was the best day of my whole life. (electronic music)

61 thoughts on “Overly Excited Tourist Is Crazy For Applesauce In Minneapolis

  1. Malafa Malaca used for the Mall of America has me on the floor. As did you calling out the shite shop names incorrectly. Oh Ryan, insanely my Make A Wish is meeting you and going on an adventure as a tourist.

  2. Your ass ain't been joked till you come to Columbus Ohio. … Visit Ohio State's horseshoe arena, the field of corn sculptures, the Golden Bear of Upper Arlington HS, the statue of Chris Columbus, yada yada yada.

  3. Ryan – I thought your "Hollywood" video was the best but this tops it. Come play at the Pasadena Ice House so I can come see you. The sign is 100 feet tall and if I get to see you perform there, it will be the best day of my entire life.

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