PACK LIGHT FOR EUROPE TRAVEL | Step by Step How to Pack a Carry-On Bag (Like a Pro!)

PACK LIGHT FOR EUROPE TRAVEL | Step by Step How to Pack a Carry-On Bag (Like a Pro!)

If you’re a chronic overpacker, this
video’s for you because by the end of it you are going to know step by step how
to pack lightly for your Europe trip even if you’re traveling during
wintertime. So here’s a little secret, I’m actually flying home to Canada tomorrow
so this is very much a pack with me video so you can see exactly how I pack
my suitcase to maximize space and to also make sure it’s not too heavy so if
you’re excited for this video give me a thumbs up, comment below and let’s hit
that cheesy intro. What’s up, smarties? Christina here from and today I am going to teach you step by step how to
pack light for Europe… but first I need to channel my inner Oprah and give away
a postcard! Every week, I give away a postcard to someone who comments so if
you want one comment below with your favorite tip from this video. A huge
congrats to our winner from last week, Aaran! Now let’s pack. Here’s a walkthrough
for packing light on your next trip. step one: pick your gear. when I’m packing
light I usually travel with these two bags every time – a small Samsonite
hardshell case and this classic Herschel backpack. I also have some other
essentials that I always pack to keep me organized. if you watch last week’s video
all about my best packing hacks you’ll know one thing I cannot travel without
is a good packing cube. If my goal is to pack light, I’ll typically reserve one
packing cube for tops, one packing cube for bottoms, a small packing cube for
socks, underwear and bras, as well as a dirty laundry bag and a little garment
bag for shoes, For a full packing cube showdown, be sure to subscribe because
next week’s video will be a detailed breakdown of a bunch of different brands
and which ones I like best. Now to minimize bulk with my liquids, I also
have my own toiletry bottles and a handy TSA approved plastic pouch to keep them
all in, as well as a little bag for makeup. Step 2 pick your clothes. Easier
said than done! there are a few rules of thumb to follow when your priority is
packing light. Rule number one is to pack for no more than one week at a time and
then do laundry on the road as needed. So if I’m aiming to be very minimalist for
a winter trip like this one, I’ll usually bring three long sleeve tops, two
sleeveless nice tops, two pairs of pants seven pairs of underwear, seven pairs of
socks, one set of athletic pants and shirt to sleep in, one cardigan, one big
sweater one pair of thick socks two bras and a big coat to go over top. You can of
course pack less underwear or socks if you do laundry consistently.
Rule number two is to ensure that everything matches meaning every top
should match every bottom should match every coat should match every shoe,
unless you are packing clothes for a very explicit purpose like working out
which I optimistically will be. A good way to ensure that everything matches is
by picking mostly neutral tones and maybe adding one accent color. As I
explained in my packing hacks video from last week, planning your outfits well in
advance is really important. Rule number three is to bring items that are
multifunctional or that can be dressed up and down. For example, instead of bringing
one winter coat with no hood, then one raincoat for rainy days, consider a warm
coat that also has a hood. Another example is instead of a bulky wallet
like this, I just bring a small wristlet that fits all my cash and cards,
then I use that as a wallet. That way if I’m going out for the night, I can just
use this wristlet as a little clutch sort of thing instead of bringing an
entirely different evening bag. Rule number four is to pack for layering. I
always pack with the expectation that I’ll be layering my outfits for warmth.
This way, your individual items can be mixed and matched and used for different
purposes rather than just being one very chunky sweater. Step three is to actually
pack. To start, take a look at your heap of clothes then take out your heaviest
items and plan your travel outfit with these items in mind. I always pick out my
travel day outfit in advance and set it aside so I don’t accidentally pack
anything I really need. It’s important that you wear your heaviest items on the
plane of course to minimize the bulk in your suitcase. Next take a look at all
your stuff and isolate the absolute essentials. Always put every absolute
essential in your carry-on purse, backpack or whatever your smallest
carry-on item is because sometimes they do make you check your bag at the gate
when there isn’t enough space, even if you have a carry-on size suitcase. Again
I always have one packing cube for tops, one packing cube for bottoms, one for
underwear and socks, and I also slip shoes into a garment bag and bring one
makeup bag and one clear bag for my liquids. If I’m checking my bag in which
I will be on this trips since I’m packing light for clothes but bringing a lot of
gifts, then I will also bring a bag filled with an emergency outfit just in
case my checked bag goes missing. After putting everything in our cubes, it’s
time to stack them up. Pretty much all my clothes will be going in my suitcase
apart from this tiny packing cube with my emergency outfit. I always pack the
heavier stuff at the bottom where the wheels are to make sure my suitcase
doesn’t randomly topple over then I put any random bits in like my hair straightener
and my purse. Alright now zip it all up and that suitcase is good to go. For my
backpack, here’s how I pack it. I always bring every absolute essential item for
me and put it in my backpack so this includes my camera, laptop, and essential
chargers including a portable one. I always pack bottom-to-top in terms of
what I’ll need at the airport so my emergency outfit goes on the very bottom then I put my bag of chargers because
I’ll need them but not right away then my camera and my bag of liquids
since I’ll need to remove them quickly and easily for security and my laptop of
course is in its own little pouch at the end because I’ll need to bring it up at
security as well. Zip it up and we’re good to go! I hope
you enjoy packing with me today, smarties. Again, comment below with your
favourite tip for a chance to win next week’s postcard and give me a like if
you enjoyed this one. I’ll see you guys next week for another video – until then

11 thoughts on “PACK LIGHT FOR EUROPE TRAVEL | Step by Step How to Pack a Carry-On Bag (Like a Pro!)

  1. I hope you enjoyed packing with me today, smarties! Click here for a full video with my best packing tips/hacks ( and don't forget to comment below for your chance to win a postcard next week!

  2. I like to pack 1 shirt per day + 1 shirt that i can use if something happens (this usually is my "emergency outfit" which i put on my backpack, like you) I try to pack shirts that can be dressed up by small accessories for evenings, and then dress it down for the next day!

  3. Thanks for the video, some great tips! I'll share this video on Twitter. 🙂 I'm going on a cruise next week. 🙂 Do you leave other items (pajamas or nightgown, hat, swimsuit, small towel) loose or put them into a different packing cube for miscellaneous?

  4. Thanks for the video! I will definitely use the tip about putting the heaviest stuff at the bottom of the suitcase because mine has been known to fall over randomly. I also hadn't considered packing an emergency outfit when travelling, so I will do that on my next trip! Thanks!

  5. 😂😂 unless you planning to go commando you said 😂😂🤗 i am really one (if not the only one) 🙈of those people that pack even the kitchen sink just in case, never thought about those packing cubes, i will definitely start using them. Thank you christina for the great tips and to make it funny to watch😊

  6. Definitely going to use the packing bottom to top in terms of what you need at the airport suggestion next time I fly. I tend to pack like I'm still in school and trying to fit all my textbooks.

  7. Awesome tips! Some of those I'll definitely use on my next trip! The biggest thing I think I need to do is get more packing cubes. They are so handy.

  8. Pros & cons of hard shell suitcase vs soft? I've only ever used soft, but thinking of matching the switch! Please share thoughts!

  9. just came across your channels when checking out Christmas Markets and love your videos! They are well detailed and very nicely narrated! Keep it up! 🙂 I like to pack my medium suitcase in the large when I start out my trips and generally start of with sight-seeing cities then end with the city where I want to shop. That's when the medium one comes up to store my shopping ^.^ packing cubes and vacuum bags are a must for me as well. i also have my little life saver bag with medical supplies; bandaid, antibiotic cream, pills for tummy ache/diarrhoea, Panadol, essential oil rollers for indigestion and headache.

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