Overtourism: should Amsterdam ban tourists? | How to travel better

Overtourism: should Amsterdam ban tourists? | How to travel better

– Hey, hey! I’m Conor, Language Tsar and
welcome to my channel, to this video! So today I’m in Amsterdam. The topic I want
to talk about today’s video is overtourism or tourismophobia … So overtourism or tourismophobia is a phenomenom that’s been hitting Europe, especially last summer, there were lots of protests in some cities like Barcelona and Venice. So in this video I’m gonna give you an overview what it is and what some of the solutions might be … coming up! I just got in from the rain, you saw the Dutch weather there … was not really conducive to good filming. I guess maybe Dutch weather could solve
the phenomenon of overtourism. So what is overtourism? Overtourism is when locals and/or visitors to a city feel like there are too many other
visitors or tourists coming to that one place and it actually
deteriorates the experience or actually the quality of life if you happen to
live there. So the roots of overtourism are actually in something that should be
a good thing intuitive and that’s the democratization of travel. Well actually
that just means the prices have dropped considerably if you want to travel
especially here in Europe and that’s because of well cheap airlines I mean
what we call low-cost airlines like easyJet, Ryanair and one of the big
developments in the last few years has been services like Airbnb. Airbnb
basically allows people to rent out rooms or maybe an apartment in one
centralized marketplace. So that means that there are a lot more rooms
available when you go to most European cities and that of course pushes the
prices down. Carpooling or car sharing services like BlaBlaCar that can
help in normally a shorter journeys between cities. I have two
guys here from Turkey in the back of the car. What’s up guys? And …
– Adam – Adam is from Brussels and he’s giving me the lift here. He’s actually gonna drop me at the
door of my friend’s place here in Amsterdam. Even better than taking public transport at a fraction of the cost!
That’s another insider tip if you happen to be traveling here in Europe. Look up
BlaBlaCar. I’m not affiliated with them. I just use the service and I think
it’s badass! So what else can we do about it?
What are the solutions to overtourism? Number 1: I would say is that you could ban tourists or ban visitors, ban people or not locals. But that would seem very extreme. The other thing that
governments or local authorities can do of course is increase things like
tourist taxes. That will just make it more expensive but I’m not personally in
favor of limiting people’s options in limiting you know the democratization of
travel because then it will just push up the prices, limit supply and that would mean less
people will travel and that’s not really personally what I want to encourage. I’m
want to encourage people to go and travel as much as they can and do so you know try …
to try and meet local people and not do things they’re so touristic. So this is
what I don’t like about areas with lots of tourists. It’s a little bit of a
unnatural environment, not very cool for me, too many people trying to get
the same selfie in front of I am Amsterdam sign but this is one of the
downsides when places become popular. Another thing they could do is start to
limit the number of rooms for example so less hotels maybe in the center and
what we’ve actually seen as some of those measures been taken recently
actually in Amsterdam. They’ve decided to limit it to 60 days per year that you
can rent out your property on Airbnb and that considerable
reduces … that’s only one-sixth of the time. They also did other things where
they found were more nuisances with these large numbers of tourists and that was
to ban things like the beer bikes that you might have seen and also to promote
areas away from the center and that’s a really
really interesting concept so that instead of investing their overall budget for
tourism. They have actually reduced it surprisingly because they think they have
enough visitors but they don’t have them in the right places of the city so what
they’re doing now is promoting more distant parts of the city and investing
there and promoting it, maybe given more information like with
apps. Hey there’s a very long queue at this time you would be better coming back
to this attraction later but you know these are other attractions that you can
see further away so it’s less congested in certain areas. That would be really great
and also trying to promote higher spending tourism. So people are gonna stay in
more expensive accommodation gonna get more expensive restaurants. Things like
soft drug consumption, prostitution, these are not seen as major money
spinners for for the city itself. No one really wants to tell people it
shouldn’t come somewhere especially those you’re gonna behave responsibly
but this is a reaction that local people feel like there’s just too many tourists
and that they’re causing these problems for them and it lowering their quality of
life. It’s that kind of tourism in general isn’t super … isn’t very
responsible in terms of creating a good ambiance for locals so I really
encourage you just bear that in mind when you’re traveling that you’re
visiting someone else’s country and their culture and you should try to
enjoy it and not kind of treat it like I don’t know some sort of decadent
backdrop to your drinking party so please please please try to be more
respectful when you’re traveling there you’ll get more of an enjoyable
experience because of course local people will engage you more and they’ll
treat you more with respect of course if you treat them so that’s one of the keys.
Write me what you think about this concept of overtourism. You can write a
comment below. I actually have a travel course, travel video course that just
launched. You can go check that out. I actually have a free three part video course
that’ll help you travel better on your next trip and the link to that is below
there’s actually been there going to be there’s a premium course that I’ve been
launching and you’ll find out the information about that but if you’re not
interested in purchasing that just go and enjoy the free content in any case. So that’s
it for today’s video. I hope you enjoyed it. I trust you enjoyed it and I’m gonna
be back with some great content when I’m traveling so I will see you in the next

19 thoughts on “Overtourism: should Amsterdam ban tourists? | How to travel better

  1. I live in an overly visited city in Spain with most of the problems that you've said, and it's very common to go outside and to see people from other complete different culture sitting on a bench or buying something in the souvenir shops, specially in summer. But it sometimes feels like you have no freedom to stand "there" the time you wanted, it's not a historically cultural city anymore, it's a touristic city. I think I got the feeling you describe :/

  2. Like here in Israel cities such as Tell Aviv or Yerushlayim are too much touristy and it's so hard to be forced to speak Ivrit where everyone know Anglit. I feel it's hurting a lot cause most new building a and hotels don't even have Ivrit signs and I feel that I am not in the holy Land.

  3. I went into a hotel in Yerushlayim not anything was written in Hebrew besides the synagogue. I felt like something was taken away.

  4. I've gone into places and even though they are for tourist s they backstab their own culture and language. Shame on them.

  5. It's sad that so many tourists go in here only because they've heard from others, they shall go in other east european countries.

  6. Top tip is to travel around in the Netherlands and stop sticking only to the tourist trap that is Amsterdam.
    Its much cheaper elsewhere and its more easy to talk to locals.(They are less tired of droves of tourists mostly)
    Visit Utrecht Central, Maastricht South or even Groningen up North all easy reachable by train.
    Or visit one of the isles.
    Rent or lent a bicycle at your hostel/airbrb and go explore!
    The weather is usually best between may and august.

  7. Amsterdam is too crowded and sacrifices should be made. I for one am willing to ban tourists with Irish accents. It's a great sacrifice but it's one I am willing to make.

  8. As a tourist, you can try less known cities, regions or countries.
    They may not have a very developed tourism industry, but they could still have cool things to see.

  9. Tourismophobia? Surely you're joking? Amsterdam tourists have mushroomed from 5.5 million in 2010 to over 20 million in 2017. It's totally unsustainable and makes the city unlivable. It's not Amsterdam anymore. The dozens of ice cream shops and souvenir shops are not part of traditional Amsterdam but only for tourists, it takes away from the character of the city. Many tourists are low-rent people who will get crazy drunk, shit and piss on your doorstep, stay in illegal hotels (AirBnB), are a nuisance to the residents, and don't spend enough money, except on booze and drugs. It's pathetic.

  10. I live in Prague, and this is very much the same here. The city center is basically dead for locals and they rarely visit it. Very few people live there as there are no services for locals and living prices are ridiculous, most of the shops are focused on tourists with ridiculous prices (2-3x normal price), some of the shops dont even speak Czech. There are hoards of tourists that you have to fight trough, a lot of noise from drunk tourists etc.
    I understand it is money for the city, but at what price? I dont want my city to be sold to tourists, locals should be always a priority.

  11. The average tourist is just a damn nuisance. Bars, restaurants and trinket shops and that is it about sums the vast majority up. Chamber of Commerce people will always state how much money tourists generate, however, only a narrow amount benefit, yeah, the bars etc, etc.

  12. Many cities has the same problems. Airbnb must be forbidden (its a no tax-paying Corporate from USA), they are destroying the souls of cities, through cheap travel homes. The renting prices for inhabitant are no more payable.Convenient shops must close. And the many Rich travel agencies must be limited and regulated, who are organising cheap flights from China to all continents now…they dont care about nature and the people's envirement. It looks like a planned invasion of people, harming others….Neoliberalism panning, to destroy us!

  13. In 2008 Amsterdam decided to make itself a tourists attraction in-order to counter a global financial crisis and now everything is hunkydory those scivey hockey lovers are telling every tourist, "Thanks for all your money oops I mean help, we're ok now so please leave". Is it possible that they're mad about becoming the 51st state, or perhaps it's because Canadian beer sucks, probably hit the nail directly on the head with that last comment A LoL

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